Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Free Will and Impressions

Q. Hi Lynn, When you do personal readings for people and they ask you about a person of interest and want you to tap into that person to get their feelings does the person being inquired about ever block you because they don't want their true feelings known or even try to give a false impression? Remember you said you can't tap in to somebody if their free will doesn't want it ?
A.  Every situation is a little different, but this is the best way to explain it: When I tap into someone (and I will use a random example such as the murder of Princess Diana to explain this) I can see the situation surrounding her death and feel the emotions involved (panic, fear, adrenaline and at one point an overwhelming calm as if she just knew this was it).  I can see the world as if I am looking through her eyes (it looks like a blur of lights and sounds are muffled as if I was under water), and I often times toggle between first and third person perspectives.  

When I dig a little deeper to inquire who the responsible parties are, THAT person (because most times they root back to a very high profile person with some power) will block me, but I will get some strong impressions (but it is more like a very fuzzy dream, or something that you can't quite make out).  You get enough to know what you are dealing with, but not necessarily enough to know who exactly (having it spelled out) you are naming.  You may get a symbol, phrase or see an affiliation.  I focus on the greater good in every reading, and I have learned that once I go so far, it is best to share what I have, and leave the rest. 

In this same situation, if Princess Diana wanted to block me, I would not get a clear perspective from her view, but I have found that I would see the situation and circumstances that surrounded her death as an outsider.  It is a feeling of floating next to them and watching an event unfold, like watching a clip from a movie. A person can block me from their personal thoughts and feelings, but they can't stop me from being a bystander. 

Above all, I focus on the greater good.  There are some people and situations that just don't feel right to explore for one reason or another (that is why some questions take some time, or stay on my list for a long time).  During a reading if images start to stutter or it gets dark (like trying to see something at night) I know it is time to quit.  I realize it is not in someone's great good to keep going. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-


Weeze said...

Great and concise explanation, Lynn, thanks!

Charlotte Bailey said...

Thank you; very interesting. Speaking of Diana, can you get any insights as to how she is doing, and what she is up to- in the now? That whole situation was so tragic! I'm sure she felt the love people had for her, and continues to this day. I can't help but think she might have a message to share?!

Smiling Winds said...

Been thinking of you and praying for healing and health.

KC said...

What do you make of reports that she was rescued before or during the crash?

Robert Schoen said...

It's really amazing to hear from your perspective how you are able to do what you do! I'm sure all your readers feel lucky to know that someone as talented and generous as you is sharing what you are able to see for the greater good.

Raymond G said...

Can you RV the president's mind and determine how he feels and what he is thinking?
Or is there some kind of defense against that from either the universe or the Secret Service?

@Charlotte...I don't know how Diana is doing, but she does not like being annoyed....lol

A few years ago there was something on the news or in the media that made me think of Diana. I began to wonder if she was murdered or if it was a tragic accident and whether she would have married that Egyptian man. I guess she was on my mind subconsciously when I went to sleep that night. But, I dreamed I was in a white void. Everything around me was completely white in every direction, there was no up or down. I was observing myself from the side and I saw myself sitting on a concrete or marble bench with Diana. The ornamental style you often see in home gardens and yards. We were sitting on the bench facing each other and I saw myself smiling at her and I knew that I had been asking her questions or speaking with her but I don't recall the conversation. Then, I asked her if I was annoying her and she said YES! Not in an angry manner, but very tactful and princess like.......lol. Then I asked her if she wanted me to leave and she said YES!

Somehow, I had the impression that because I had thought about her during the day and dreamed about her at night I was 'pulling' her away in the astral plane. I don't know how or why, but I felt like I was keeping her from doing whatever she was supposed to be doing in Heaven. Princesses have a busy schedule. Then I woke up in the middle of the night.


Lynn, when we think of someone does it impact them in any way if they are across the room or in another state? If we dream of someone like we all do, do they have the same dreams about us at the same time ? Or, are the dreams we have specific to each of us?

Many Thanks for the time you give to this blog.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Weeze: Thank you. :-)

@Charlotte: I get she is very protective of her sons, Kate and her grandbabies. I feel this sense of worry and fear, like she is trying to put some layer of protection over them. She does not want either son or grandson wearing the crown. She has a big fear of this.

@Smiling Winds and Robert: Thank you. xoxo-

@KC: I see that she did really pass.

@Raymond: Thank you for your story and sharing your dream. :-)

This biggest thing I sense is a feeling of relief. I just see a sigh, and this exhale as if to say, I am so glad this is almost over.