Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Voluntary Donation of DNA

Q. This is going to sound really weird, but I have had a nagging question in my mind and want to ask your opinion on what you get with it. There is a push in recent days with TV commercials and online ads from genealogy companies encouraging people to send in their DNA to learn more about their heritage and to shed light on what hidden ethnicities they may have. On the surface, this seems harmless and interesting to people who are into that kind of thing, or who have questions about their particular heritage.

However, I have a red flag in the back of my mind that I just cannot shake. I just wonder if this is a ploy to collect DNA from people to use it for "other" purposes of which we may have no idea, and no say. I have heard that there are secret underground bases and rumors that these are used in cloning experiments, and I wonder if DNA samples are needed to keep that program going? 

Perhaps I just have too active an imagination and sending off one's DNA to learn about their heritage is helpful for people and a harmless endeavor. Can you put my mind at ease with this? IS there an ulterior agenda behind the push for people to submit DNA, or am I just reading into things? I would love for it to be the former, and for this to be a worthwhile thing for people to do, if they wish.

Thank you for your time.
A.  As I look into this, I do see an enormous gathering of data from many sources.  This isn't unique to just DNA, but location (Facebook), habits (store cards, credit cards), and spending trends (credit cards, and partly why the drive to force everything to be electronic).It also appears that the collection of data is designed in such a way that the person volunteering doesn't even realize that there are uses for this information aside from providing entertainment or information to the volunteer  

I don't see people being "cloned" off this, but I do see the population being analyzed in respect to geographic locations.  For example, where are the population shifts and what effects do certain immunizations / spraying / chemicals have on certain population groups.  I also see a huge need for this in the marketing arena.  

Not all information gathering is bad, but sometimes that information is used by the government to know what areas may be tougher to control (and let them ponder what may need to happen in the event some social unrest were to occur).  It also allows the media to know how to treat a certain area, and gives marketing teams an edge when pushing their products.

In evaluating this, I see everything as a balance.. If you provide them with something they want, they will provide you with something you want.  Sometimes trading a photo with a location is worth the entertainment of sharing on Facebook, and other times you may want to keep things private  It is a personal choice depending on how you feel about the exchange. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Nick said...

Hey Lynn I am told we have that ad here in NZ, data mining is a very common low tier of the pyramid device for retail that becomes exact, when they know who you are, where you are and what you want.
"Clicking on ads for a copper plate for grounding yourself via a wire to the ground outside?
Great because have we got a deal for you"!!

The potential scary thing is it could very well be a precise energetic signature which would be useful for the .. ahem .. 'globe'alists.

I know people who with pride have said things like;
"Yea mate my family is traced right back to Robert the Bruce! So I am SOMEONE"

samferina said...

WOW Such a synch was just talking about this very thing with my family on Sunday!

Charlie the Tuna said...

It is best to keep most information private. Even posting on blogs like this puts us into a special "electronic bucket" oh well, best keep the rest to yourself.

Just remember as we search for info about our ancestors and find plenty online so will our descendants. Maybe they will be able to buy your google search parameters and see what you have been up to, and what type of websites you like to visit.

This is the too much information age, and it is going to get worse.

EA RW said...

We are being lured into the digital world. Where corporations are KING. I get letters where I am kindly asked to handover my email voluntarily. So they can make things nicer and easier for me. Well if they aren't a bunch of "nice guys". People are falling for this trap. I bet they can't read. Once you give co-operation there is nothing you can do in court to reverse. It's not about civil law it's corporate law.Business. That is why they can do it because it's legal. You give them a finger they take your whole hand.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Just be cautious in handing over your info... I am glad this post made people ponder..

RFK Pope said...

Speaking of corporations being behind this, we have a link between ETs and corporations from the tv show Star Trek. Many episodes were dedicated to the goings ons of "corporations". I remember one episode in particular, where the Duraba Corporation was tried by a Federation Tribunal for criminal conspiracies that spanned 20 planets and several major stockholders of the corporation were found guilty. Makes me wonder if it is an ET influence that is algorithm-ing and data mining all our personal information.

Mark Noeth said...

I kinda wonder how advanced DNA testing has become???... Can this testing determine how alien I am??? Hopefully I will be in the good group. It's always better to be on the outside of the fence looking in then vise versa...

Nick said...

What ever is the truth, it is unlikely they are going to tell us on the Tell-a-vision.
What is slightly perplexing is I would be surprised given the level of information available in the visible world - through monitored phone calls ( using keyword triggered software ) or website and or emails - that they need another level of surveillance - that's why it has a slightly spooky quality, involving a very personal energy signature.

I am reminded of stories of tribal people found, still living in their natural surroundings did NOT want photos taken of them citing "You have captured my soul" as a reason.
Or going back even further - "Don't let a witch get a lock of your hair"
OR even in modern times the phenomenon of a voodoo doll.

But of course we should't bring Mr Fear out to play - as your protection as Lynn says is not give info over.
Even more frustrating for .. who ever it is ;-) .. is us having a pure heart / a moral life / and our own power.

How do we have or keep our own power?
Well, I could say challenging things like don't watch ANY Tell-a-vi-Zion.
But certainly your diet, your lifestyle, your company etc, should be as wholesome and you can manage.
Make sure you are aware of your thoughts, and subsequently your emotions.
In other words make sure your up to date with your latest psychic firewall version.

Resonance is a new agey word, but you can experience it by singing in the shower, the hard surfaces of the bathroom vibrate amplify, and rebound to you.
Likewise if the song you are putting out has frequencies associated with the ... baddies well - prolly not a good idea to sing that song.
Better off doing Nessun Dorma in the shower. :-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Star Trek

Lynn ! Augusta Piccard video that was with your flat earth information .Being first in the stratosphere . Is Jean Luc Piccards last name on Star Trek because of Augusta Piccard?

Nick, Hi!

Can you explain more about the frequencies associated with baddies?
Nessun Dorma frequencies are all based on concert tuning pitches?

Thank you!

Nick said...

Hey Erin, the August Piccard is just a neat story of real science, and from the old school - like another legend from a similar era, which you probably don't know about - Walter Russell.

As for Hollywood / Star Trek, nothing would surprise me, honestly the connectedness and the way the system thumbs its nose to those who knows.
Nothing is coincidental.
I know that Star Trek like so much else is sci fi predictive programming.

Re the frequencies I am sorry Erin, I am a very eccentric person in real life, and struggle to keep normality in typing in a public forum.
What I meant by the baddies is the simple principal of resonance is 'similar vibrations'.
Things ring in sympathy, like two acoustic guitars or a truck might go by the house and something will vibrate.
Energetically, mentally / astrally / spiritually the law of nature is 'as above so below'.
If we lie down with dogs we get fleas.
If we keep the company of scoundrels.
If we tune ourselves to lower vibrations then such will be our harvest.

On the other hand, by living in harmony with love, nature, beauty, peace, good intention and by moral precepts, you are aligned with the higher vibrations which simply by the law of nature, make you safe and content.
Which means what appears to us to be the control structure, NWO, bad guys - will have little to no grip upon you.

Re Nessun Dorma, it is just a glorious chord sequence sung with power and an Aria composed in the days when they knew how to make music.
It gives me goose bumps and shivers down the spine sometimes - lovely stuff, sing it in the shower. :-)

The agreed concert pitch for the A note is 440 Hz and there is talk of a time when it was changed from 432 Hz.
Like all his-story, unfortunately we are at the mercy of the fog of time and information black out.
There are plenty of musicians recording, experimenting and trying out this subtle change.
As a muso myself of just under 40 years, I have to say, it is very very subtle to be honest, this may only be a reflection of my own denseness - I can't notice it.

Knowing what I know now, despite saying I don't notice it - it is exactly the sort of manipulation that happens to suit the agenda of the system.

A similar situation can be seen in the difference between metric vs imperial.
The obvious manifestation of certain mathematical principals like 7 or 12 in nature.
Having said that we have 10 fingers as per metric - and speaking of fingers, there are 27 bones in the hand which is very close to the moon cycle.
Numbers are abstracts, the represent ideas or principals, however they have power and are used in subtle ways.
Just great fun investigating it all! :-)

They Live said...

The movie They Live (😊) shows how the E.T.'s in control of humanity in the movie are enterprisers spreading their businesses throughout the galaxy/universe.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the info and sharing! :-)

Anonymous said...

Is it the same agenda going on now with this mainstream dna harvesting, as it is with your willingness for harvesting your organs after your physical "death", via organ donors declaration...? collected and branded as "good and honorable" for the profit of big corporations...
or human fetus "donations" via mainstream abortions for a hidden genetic dna experimentations in a secret/prison -like laboratories. Dose the film "X Files- The Truth is Out There" series "disclose it" indirectly ...?

EA RW said...

What do you guys think! Facebook completely lost it! I'm gonna delete it ASAP not that I was sharing anything. Upload your ID this is so .... No words to describe.

Buddhist Lady said...

Please...no "Nessum dorma" in the shower! (Just kidding!!)

I would be extremely cautious about "sharing" anything anywhere with anyone. Far too much privacy, as traditionally known, has been stolen from us at this point. I shop for an item in a store using that store's card (simply an in-store card not a credit card) to obtain a discount, and Amazon pops up in my e-mail with similar items a few days later. Wow...a little too much Big Brother for me.

May I add a viewpoint from E. M. Nicolay's book The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions? As many writers/readers of internet blogs have already conveyed, Ascension (to Terra or 5th dimensional Earth) requires DNA activation within humans, which Nicolay terms "human Angelic souls," or that soul matrix to whom the Earth has been entrusted and whose DNA interfaces via Chakras with the energetic Earth grid and ley lines. Information continually flows from the galactic black hole through our Sun with high photogenic energies to initiate and effectuate Ascension.

Now, for the hard part.

Some people believe that ET species have already co-mingled with human Angelics producing humans who look and act like anyone else but who are driven by agendas to provide highly and solely for themselves. They are characterized by "overtly aggressive behavior, a lack of emotion, the inability or unwillingness to be empathetic, a blind allegiance to hierarchy, the propensity to gather, procure and hoard, outward displays of militarism and ritual, and preferences for authoritarianism. These characteristics are linked to ideals of leadership, superiority and success in most, if not all, of your current societal structures." (p. 254)

As the human Angelic's DNA becomes activated, those without will not. These humans are those interested in remaining triumphant in a 3rd dimensional world and would like to abrogate human Angelic's need and right to Ascend for their own purposes.

I will end with this quote from Nicolay concerning this discussion on DNA and DNA testing:

"Yet we would add that an attempt to identify those who actually have higher DNA activation potential by those who do not but are subconsciously aware of the distinction is the prime reason there is an inappropriate interest in collecting individual DNA in your world today. This is so even if you have been "officially" told that the purpose for doing so is linked to either your health, your justice system or your security." (p. 250)