Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Watchers, Guardians and Keepers of Earth

Q. Can you please do a reading on Watchers, Guardians and the Keepers of Earth?

A.  On a previous reading I tuned into the Watchers.   I revisited that reading, and focused more to see if anything new could be revealed.  I have copied and pasted my previous reading here, and italicized anything new or different that I was able to see. 
Q. Who exactly are The Watchers and where did they originate?A. I see the Watchers as being ETs that went against some kind of code or ethics to come here and protect humans.  It looks like at one time there was a group of ETs that left earth.  [They were here to guard and look after Earth, and then left to watch over from afar.]  I see them as having characteristics of Greys, but they were taller, and gave off a white glow.  There was some pact that they could be around earth, watch over earth, but could not interfere with humans or effect life paths.  This group of ETs did watch over earth, and observe humans from afar, but it looked like the path of earth was heading in a bad direction, and these ETs knew that with some interference, and guidance humans could evolve (share technology, inspire through innovation, inspire leaders to emerge, etc).  It became hard to just sit and watch, and a group of ETs that just "watched" became "doers" and came down to earth to help guide humans through a more direct interaction. [They were not to come back, but there was some ego part that would not allow them to sit back, and they felt that they knew more than the "rule maker" and came back to Earth.]
Q. What does a Watcher actually do and what does being a Watcher entail?A. Some people know they are a Watcher, and some have a nudge for the inside that they are meant to be here to guide or help people, but don't know why.  As people / humans incarnate here on earth, the DNA from the original Watchers is somewhat diluted, but as they (the incarnated Watchers) become in tune with their higher self, and act from what resonates within them, they begin to realize why they are here. 
The true goal is to recognize the nudge to help society with whatever gifts you have been given at birth (nurturer, mentor, leadership, teacher, etc).   A Watcher will know they need to do something, the real challenge is to figure out what by listening to themselves and paying attention to the signs.
Q. How does one become a Watcher? Is it something one just is, a part of them, or is it something one chooses to do?A.  I see a Watcher being chosen for you at the point of incarnation.  You have to be specially chosen to handle the burden / responsibility.  You have the choice to act upon fulfilling your destiny, but you are who you are on the inside.
Q. Are there a lot of Watchers spread across many beings, or are there only a few of them currently incarnated, or are they only currently incarnated as humans?A.  They are here in [the capacity] as both themselves, and here as humans.  There are several thousand of them here, but not all of them realize their importance and act on it.  
[Overall, in looking at this, I wasn't able to see much more additional information, but I did see many confirmations of what I said originally as resonating true.] 
A.  In tuning into the Guardians, I hear they are the "peace keepers."  Then I hear they are the "strong arm of karma."  It looks as though if there are disputes, their job is to settle the disputes to try to keep things in harmony.  I also see that things aren't viewed as "good" or "bad" but rather work on harmonious vibrations.  If a vibration is off due to an action or event, the "Guardians" come in and work on resetting the balance.  

They are not static to Earth, and events surrounding Earth.  They deal with the balance in our whole solar system (but don't look to extend to other systems or them sister solar system).

I also see that violence and physical action is frowned upon.  They use a sort of "mental telepathy" to guide, influence, reason and direct things toward the "greater good."  

Keepers of Earth:  
 A. I see Watchers as beings that help to watch over the dynamics of human interactions, keeping things on certain path.  Watchers look over the cause and effects of lower vibrational and Reptilian activity, and how it impacts humans in general.  

Keepers of the Earth are an extension of that, always looking toward the good of humans, but also have a deep appreciation and connection to the Mother Gaia.  The see and feel Earth as an extension of who they are, deriving energy and strength from her.  It is a very symbiotic and deep relationship.

I also get that Keepers of Earth have very intense healing abilities.  Light work and reiki feel very natural to Keepers of Earth.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Rene Leighty said...

Oh wow! I always love your posts regarding the ETs and these kind of things..it's just all so fascinating! Makes me feel like our lives resembles a big sci fi movie, lol.

I do know people, including myself, get confused sometimes, because we hear often about who came first. The usual idea is: Jesus/angels, light and darkness, creation of the planets, life (animals and people) and the whole story of Adam and Eve. This is a part of our problem.. we grow up hearing things a certain way, so it is hard to wrap your mind around a different sequence of events. For example, people had a hard time accepting dinosaurs and the timeline that went along with that.

Maybe it will be helpful if you come up with an approximate timeline.. Ex: big bang, watchers came to Earth, (Lucifier became involved?) Archons intervened and created a war, dinosaurs started to populate earth, cat/dog Ets came, watchers had to leave.. watched from afar, returned, flood happened, PTW took over, etc.

I am realizing more by the day how time has different meanings outside our 3D world, so I try not to dwell on the timeline itself. It's funny how you did an update on this, because I already asked about this in the past.. looks like other people are taking interest in this as well!! This also helps my sci fi novel BIG time!!! <3

Alpha Equinox said...

@Rene: Your last paragraph is funny. Like sweet funny, not stupid or bad.

Rene Leighty said...

Thank you Alpha, lol. A lot of sweetness in the air today-- it is Valentines Day after all :)

Raymond G said...

What do the Watchers and Guardians look like ? Are they Spirit Beings that exist as energy and balls of light with no substance? Or do they look like the ghosts we see in haunted homes that are 5.5 or 6 feet tall ? Or do they look like humongous, giganticus giants that are as big as a city?

Rene Leighty said...

I have been researching this alot myself Raymond.. the intel I have found so far says that there are watchers here on Earth as humans and more in the "spiritual realm". The ones that are not in human form are considered giants. The watchers hybrid mentioned in the book of Enoch were giants. The Guardians are more physical beings, some say that they are made up of different races of ETs. There are some resemblances between guardians and the sphere beings.. I do not know if they are the same thing. Ghosts can be actual spirits that have passed on or "visiting" from the other side..there are some rumors about ETs being able to move through another dimension, thus the "ghosty" appearances.

Sean Nash said...

I had an experience meeting 'Watchers'. There were 2 of them-a man and a woman and they identified themselves as 'Watchers'. They were very much human form. I had Lynn give me insight about them and she had said they were "Watchers" when I wasn't sure they called themselves "Walkers' or "Watchers"- sounded similar. I actually had 3 events the same week; this couple being the second event.

These events all took place in my work place that was a very public place. So, nothing appeared strange or out of place to anyone observing.

First was a man by himself being very normal having a coffee. we had some interesting conversations.

Second one was this couple-they came to see me during my working hours for 3 days. They were strange in conversation in that the fellow of the couple inferred the first guy that came in and had coffee and conversation.

The 3rd one the very next day after the last day I saw the couple was another different guy but was very on cue in experience too.

These evens were 15 years ago and I didn't have much awareness of what was going on then . The first fella I realized whom he was later. The couple I have no Idea and the 3rd one with a different fella I don't know whom he was either. They were not random events but with purpose I now know.

Watchers exist. You just may not know you have met them. You never know sometimes you may have met your 'Watchers'. They are your friends;multi-dimensional friends! For we are all multi-dimensional beings.

Mark Noeth said...

Thanks for the reading...

Rene Leighty said...

Sean Nash- I also read somewhere that the ET beings that are often referred to as white greys (which may or may not be 'watchers') come here in human disguise.. I think Lynn did a blog about some 'white greys' that used human skin suits?? Do you think that could be the case for the couple you met?

Sean Nash said...

Rene Leighty,

The first fella that came in was a time-travel; then the 2 'watchers' a couple days later and then the fella that came in a day after them. This is right out of a sci-fi book or movie. I realized just a few days later whom the first fella was. What I have come to understand about the couple is that they were following the first fella. I am not sure about saying the couple were ET's- they may well have been. The third fella was an Archangel manifested at the right moment on cue-Protector is what I would say. I had asked Lynn about these and she gave information as to what she could see.It was years later that detailed information came to me , which was in sync with what Lynn also saw. I was given even more detailed information later because it is when we are more able to handle and absorb the information, are we given more. Permission from higher source is key here; also ego and maturity of consciousness of the querent .

So, the first fella was a time travel situation.

The couple was following him; retracing his steps. They knew the area and proximity and that he spoke to a specific person. But they had to locate me based on what they could "triangulate" with their info of that meeting and find out who I was. This would make more sense if I gave more information in story but I am trying to keep this short as possible.

No one, no entity, no ET can violate the Law of Free Will-It is we that give permission, sometimes unknowingly by means of trickery.

The Third fellow I believe was an Archangel also making his presents known to my consciousness.

So why all this?

Lynn, is it appropriate to say here?

Rene Leighty said...

WOW! Very interesting!! I am still in the process of trying to put the pieces of information I have together. I am not quite "there" yet. Looks like you're way ahead of me, lol. I used to watch the show "Supernatural" I don't know if you've heard about it, or seen it. When I was reading your comment I got this replay of a certain scene where Gabriel enters a diner then leaves. Later two people, not human, come in to look for him and retrace his steps. There was also an appearance of an archangel in the scene. Mindblown.

I may email you sometime to talk about your own experiences.. if thats okay. I find all of this so fascinating!

Sean Nash said...

Rene Leighty,

I say WOW too , for what you just said!! I never watched the show you mentioned because I don't watch TV or TV shows since the 80's lol. Sure, email me . Are you able to email me from clicking on my name?

That scene you mention from that show is amazing. These experiences I had were in a restaurant I managed back then . lol.

Rene Leighty said...

I will email you soon! Thank you :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments. Some of your answered each other, which is great. I learn so much from all the sharing!! Sean, you are free to speak about things you are comfortable with regarding this topic.

Lynn :-)

Sean Nash said...
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Ralib Allen said...

Do you see the reptillians as still being in control of this planet? Are they ever going to leave? Like what is their ultimate goal

Jennifer Haithcock said...

Its so draining to be around negative people. I haven't said this to anyone expect for psychiatrist but I really don't think she caught what I meant. Do Watchers have guardian angels watching over them. After reading this post I feel like I could be a watcher...either that or I'm a super compassionate, non confrontational, go with the flow kinda soul. I've had a feeling that I've been protected by something. I did a Facebook test about 6 maths ago and it said my guardian angel is archangel Raphael...I believe he is looking out for me as I find my way back to my true self and keeping me outta trouble. Does anybody get anything from this?

Diane Hamilton said...

I keep coming back to "That which we think we create" Which is that we are all individually responsible for our own PERSONAL circumstances. Being responsible scares people. They want the blame to fall on someone else. What if, all of this (and this has been addressed) is of our own individual doing. This of course is both liberating and frightening.