Friday, July 8, 2016

Five for Friday #36

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and welcome to an expanded summer edition of Five for Friday. Let's get started.

Image #1: The Beth She'arim Slab
While this looks like rock, this is actually a very old, nine-ton slab of fused glass (!) found in an Israeli excavation. Who made this and why? How did they make it? Who was this monument honoring?

What Lynn Saw
"I see these enormous black kettles, with fire beneath them, then huge amounts of sand and other ingredients poured into this kettle, where it's super-heated and stirred. It smells horrible and is super hot. Then they pour this molten glass into these set of frames. The creators look like Ancient Egyptians. It's honoring a sun god. I see this bright sun." [Is it honoring an actual person who died (with a body beneath it) or is it just a generic offering? Is it for an ET? And how long ago? How did they make the fire so hot, and what metal were the cauldrons made of to take that kind of heat?] "Felt like a generic offering. Someone taught them how to make this sophisticated material, and they're showing how they can build something advanced. The cauldrons feel like they were made of a black stone with metallic components/fragments. They used dust off certain rocks that made the fire so much hotter." [Coke?] "It feels about 3000 years old. It was for a bird-human hybrid ET." [Bird/human, you mean like this? The 'Sphere Being/Blue Avians'?] "Yes, very similar. I do feel they are related to the Blue Avians."

[Note the remnants of blue pigment on the face of Horus in the bas relief.]

Image #2: The Paris Effect
We know that some monuments are built on ancient sacred sites to leverage the natural telluric energy already present. Was the Eiffel Tower placed where it is on purpose? Does France’s national icon broadcast a natural positive energy field?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at this, I hear something about ley lines. The Eiffel Tower was strategically placed there because there's a ley line near it. Its location is significant. It doesn't damper the energy, but instead acts as an antenna." [I’d read one person say the Eiffel Tower was somehow broadcasting negative energy, but that didn’t seem right to me. Paris is such an amazing place.] "The energy does feel positive to me. It's like a positive beacon." [Perhaps that's why we're seeing what we're seeing in the Paris political situation.]

Image #3: The North Korean PeopleMover
This puzzling pic from North Korea shows… a roller coaster of people? What goes on here? Is this an amusement park?

What Lynn Saw
"I get it's some kind of adrenaline thing. There's some kind of rush they get from this. Feels like an abandoned roller coaster." [Is this thing moving?? Or are people just walking around it?] "I get that people are walking on it, like a conga line." [Weird.]

Image #4: Egyptian SMART Meter?
This bas relief from the Temple of Hathor in Egypt looks much like an old fashioned monitor on an oscilloscope. Is that what this is showing?

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is an illustration of some kind demonstrating electrical force. You see two prongs on the left, with no force, and two prongs on the right, with force. It's a rudimentary drawing of how to make electricity flow."

Image #5: Area 51 Farmer's Market is Spelled B.A.R.F.
These are some kind of crops (under circular irrigation) being grown in Area 51, of all places. What are they growing and why? I’m guessing it’s not good.

What Lynn Saw
"In this area, where there's been all kinds of testing and pollutants and hostility, I get that Monsanto is testing some GMO plants to see if they can survive this terrible environment. I would NOT want to eat anything from this area, or this company. Horrific."

Image #6: Hurry, Wave-X Baby
I’ve been seeing these pastel energy waves (seen here in Chile) at night, going by fast and high up. Is this Wave X energy? And what are you getting on when the Big Wave will hit us?

What Lynn Saw
"I do feel you're seeing Wave X energy, a calm gentle energy before the storm. We get extreme pulses sometimes, like a woman in labor. I feel like we're in the onset of labor. I see it escalating and intensifying, but it's gradual. We're in the lead-up phase. I don't see it coming till a year from now." [Ug. Another year of headaches and palpitations.]

Image #7: Journey FROM the Center of the Earth
This GoogleEarth capture near Antarctica shows something odd coming out of the ocean. What goes on here? If it's an ET ship, whose is it?

What Lynn Saw
"I get this is showing a portal that takes people in and out of the hollow earth. [So, is this an 'Agarthan' ship?] "The name Agarthan feels correct, but I can't get a really clear confirmation." [Do you see a time in the near-future when they’ll trust us? (They apparently don’t trust the surface population. Can’t say I blame them.)] "I can't see them trusting us for a while, what with our surface world so out of control."

Image #8: Star Wars, Episode #947
Speaking of surface mayhem, here are two recent sky explosions, the top one in Portland, Maine, the other over the Pacific Ocean. Are these due to the “space war” allegedly going on? If so, can you tell who’s ship got 86'd in each pic, and who the victor was?

What Lynn Saw
"There's definitely a space war going on. These are Reptilian and Archon-based patrol ships that are being shot down by the positive ETs. The positive ones are winning, slowly taking out the negatives." [Tick tock.]

Image #9: When is a Lama Not a Lama?
Ben Fulford paints a very negative portrait of the Dalai Lama. Does he deserve it? Is he really the reincarnation of the last Lama?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at him, I get that, at heart, he's a good person. He has good energy, is very spiritual. He has a lot of gifts in this life. He's not a true reincarnation, but he's very gifted spiritually. He may not be what people think he is, but he's not a bad guy. The problem comes in all the negative influences around him. It's not him, it's the company he keeps, the 'cloud' that follows him. He succumbs to bullying rather easily. There's a huge amount of influence around him that's not the best influence."

Image #10: Lynch/Clinton
So... what did Bill Clinton say to Loretta Lynch in their now infamous meeting? Was he telling her what to do, or buying her off? And… I almost hate to ask, but… who do you see winning the election now?

What Lynn Saw
"Lynch was told what to do and she was also bought off. The PTW (Powers That Were) don't want Trump, as he cannot be controlled. Now I see them trying to make him look like such a joke that everyone votes for Hillary. He needs to be very careful, as they're literally gunning for him." [This invokes an important recent post from Schrodinger's OTHER Cat on manifesting the Three D's... and no, none of this is endorsement of any political candidate, save THE TRUTH.]

Join us Friday after next for episode #37. Stay positive.


siketa said...

Some pictures are not shown correctly....can you please check it?

They Live said...

Many thanks for these readings Lynn and DaDa ☺
One of those Illuminati game cards depicts a Trump looking face with the saying "At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day."

capserone said...

Yes, I am also not able to see several of the photos.

Jacob Hollar said...

I know you know. Gunna psych you out in the end. Pictures are the best part. Common guys.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Interesting. Lynn and I have never had technical glitches before. Lynn noticed that this one post has a lot of truth swirling in it, and that's causing turbulence. We'll get it fixed. Stay tuned.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone. What is strange is that it all looks good on my end, so what pics can you not see?? What is really odd is that I had a hard time even getting the rough draft from Da-da to copy and paste (never had that error before). Something is telling me that we have hit a nerve of truth on this one... Lots of glitches on this on...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Ok, I pulled it up on an IE browser and I can see some errors. Oddly, on chrome it works fine... I will redo the ones, give me a few.

Karen Albert said...

Images not displaying are 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Ok, I just put fresh pics up. I will say I have never had so many errors trying to block me from posting a blog. Then the whole time blogger would freeze wanting my permission to know my location (which I did not allow). Something big must be in this post... Wow!! Let me know if you see any more issues. :-)

siketa said...

Fixed! Thanks. :)

John Casey said...

Lynn and Dada:

Thanks, as always, for the these. You two have outdone yourselves this week. This is an astonishing array of entries.

How did the Israelis end up with that Egyptian glass slab?
Who are the positive ETs fighting the bad ETs in the sky, blue avians or some other group, and has any debris from the shoot downs been collected?
If Wave X were to hit today, what would be different about the world? Would we notice anything changed?
How much does it cost to buy off a Lynch?

Again, thanks!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Hey, @JohnCasey:

1. That glass slab was found in an old excavation. When they went to renovate, they found it underneath something else. A bulldozer hit it... and stalled. It's hideously strong. It was already there, created long before Solomon or his temple. The early Egyptian empires used to extend globally.

2. I'll let Lynn answer the WHO, but the debris itself is actually all over our skies in the form of noctilucent clouds (aka, "meteoric debris"), which are rife right now. I imagine the bigger pieces fall all over and are either retrieved by SSG (as in the AZ "meteorite") or fall into the ocean.

3. When Wave X hits the earth, we all get this t-shirt that says, "I SURVIVED WAVE X." That is to say, I'll let Lynn answer the last two Q's. ;)

scorpio said...

Image #5 almost looks like Braille.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Here's the "official" version of the glass slab:

The Mystery Slab of Beth She'arim

Beth She'arim was a cemetery located in Galilee. It was one of the most sacred places in the ancient Jewish world. Just adjacent to its catacombs is a natural cave that had long ago been made into a large cistern for storing water. It apparently fell into disuse at the end of the 4th century and filled up partially with four or five feet of clay-like silt.

In 1956 it was decided to convert the cave into a small museum. A bulldozer was taken in to clear the rubble and level off the surface. But, unexpectedly, the bulldozer bumped into something large—so large, that it wouldn't even budge. It turned out to be a large, rectangular slab that looked like concrete. Because of its size, it was left where it was, and the surrounding area was paved over with flat stone.

Beth She'arim slabThe Beth She'arim slab

The slab measures 6½ x 11 ft. and is 18" thick. Its top is perfectly level.

In 1963, members of a joint expedition of The Corning Museum of Glass and The University of Missouri were surveying the region for possible remains of ancient glass factories. Someone suggested that the Beth She'arim slab might be made of glass. The suggestion was greeted with skepticism—indeed, one member of the team volunteered that if the slab was made of glass, he would eat it. A chemical analysis though, confirmed that it was, in fact, made of glass.

[for more, hit the link]

Robert Schoen said...

An amazing group and liked very much seeing more than 5! It's funny but events seem to be moving a lot faster and for some reason I don't feel comfortable being outdoors, as if it is not as a welcoming as before. It might be just me but it's just an impression.
I also always thought there was something off about the Dali Lama, like he wasn't courageous or spiritual or interesting enough to follow.
I also think politics now is sickening enough that it shouldn't be covered here. If you can't figure out what's going on, look harder inside yourself for answers. Its more interesting looking into big picture things and not negative topics provoked by the manipulations of evil thugs.

Hannon said...

Sounds to me, like you just developed yourself a teespring idea. I think they'll print them up, and ship them out, if you can sell at least three shirts. You give them the design, post the link around, at the end of the sale period, they print the shirts, ship them, and split the profits with you. Here's their website:

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Lynn and Dada for such a fabulous feast of treasures this week. I'm fascinated that something seemed to be trying to block the truth within this post. Do you know which specific detail or topic they were trying to suppress? It does feel recently that the PTW are blatantly losing their grip and everyone can see it crumbling. I'm curious to know what it was about this post that got them rattled.

Mark Noeth said...

Totally awesome reads Lynn and Da-da... When I first brought up the page, the glass slab looked like a mattress. It is big enough to be a doorway... Area 51 farming, awesome may get ET Oregano or some other ingredients for cocktails or weapons. Area 51 is cleaner than you may think. Fort McClellan and white sands not so much... Image 7 is interesting. Don't think I would pick Antartica for my portal spot. Seems to be all kinds of bases reported to be their... Image 8, totally kewl. Top pic has a ship or rocket on the left side of the pic. It wasn't mentioned. So the "Positive" ET's are taking out the "Negative" ET's and are winning. O joy, new Masters that seem as violent as the others. Who even invited these "Positive" ET's to the party??? They want something... Image 10 I had to google. Honestly don't care, whole thing seemed trivial. I was told one of the economic forecast sites said Obama may declare marshal law and postpone the elections. So their could be one wildcard left. Note: The economic sites are Esoteric or Religious in nature. The Bible and or Torah seem good for predicting cycles and events evidentaly, not sure how they do it. Marshal law could usher in the NWO. I am posative and negative on this... Thanks again for the readings

Unknown said...


You said that, the portal captured by google earth transports people in and out. Are you saying that some people have physically came and left through that portal?

tara said...

Fantastic Lynn all very fascinating. Love these multi pics and their explanation. I remember reading about a lady in Devon, England who was a keen lover of her telescope and quite offten she would see what looked like star battles through her telescope. Then they started chem-trailing the area a lot so visibility of this was lost.

I have an odd pic for you to have a look at . a friend of mine's cousin took it in his state. Really very weird looking creature. Where should i send it ? Email on here? thanks.

PS everything showed up for me but i guess you may have fixed it by the time of me reading this blog post. Thanks for all your work.

Piperon said...

See what I captured on my iphone camera - cloaked cloud mothership

SkyBlue said...

@ Piperon - a very impressive preview of your movie. Can't wait to see it soon. It would be interesting to see how it was made as well.

Alice Liu said...

Thanks, Lynn. I know some people are uncomfortable with the political stuff (in this and in other posts), but it helps ground those of us whose intuitions are pinging.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn, wonderfull!

Serene said...

It can be painful but it is necessary to be very aware of the current political climate as well as uncomfortable topics, because whether we like it or not, we're all living in the middle of it. Now that we have greater awareness, we realize how important it is to care for in what food, drink or substances we put in our bodies, what we watch on TV, what kind of situations to avoid, and above all knowing what to believe as true or false.

In the old days I believed that those in politics always worked tirelessly for our benefit and that we lived in a fair and just society. I believed what I saw and heard on TV regarding politics and trickery and deception were the furthest thing from my mind. Then I grew up. It was devastating to realize the Truth, but Waking Up was one of the best things that happened.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for leaving such great comments. This was a fun session and there is a lot of think on. Piperon, thanks for sharing!

tara said...

The falsification of History by John Hamer. excellent book. Just a heads up. Explains a lot of what we are seeing today and the evil PTW and their MO.

Buddhist Lady said...

What very interesting presentations, Lynn and Dada!

I was wondering...I have seen the terms "ley lines" and have a certain "intuitive" feeling about them, but when you Google the words, you actually get, apparently, much hypothesis.

"Ley lines are man-made energy lines, created by stone formations such as stone ships or other ancient archaeological structures. The knowledge of creating Ley lines is supposed to be lost."

"Giant telluric waves, undulating vertically and linked to the geomagnetic field of Earth, create a network of crisscrossing lines all around the planet.” Anunnaki put their structures where lines crisscross. [Sacred Network: 4 – 8]
Sacred sites’ “exact place of veneration is located in a spot where the geomagnetic field is more pronounced, accessed by a “spirit road, a telluric current–electromagnetic pathways that flow across the face of the Earth. Sacred sites connected to one another through common narratives, myths and folklore. All share accurate triangles.”

Holy crap, Batman! Does anyone have any idea, in simple language, what exactly "ley lines" are, their importance, and why "evil ones" would want to destroy/disrupt them?

Hannon said...


I remember when I believed in our leaders, I was raised to be so naive, I had to unlearn everything I knew, it's very disheartening, and difficult. I try to raise my daughter to not be so naive, but I don't want to mold her into a cynical paranoid person either, it's a very fine line, and hard thing to do :-)

joy said...

Buddhist Lady, My shallow understanding of leylines....

NO, ACTUALLY, THE EVIL ONES CREATED THE LEYLINES FOR NEFARIOUS PURPOSES.There was a claim that these lines have been purified by the EARTHKEEPERS (Earthkeepers are Lightworkers in charge of cleaning, maintaining EARTHMOTHER in preparation for her ascesion.) Leylines are gridworks that run north-south around the earth, and are used by those who own us like we own farm animals,.. to harvest our lifeforces. The major churches, cathedrals, mosques and other forms of worship, or sacrificial chambers were built along these leylines. When a group of worshippers pray and venerate their "god", or when they remove a person's heart as sacrifice for a god, those MALEVOLENT ETs behind this god will suck the worshippers essences and send these life-forces thru the leylines,...then... up to a portal ,usually a pyramid,...and send these huge energy harvest to ,..perhaps a waiting spaceship, or to a certain planet. These lifeforces are then used to animate, strengthen and maintain their demonic creations. mostly black-magic. Maybe they even sell these. I heard they can put these in vials and keep them around for until needed. These energies from the worshippers are NOT STOLEN GOODS, because they were given with consent. NO KARMIC payment required.
My family...they're pathetic church goers. They all deteriorate, get sick and die. Gruesome,eh..? Me,...? I have none of that worshipping garbage, and illnesses are afraid of me.

You can find a leyline in your neighborhood by dowsing. you can harvest these lifeforces and use them to power up animate and maintain a THOUGHTFORM, such as a 3-headed attack dog. This is what magicians do. or you can kill a chicken and harvest it's lifeforce for your particular thoughtform.......ops.................!
they still do it here in my country, without any idea why.
what a reality we're in.

Anonymous said...

I have no special abilities, but I have noticed that some things get an evil reputation because they were harnessed by bad guys for their own purposes.
I feel that leylines are just that. They are neutral, but bad guys know about them and use them. Good guys can use them too. I believe it depends on intention. Troubled people who live on ley lines experience fairly heinous paranormal activity. Balanced or really good people amplify their goodness.