Monday, February 20, 2017

Getting Personal

I have never done this type of post before, so when I saw the request I thought it would be fun... 

Q. Can we do a reading one day on questions about you Lynn? :)

With all the readings you do on a daily basis and all the crazy stuff people must tell you, does it all stay in your memory because it seems it would be overwhelming for one person to retain all that.
A. I actually do forget most of what I relay unless it is a topic that I have a personal connection to or one that I revisit often.  

I best describe my memory of these readings like how a TV works.  The information comes to and through me, much like how a TV displays a signal, but when the TV stops receiving the signal, it no longer recalls the information.  I feel the Universe uses me the same way, and I am the vessel (just like the TV).

Many times people will ask me about a reading I did, and I won't remember any of it, or I remember it like a hazy dream.  I have even had times that I will  reread a blog, and still not remember saying or thinking any of it.  

Q. How do you deal with the emotional side of it, When you're dealing with subjects that are very sad , tragic, people that are in really bad emotional states etc.. all dumping their secrets on you? I know I've asked you/told you things that nobody knows about and multiply that by however many readings you do a day. It's a lot.
A. I am an empath, and this was a huge challenge for me because readings would really wear on me.  Early on I had to limit myself to only a few a day.  I did eventually learn how to break away energetically, and for the most part I am able do this really well.  Occasionally, I still have a reading (especially when it is related to a loss or health issue) that really tugs at my hard and I find myself thinking on it for a long time even after the reading.  I have learned that when that happens it is because there is still more of a message that just didn't come through yet.  If I open myself up and reform my thoughts, I can usually get the remaining information and relay it to the person (even if it is a few days later).  I have realized through experience that this OCD or emotional feel is related to something that I need to finish, and then those feelings most always leave.  

Q. If you don't retain all of it are there some things that people ask or tell that have stuck with you forever?
A.  YES.  I have done some very emotional and private readings that have stuck with me.  Even though I have learned how to empathically disconnect, I still have a great deal of compassion for what people endure.  When a reading comes up that deals with something I relate to on a personal level (for one reason or another), they are hard to forget (and I don't necessarily want to because they make me humble, feel gratitude and give me an opportunity to help someone that is in pain).

Q. Did you find it difficult to have friendships or relationships when you can just tap in and just know what the other person is thinking/feeling if they're lying etc?
A.  When I was younger, I didn't really understand what "it" was that I had.  I knew I was different, and always felt awkward, but didn't know why.  I never liked big social scenes, hung with a few close friends and that was it.  

When I was in my teens and dating, that is when it got weird (and understanding people got very intense).  I have a hundred examples, but I will give you just one (to avoid rambling on and on).  My first boyfriend wasn't the most truthful, and I knew it.  I would actually hear this little voice talking to me in my head, and I would try to ignore it.   This "voice" seemed to ALWAYS know where to be at the right time (and it was random) to catch him in a lie.  Needless to say, very short relationship. 

Q. Do you think this gift is passed genetically do you think you passed it to your children? Did it come from your grandparents or parents?
A.  I do think some of this is genetic, and some of it is personal development.  I recently discovered that a cousin of mine has seen and felt spiritual activity, but never tried to hone in her skills. The real challenge is that much of my family doesn't talk about spirituality (there is still so much stereotyping out there)  so I suspect it is much more saturated than what I even know.  

I do think my children have some gifts.  My oldest sees passed on family members in her dreams quite frequently.  She has even had interactive discussions with them.  I also have a son that is very sensitive.  The best thing I can do is help them to embrace this, and not let them be scared.

Q. Can anyone learn to do what you do or do you think there's a certain something you need to be born with or needs to be your calling first?
A.   I was very fortunate that this came easy to me, but I do feel anyone can do it with determination. A mentor once told me that developing your psychic ability was like singing Happy Birthday.  Everyone can sing Happy Birthday, but some people have the natural ability to sing it with such grace it brings tears to your eyes. I would agree, and with enough practice anyone can get there. 

And that is all I have for this post.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

You are indeed gifted - am sure it is scary and amazing at the same time. You exude humility, compassion and positive energy. I am amazed by people like you who are so in tuned with this gift. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏾

Nessie said...

This was interesting to read and learn more about the woman behind the blog so to speak. Thank you for sharing Lynn :)

Robert Schoen said...

I was smiling ear to ear reading this, because I know how much Lynn has affected the course of my life and work. I think the key to understanding Lynn's gift and what she is able to do is Spirituality, it's like opening your perception to your higher self and connecting to all that is. A million thanks, Lynn, for all you do!!!

Anonymous said...

Lynn it has been a great experience finding you and your blog.

I am happy you have decided to share with us as much as you do .

Thank You!!

I have always been curious how people on the blog connected with you.

I came from George Ure talking about this Clif fellow predicting 911 but did not mention Clif High name much really at first . That is when I started getting interested in George Ure and eventually Clif. Clif came out on the internet and it was through one of Clif's peeps posts that I was introduced to Lynn's blog.

Happy Days!!

Alpha Equinox said...

Love you, Lynn! I'm feeling oddly vulnerable today so it was nice to come here and see this personal post about you specifically.

A Fox said...

Very interesting! Thank you for taking the time to answer these. I'm still amazed people can do what you do :)

They Live said...


Bill Ramirez said...

happy birthday to yooooo! @_@ lol

Rene Leighty said...

I love this reading!! youre a great person for doing all this and helping others out like you have! I loved learning more about you! Thank you for all you do!!!

wendy tascione said...


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...


tara said...

Thanks for all you do Lynn, I love your blog and look forward to new posts as i drop in each day. Do you see Aura's? My youngest son has seen things of a paranormal nature and also aura's since he was a child. He is in his mid 20's now. My partner (his father) is also very sensitive and went from a total skeptic to how he is now a total believer with some great abilities of his own. I would love a personal reading at some point down the line. xx

AL233 said...

I stumbled upon your blog during the beginning of the mh370 mystery. I can honestly say this blog has changed my life. I slowly began looking into things and began to wake up. Still working on it but thank you from the bottom on my heart!

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn--you are absolutely terrific, and I loved reading these personal insights.

I ditto AL233. Other posters here, Dada, and you helped "wake" me up. How did I encounter you? I'm not really sure. A year and half ago, I experienced an extreme illness which had beset me since moving to my current location (nearly 18 years prior). I assumed that I was "allergic" to something in the environment since I would have 1-3 "episodes" a year. Since I had taken various acupuncture treatments, herbal remedies, etc., and had not had a reoccurence for two years, I was completely stymied as to why I had, again, encountered such an extreme episode: upper respiratory congestion; nasal blockage; extreme loss of energy and utter weakness (worse than any flu I had when younger); loss of appetite; etc. The complete and abject loss of energy was terrifying.

I began rigorously researching on web and discovered--chemtrail flu. I was floored. The symptoms listed mirrored mine exactly. I also became pissed off. I knew about chemtrails but had never pursued any further info on them. I did, afterwards, with a vengence. I suspect that, somehow, I probably encountered your blog that way.

I wanted not only physical, scientific evidence, historical analysis, current analysis, and others' experiences, I wanted to know why. Other people could offer opinions and insights, but you had a handle on the situation no one else did.

Since that time, I would say my overriding drive has become to learn the truth about the world and life. I began reading extensively on web and was horrified how badly we have been manipulated, and I was sick of everyone apparently lying to the "general people" for their own advantage and gain. For those of us who are not remotely in that mindset, discovering such "sick" people in the world was an eye opener!

You're a beacon of truth, Lynn! Thank you so much!!!

Raymond G said...

Lynn, Do you ever have problems communicating with other people about what you have seen and experienced because they can't relate to it?

Many Thanks for the time you give to your blog!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. :-)

@Raymond: Sometimes it is hard, but it isn't because they don't relate, it is because it is hard to verbalize. When I get things most times there is this understanding (hard to put in words). It would be like someone trying to describe what they color blue looks like. You can give examples, but there is ultimately an inherent knowing because of your relationship with the source showing you "blue". Most big scale concepts / events take that "inherent" knowing... I just do my best to relay information in ways people can understand.