Friday, September 2, 2016

Five for Friday #39

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and welcome to this latest (rather surprising) installment. Let’s get started...

Image #1: 323 Dead Reindeer in Norway
These reindeer were allegedly killed by lightning, but — like those antelope in Africa — were they actually killed by something else??

What Lynn Saw
"I feel like there was some kind of pulse that felt like an energy wave that threw them into cardiac arrest instantly. You could almost hear it: a WHOOMP... but it was controlled remotely, done through some kind of satellite system. I want to say it was a foreign power testing a defense weapon, to be able to fine tune and direct energy at a specific targeted area, through some kind of satellite.” 


Image #2:  That Blinding Flash of...
This is some kind of energy appearing in the middle of a farm in Russia where there’s not much to cause this. What goes on here?

What Lynn Saw
"Oh. This is a fake."

Image #3: An Island of the Floating World
Here’s a weird floating island-esque patch of vegetation, which is oddly circular, with a diameter of approx. 130 yards. A helicopter pilot in S. Argentina discovered it surrounded by a thin channel of cold water. What goes on here?

What Lynn Saw
"I see that, going way back, this area would flood a lot. What the natives did, about a thousand years ago, was dig out this little island to plant their crops to have them survive the flooding [!]. They did such a good job that it’s still there today."

[Amazing. How thick is that? How does it float? And are there any original living plant remnants left?]  

"I get it isn't terribly thick. 15-ish feet? I also get there is a lot of (I hear Epsom salt which usually means magnesium to me, but could mean salt) in the soil which helps it to float. Yes, there are remnants there."

Image #4: The Demon Emperor?
This is Justinian, 6th Century AD Roman Emperor. There are some strange accounts of him not being human. What do you see? And where is his spirit today, can you tell? The accounts of him are kinda spooky.

What Lynn Saw
"I get that he was human, but that he did a lot of dabbling in dark magic. He opened himself up to a lot of dark spirits. He was into lower vibrational stuff.

I get he’s still in spirit. He’s not incarnated. I get he’s so remorseful for the harm he may have caused, that he’s decided he’s not ready to reincarnate because of the shame he feels. He’s seen the error of his ways and is not proud of that."

[here’s Roman historian Procopius’ account, from his 6th C. work, The Secret History of Procopius, tr. by Richard Atwater, [1927], at]
And they say his mother said to some of her intimates once that not of Sabbatius her husband, nor of any man was Justinian a son. For when she was about to conceive, there visited a demon, invisible but giving evidence of his presence perceptibly where man consorts with woman, after which he vanished utterly as in a dream.
And some of those who have been with Justinian at the palace late at night, men who were pure of spirit, have thought they saw a strange demoniac form taking his place. One man said that the Emperor suddenly rose from his throne and walked about, and indeed he was never wont to remain sitting for long, and immediately Justinian's head vanished, while the rest of his body seemed to ebb and flow; whereat the beholder stood aghast and fearful, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him. But presently he perceived the vanished head filling out and joining the body again as strangely as it had left it.
Another said he stood beside the Emperor as he sat, and of a sudden the face changed into a shapeless mass of flesh, with neither eyebrows nor eyes in their proper places, nor any other distinguishing feature; and after a time the natural appearance of his countenance returned. I write these instances not as one who saw them myself, but heard them from men who were positive they had seen these strange occurrences at the time.
They also say that a certain monk, very dear to God, at the instance of those who dwelt with him in the desert went to Constantinople to beg for mercy to his neighbors who had been outraged beyond endurance. And when he arrived there, he forthwith secured an audience with the Emperor; but just as he was about to enter his apartment, he stopped short as his feet were on the threshold, and suddenly stepped backward. Whereupon the eunuch escorting him, and others who were present, importuned him to go ahead. But he answered not a word; and like a man who has had a stroke staggered back to his lodging. And when some followed to ask why he acted thus, they say he distinctly declared he saw the King of the Devils sitting on the throne in the palace, and he did not care to meet or ask any favor of him.
Indeed, how was this man likely to be anything but an evil spirit, who never knew honest satiety of drink or food or sleep, but only tasting at random from the meals that were set before him, roamed the palace at unseemly hours of the night, and was possessed by the quenchless lust of a demon?
[If he was possessed, could people see these kind of manifestations? or was Procopius just anti-Justinian?] 

"Wow. That is a creepy story... I did get he was into some dark stuff, and I saw voodoo dolls (symbolic or literal - sometimes I can't tell the difference). I feel if anything, he was into and worshipped the dark side, opened himself up, and had some low vibrational things attach to him (that he welcomed). What was witnessed was a result of that. That place of his could have used a good smudging!!"

Image #5: The NY Spikeys?
These are apparently underwater obelisks or pyramids in the Atlantic, 200 km off the coast of NY, that allegedly align with the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Are they real, fake, or just a computer glitch? If real, who built them and why? Looks like that huge undersea antenna near Antarctica we wrote about in an earlier Friday 5.

What Lynn Saw
"I hear that in the ocean there are lots of "underwater boosters,” but this is not one. It’s fake."

[Note: many asked to see the fakes, so I’m leaving them in. However, since we’re getting so many…]

BONUS: Newest UK Cropcircle 
Here’s the latest cropcircle to come out of the UK. Looks too elaborate to be human-made. What are the crop-tographers trying to tell us here?

What Lynn Saw
"This is beautiful.  Not sure where the site got their messages from, but I see this representing some kind exotic fruit (keep wanting to look at the center of the leaves where they meet), and get there is some healing or almost magical property to this "fruit" or at least the seeds..??"

[I sent Lynn about eight pics of different tropical fruits.]

"I wanted to say PAW PAW (guava is the only thing like that with the short "a" sound)???"


"Yes, I see Paw Paw as anti cancer and a super detox. There is some magical feel to them. 

I do see Paw Paw being the biggest message. In some weird way, these ETs know the rate of disease, cancer and illness in parts of the world (they feel the vibrations). There is ancient knowledge of healing that is slowly being lost, and they want to help us (FDAs may suppress drugs, and holistic doctors may be "accidentally drowned in their own tub," but you can't really hurt a species of ETs that haven't even been disclosed.) The symbols don't feel like a language, but rather a listing of star systems in symbol form. The 33 feels significant, but I can't get anything clear on that." 

And that’s it. Join us in a fortnight for episode #40!


Robert Schoen said...

I really enjoyed this group for the range of topics! I knew the lightning explanation for the reindeer mass death was fake, but a pulse weapon? How does this connect to the mass fish and bird deaths in the last few years?

I'm sure the remorseful Justinian is looking down on Hillary shaking his head and hoping she gets over her demons.

Could the healing fruit suggested by the crop circle be Papaya instead of Guava? What do all those very specific symbols on the edge of the circle mean or refer to? Thanks again to you both for a great posting!

haydeeally said...

Maybe the fruit is guanabana. Soursop I believe is the english translation. On guanabana, a lot of positive cancer research was done years ago, but they could not synthetize it, so the pharmaceutical company doing research abandoned it. A doctor working in it published the results out of guilt.

John Casey said...

Wow, nice work, as always.

Given the crop circle/paw-paw reading, seems like it might be a good idea to do a more in-depth cancer-therapy reading, to integrate this with the dandelion cancer-therapy reading from a while back.

Cathari said...

My personal inclination is to respect and admire the Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora. However, I am well aware of certain esoteric traditions which claim Justinian was the instrument of dark entities intent on halting the spread of esoteric forms of Christianity. He did close the Athenian Academies in AD 529, which were supposedly the medium for streams of ancient occult knowledge. This resulted in an exile of sorts. Large numbers of these exiles fled to regions further east, eventually gathering into a Persian academy. I am very conflicted about this personality named Justinian. My own sense is that he himself was beset by intense inner struggles. His personality appears to be a battleground for spiritual forces and beings, which is understandable since he was one of the most powerful and influential figures in human history. If anything, he was a very human being, but a human being overshadowed by lofty non-human beings seeking to use him as we would use a hammer or a pen.

Judy Koons said...

When I was in Brazil, thrilled to learn that papaya was a smaller sized Paw Paw. So that they could be shipped for sale around the world. Thanks to Medical Medium we find out that papaya is one of the most healing foods going. Thanks Lynn for you openness to do these great readings!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Put simply, Justinian is afraid to return to flesh because of the massive karma debt he racked up -- one he'll have to chip away at to begin his long hard slog back to SOURCE. It may indeed be painful, but it's unavoidable. He's got to do the work sometime.

Cathari said...

In response to "A Man Called Da-da":
I think you assume far too much about Justinian and his alleged evil deeds. We have to clearly recognize that most of the information we have on him as a personality is taken from sources biased against him. The same for Theodora, his wife. To say he is afraid to incarnate, and has not done so since his death in 565, is itself nonsensical since their are laws governing incarnations which demand a rebirth. Almost certainly that soul has incarnated since the 6th century, and almost more certain as a female.

Anonymous said...

On that crop circle the leaf divided into three leaflets are called trifoliate, also known as tripatra or ternate leaves. There are many plants with trifoliate leaves. One stood up - Maha Vilvam- It is one of the most sacred trees of India, commonly found in Kashmir. Because of the presence of many bioactive chemicals in the leaves, it has the medicinal property to cure almost all common human ailments. Leaves and fruits are mostly used as important drug in the ancient Indian system of medicine.
But there is more into it...
The Maha Vilva tree is associated with Lord Shiva -figure of two contrary sets of attributes for both malignant or terrific like honor, delight, and brilliance. There are many symbolisms attributed to this leaf:
1. the trifoliate leaves are believed to represent various trinities – creation, preservation and destruction; or the three gunas or qualities of sattva- goodness, constructive, harmonious, rajas- passion, active, confused and tamas- darkness, destructive, chaotic, (all of these three gunas are present in everyone and everything, it is the proportion that is different, according to Hindu world-view. the interplay of these gunas defines the character of someone or something, of nature and determines the progress of life);
2. or the three syllables that make up ancient AUM (not OM witch is a mainstream corruption of the ancient version), the primordial sound that resonates Shiva’s essence.
3. three leaves are also considered to indicate Shiva’s three eyes, or the trishul (the destroyer), his emblematic celestial weapon. The third eye as seen on Lord Shiva's forehead is also the spiritual eye or ajna chakra which stands for higher consciousness and allows us to see the real world for the world as we see it is an illusion. Hindus believe that every human possesses this 'third eye' which can be activated only after years of meditation.

Now, CERN, which houses the Large Hadron Collider has a 2-metre-tall statue of Lord Shiva performing the Tandava- a dance believed to be the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction.
Why does one of the world’s premier research institutes CERN, with "serious" scientists, have a statue of ancient Shiva? Why would they (the hard-core western scientists) bothered with it?
It is the same game, played over and over again by ptw, now trying to desecrated yet another sacred ancient symbol (multidimentional portal), like nazi did to the sacred swastika symbol in the past.
It is the time now to restore (counteract) the truth meanings of the sacred ancient symbols into our own divine psyche for the peace and love of all humanity.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn! : "The volatile essential oils in thyme are loaded with anti-rheumatic, anti-parasitic, anti-septic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties.

If taken on a regular basis it can significantly help to reduce the viral load in the body which makes it very beneficial in dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Vertigo, Tinnitus, and Multiple Sclerosis." (

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Cathari: I never assume. I go by info received from Lynn and my other trusted sources -- many of which are one step below SOURCE. The Meowracles alone are beyond reproach. There are no laws govering incarnations, save those the spirit has with their guides, and their personal fear and guilt loads. The only rule is love, and the level of acceptance of such.

A Man Called Da-da said...


Cathari said...

To say there are no spiritual laws governing human incarnations is error. Human incarnations had a beginning in the primeval past and will one day cease in the distant future. That in itself is part of the laws governing human spiritual evolution. Within that larger context, there are laws governing incarnations both of individuals and groups of individuals. For instance, as I mentioned above, human souls must incarnate at least once as both male and female within the limits of certain historical epochs. The entire Cosmos is governed by laws. The Physical domain is governed by laws, just as the higher spiritual realms are so governed. Each world has its own unique laws. This must be clearly understood. Otherwise, we are swimming in error.

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn, this is why I love you.

"That place of his could have used a good smudging!!"

Doggone it!! And Good Golly Miss Molly!! Just get the doggone sage out and start smudging! You gotta rock 'n roll!!

Cathari--I don't pretend to have unlimited knowledge about reincarnation, but I have read considerably on the subject. A vast concurrence appears to be that a "soul" or "life entity" (whatever you might like to call these sparks) may reincarnate or not as they so desire. They decide on an incarnate life (which happens, if I understand what I'm reading correctly, only in the 3-D or saha-type of world because, of course, higher dimensions become more ethereal, spirit, telepathic, all-consciousness, etc. and 2-D are in a different world...well, good question, do they reincarnate? Water, stones, trees...? I once read a book that said by loving our pets unconditionally that we were preparing them for lives as individual souls = 3-D beings) evidently based upon what these souls/life entities would like to accomplish, how fast, if circumstances/situations in the 3-D plane existed for their development, etc. If I also understand correctly (and perhaps I don't), we consult regularly with our "higher selves" during dream states at night and constantly readjust our "life's plans." The latter makes perfect sense to me. We may exceed out initial plan...who knows?

And, also, Cathari, I believe that those no longer in 3-D do grow and develop "somewhere" else before undergoing the strenuous conditions of 3-D living.

I went to a woman about a year ago to help have my chakras "opened" (two psychics had said that I was hovering several feet off the ground and, obviously, not grounded), and my dad came through her. I was surprised--very surprised. I had never gotten along really well with my dad who ended his life by drinking himself to death. Sounds cinematic and dramatic...but, unfortunately, this was not a movie but my life. He apologized and wanted me to know that he was much better and much stronger. He had learned and developed tremendously wherever he was. He said that he had always disliked me because I was stronger than he was. That statement was a "light bulb" moment for me--something I "knew" but never acknowledged.

I think reincarnation likely does have some "rules" but that most of that process is wide open. I think the entity we truly are is so respectworthy that "rules" are unnecessary. Just an intuition...have no idea if this thought is valid or not.

bing0 said...

about that beautiful cropcircle: