Friday, October 7, 2016

Five for Friday #40

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a special over-sized (bloated?) Five for Friday. Basically, we had a bunch of UFO pics burning holes in our inbox, so Lynn graciously agreed to look at ‘em. I must confess to a certain level of inertia when faced with a lot of these “UFO” pics, as they more often than not turn out to be either fakes or Julie Andrews (again). Anyway, I’ve momentarily overcome my paranormal ennui and dusted these off for Lynn’s insight. Enjoy.

Image #1: Atmospheric in Chicago
Here’s some kind of apparition that appeared over Chicago skies on 9-11-16, at the top of a “searchlight” memorial. Just a cloud??

What Lynn Saw
“Just a ginormous searchlight with some clouds at the top. Looks cool, tho."

Image #2: ‘Lectric in Lakehurst
Ok, why did the Hindenburg explode in Lakehurst, NJ in May, 1937? Sabotage? Accident? Bad knockwurst?

What Lynn Saw
"So… I first saw a lightning bolt, but then as I keep asking questions, I’m shown an image of static electricity leaping from the tip of the tower to the blimp. Some massive static charge had developed. [The same thing happens when helicopters land on navy ships; they have to ground the aircraft first.] The Hindenburg had developed a ton of static electricity and when it got close to that iron tower, the spark shot out and BOOM.”

Image #3: Hued in Houston
What caused this recent morning sky phenomenon in Houston?

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I hear is that this is a legit pic, but I heard that it’s an Instagram filter on the picture. There’s a bit of something there, but the filter is making it more dramatic. What this is is an atypical chemtrail; they’re having a problem with some GMO crop and this is some kind of chemical spray for that (I want to say strawberries, but they don’t grow strawberries in Houston). Surprising that a bug even wants a GMO plant. Goes against what GMO is supposed to overcome."

Image #4: Anomalistic Over the Atlantic
I’d just been thinking of this a week-or-so prior to seeing it mentioned at American Kabuki  This is what’s known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, a region of magnetic disturbance centered in Brazil. What causes this? And is it getting stronger? Weaker? And are readings gaining in intensity because of the “New Earth” being created on another plane of existence? 

What Lynn Saw
“This is interesting. I see this originating in the ocean, off the coast of Brazil. There’s a tremendous amount of pressure; something seriously wants to erupt there, but... there’s some kind of protective, angelic energy like a giant heavenly hand working to suppress it. I see that when the New Earth is complete, and people have a new place to “go,” that this energy will be released and whatever this is will be allowed to take its natural course. I hear that the New Earth is coming in our lifetime [so start meditating on creating the New Earth, folks!] eventually, then some will start to slowly migrate onto the new path, while others will be born to it. Then the Old Earth/New Earth timelines will totally split. When the energy is allowed to be released, it feels ugly, like Tsunami worthy. Don’t be afraid, though, as the timeline is very far out there, and many of us will not be here physically, anymore. Still, there’s a chance some will see this, or their kids will see it in this lifetime."

Image #5: Angry in the Air
Is this UFO really destroying a chemtrail? Apparently, the chemtrail evaporated after the UFO did something to it. There’s video, too:

What Lynn Saw
“I get that these protective ETs are so upset about what we’re doing to our planet, what with the fake food and the chemtrails and the toxins and the radiation... they’re so disappointed. These ETs are not allowed to technically interfere, but they’re so upset about what we’re doing that this one ET pilot had had enough and decided to clean up someone else’s mess. Like picking up someone else’s trash at the park. They want us to know better, but they’ve come to a point where they’ve really had enough.” [Us, too. ETs officially have my permission to do what needs to be done.] 

And now… we have SO MANY UFO pics piled up, here's an alphabetic zoom through them:

A. Armada in the Aether
Recent pic of something large near the sun. Armada?

What Lynn Saw
“I’m not connecting much to this one."

B. Pokey in Popocatepetl
Weird UFO in Mexico. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
“It’s a weather balloon." 

C. Spoke-y Over Somewhere
Greenish tri-spoke, location unidentified.

What Lynn Saw
“This feels real. They landed nearby, in the desert, and this person caught the departure. The ETs were making an observation of something. A very scientific vibe. ETs see earth as an oasis that’s going to need to be fixed. This is really an amazing planet that is very much admired, and they want to know how much work they’re going to have to do to restore it."

D. Fake in Fayetteville
Whatever this is.

What Lynn Saw
“Fake. Someone took a picture of something in the sun and used Photoshop."

E. Old Over Ontario
Hexagonal UFO over Ontario, Canada.

What Lynn Saw
“Yes, this feels real. Though the only thing that comes through is someone saying, 'This is such old technology,' then I hear this laugh. Weird."

F. Flash in France
French UFO. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
“It’s from the camera flash. No UFO."

G. Secret Over Somewhere
SSP (Secret Space Program) cigar?

What Lynn Saw
"Yup. I get that this is a military man-made UFO, reverse-engineered SSP craft used for observation and surveillance. Most advanced govts have versions of this kind of thing.” [And the latest rumors have the SSP cooperating with the cabal on a massive kind of psychological false flag crash/sacrifice of one of these types of cigar-shaped crafts, pre-election, making it look like it was shot down over a major US city, perhaps in Florida, where the wreckage will then be used to stoke fear of an alien invasion (eyeroll). Jeez, if the PTW put even a tenth of their energy into doing the right thing...]

H. Ultra-Blob in the UK
Weird energy blob, UK.

What Lynn Saw
“This is just a pic of a drone, but the camera shake made it look weird."

I. Son of Ultra-Blob
Recent Colorado UFO blob.

What Lynn Saw
"Another drone, another camera shake."

And... that’s it. You asked for us to leave in the fakes, so… there it is. Join us in a fortnight for Episode #41!


John Casey said...

Lynn and Dada:

Outstanding, as always! What a great variety of images. Thanks!

I wonder on the SSP reading (#G) whether the rumor of a faked alien attack and crash resonates at all. It would seem to be a low-cost false flag way to wipe the election and innumerable black ops off the page.

Over at Farsight they are doing sessions one month in advance of what will be the major news stories of the following month. If this really is planned for the next 30 days, it would seem the Farsight viewers would very likely pick that up, though of course there is always the possibility of the PTW altering their plans based on their plans being discovered and publicized prior to the planned event.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@JohnCasey -- Thanks, chief. The impossible thing about predicting the future is... it's nearly impossible; they're more of a general, possible guideline than a hard/fast prediction. Given how many *beings* are thinking about this and that, in roughly the same space-time environment, the "winds of free-will" blow in directions and ways that move the "future" all over the place. Really, there is no "future" per se, there is only NOW, and by predicting the future, you're trying to anticipate the "next" NOW... the millisecond future-NOW, if that makes sense. Then there's the notion that past, present and future all occurred simultaneously, across all timelines and universes, holographically, all at the same time, and that we're all caught in this infinitely sophisticated, omnidimensional recording, moving onto various time streams and dimensions as we literally change our minds from moment to moment. How's that for a Friday headache? It's the ultimate If-Then Loop, giving you many many choices on how your life unfolds.

So, basically, think positive thoughts, NOW, overlook your brother's faults NOW, thus manifesting your own positive NOW, regardless of what you're doing. Try doing this for a whole day, it's very interesting. If you find yourself ruminating on the future or the past, stop and start again in the NOW. I'm saying this to myself, as well! It's not easy. In fact, I can't say I've ever made it through a whole day without slipping.

They Live said...

Are the E.T 's, who disapprove of the horrid things occurring to Earth, know these things are the result of what the PTW a.k.a the Sociopaths at Large(a number of whom most likely come from E.T. bloodlines or are E.T.'s themselves)?Those are the main ones they and especially us (the general population)need to deal with.
Great readings as always 😄

Dan Walker said...

It's very frustrating to me at least, when you say the ET's are so disappointed in us with what we're doing to the planet. I don't want ANY of this destructive stuff to occur! I don't want gmo's, I hate the constant spraying and feeling like my insides are burning when I go outside, even when it's cold, etc. It's not like we have much say. The PTW does whatever they want. I'm with the ET's wanting to preserve the environment and grant them full permission to intervene and lend a helping hand! We desperately need their assistance.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Dan, I agree. I would love to see our earth be what she is capable of being. :-)

Robert Schoen said...

I'll second that, and hope others here will look into orgone and cloudbusters as a way of positively cutting down on chemtrails. I read that the Whole Foods chain masks GMO grain and soy in all their products and only agreed to labeling by 2018 AFTER Walmart and Target proposed it. How crazy is that!? Look up and ask THEM and the sylphs for help. They listen.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you both for this bumper crop! I so love the idea that ETs are getting so tetchy about our ways they can't resist dabbling in a bit of correction even though they oughtn't.

I would like to ask Lynn if she would do a full reading/check up on black triangle UFOs. I did a search and found a brief reference in an old 5 for Friday. But I would love a more expanded view of them - the word is that they are top secret military stealth craft that have been engineered beyond the limits of what was thought technically feasible at this time. They've been sighted all over the place, very often over built up areas and busy highways. I would like to know what they're up to on these forays.* And why, if they are so super-cool at funky futuristic techy marvels like invisibility and defying gravity and all things top secret, why why why do they have big flashy lights. It's like trying to hide by dressing up as a Christmas tree.

* Why would I like to know this? - because one floated past my home last year! No pics alas, as I decided that observing for the duration would be better than faffing about trying to find my camera and then missing it all. But I checked out a local discussion forum afterwards and there were a few queries of 'what was that in the sky?' so I knew I wasn't hallucinating. It was enormous, very slow moving, very low in the sky, and moved forward asymetrically, none of which made sense with the current norms of Things That Fly. I did wonder what they were looking for, and if they clocked the slightly haggard lady at the window. Should I be worried? (I'm up to date with my TV license, so I know it wasn't the new breed of detector van.)

Bee E-lightened said...

Thanks to the other beings working for our greater good. I wish more ppl embraced them and gave them permission to intervene

A Man Called Da-da said...

For the record, I herefore give all positive ETs and beings of light permission to intervene on my behalf, and for that of all humanity.

Prepare for (and start imagining) the culmination of The Event.

Bee E-lightened said...

Me too. Strongly agreed. I will say it also as a mantra. Thx 🙏

Diane Hamilton said...

BUT WE ARE NOT DOING THIS. I AM NOT DOING THIS TO OUR PLANET. They are disappointed in us? Me? I have this life, if giving it up to whoever can help us? I gladly offer it up. It would be an honor. I'm so tired of all this. I would never offer myself to anything negative but truly I will fight for us. I feel like I have been for a long time.

Craig said...

Lynn on #4 about the anomaly, you mentioned the new earth again. I searched the blog and found more on that, but can you tell me, in your view do you have to pass on to get to the new earth? Or is it possible to raise the vibratory rate enough to move into that dimension and still be in a physical body, at least at first. I believe that the more we can raise our vibrations right now, even in the midst of the pain and chaos of this world we can keep shifting into more and more positive timelines.

Also, I was watching a show on the Bermuda Triangle and they mentioned this anomaly that you described, as well as other places that have that weird energy pattern besides the triangle.

Buddhist Lady said...

I think most ET's, who have the power to wipe out a chemtrail as effectively as the video shows, must know that deep factions behind our government run these programs in an extremely secretive, clandestine fashion. These clandestine groups know that what they are doing is wrong and that, if the American people were fully apprised of their goals and agendas, they would uniformly oppose them.

Here's a point which annoys the hell out of me. Supposedly...a universal "law" specifies noninterference with the human species on planet Earth. Therefore, guardian extraterrestial races will visibly and physically intervene if an outright invasion occurs. However, supposedly...the U.S. government (as others perhaps) entered into treaties after WW II with off-planet specie(s) who, supposedly, have since violated their agreement. I would like to make the point, in Galactic Court, that perhaps these treaties were coerced to some extent because of the obvious supremacy of the ET's technological and scientific prowess. I consider these treaties and the ongoing negotiations and treaties null and void...particularly since ongoing agreements have been concluded with groups which in no manner represent the average human.

However...........then you have the viewpoint that this unbelievable interference into human affairs and world will result in 5D humans opening up Terra to extraterrestial exposure and interaction and, thereby, becoming fully integrated into a galactic family. Sigh.

Good discussion on timelines, Da-da. Someone I read likened such overlaps of dimensions like playing chess on a 12-level (for 12 dimensions) chess board wherein every move in some way changes and modifies every other move.

My mind is whirling.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments. Love all this info. I too give the positive ETs permission to help make mother earth the oasis she once was. :-)