Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flat Earthers

Q. Hello, You spoke in a previous reading about not being able to connect to the flat earth theory as being true. If that is the case, would you please look into who is pushing this agenda and why? There is a fierce agenda pushing this on the internet, especially on YouTube. Your finding substantiates my hunch that it is a controlled disinformation campaign, but who is behind it and why? Is it being done just to test and see how gullible people might be? Or is it more sinister than that?

Thank you so much, I love your site.

A. When I focus on this I get that the evidence is very compelling and really makes you think.  Some of the points can make you pause and really analyze if they could be true or not.  I am visualizing an image of what "they" say the earth looks like when it is flat, and in my mind i see the "flat" image roll up and form a ball.  Then, I see this earth ball align with the sun and moon, and see a dotted line in the shape of a circle surround each body.

I further get that the earth isn't mapped out correctly and that fact helps to keep the flat earthers questioning things (the maps aren't exact, so there  are valid things that don't make sense).  The size of the continents are not to scale, and the maps are the "best guess" based on what they are able to see, but are not wholly accurate. I hear that the Van Allen Belt prevented getting the needed images when the globe / maps were formed and never corrected as technology improved. I also hear that the more powerful countries "enhanced their size" (such as US and Europe) and didn't give Africa it's justice (I heard that Africa is "ginormous").  [Not to mention the earth is expanding, and the north pole is slowly shifting, but that is for a different reading...]

I also get that when a plan flies from point A to point B, it doesn't always take the shortest path (which is a good point that is brought up).  So I pose, Why is that?  I get that there are portals and entries / exits to the hollow earth at those points, and that is why planes cannot fly over those areas.  They have been sectioned off and quarantined from human use. 

Then the bigger question: Who is behind this?  I hear the government loves debates like this.  Anything that causes differences in opinion or distraction is great.  I then get that forms of government have been providing us with distractions for a long time.  Then I see a King, talking to his court, he is telling them that the city is in ruin, they are almost bankrupt, however, he insists on holding a gladiator event for the people to keep them happy (and distracted from reality).  It is the same scenario (though in a much different time and much less dramatic).  I even get that government disinfo agents will leave little "bread crumbs" out there for people to nibble on just to keep the different debates going.  "They" know things like that earth isn't to scale and reasons we don't fly over certain zones, and they use the truth in a different form to keep people wondering and hypothesizing.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-


Dante said...

Could you post a link to a drawing or a map which you think is the closest representation of how Earth actually looks like?
Thank you.

Joao Gomes said...
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They Live said...


Piperon said...

I just don't understand how plain stupid is human to think that Earth is flat, these point would prove Earth is round :-

1) If Earth is flat, by now we would discover the edges already and probably someone would fall from the edges too. But we didn't cause Earth is round.

2) If Earth is flat, by now we would discover the other side of Earth. Probably, there will be humans living on the other side too but there ain't any. It would be a upside down world for them. You want to live there with your head pointing down?

3) Picture of Earth had been taken by so many countries already and yet still those dump ass still insisted that Earth is flat. I believe their brain is being blocked by mud.

THE STAR RACES - (Not many believe the truth, human like to believe the untruth. No wonder we are taking so long to reach there).

Robert Schoen said...

This was an amazing read on a lot of levels. I guess geography is subjective when the US and Russia can make themselves bigger on the map. It's like us hefty Americans getting our 36 " waist pants which are really 40 inches to account for our egos.

I didn't know about the no fly zones being vortexes. I bet airline pilots have some interesting stories. As for the flat earth, I think it's funny and wish people are returning to that. Kind of goes hand in hand with religous fundamentalists. it would be cool of it was like the old maps where when you get to the edge you would see all the sea monsters and dragons.

The enlightened one said...

I am thinking that if the scale of maps was incorrect, then if you took your position from a gps and looked the coordinates up on a map, you would end up somewhere else on the map than your real location?

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You for this post! Geo-scientists frequently have problems with map projections, the problem which is addressed by Lynn in this post. Actually the form of the continents on a globe (like this one are pretty accurate. But once it is projected on a flat surface everything changes. Imagine an Orange peel (like this one and observe what happens to it when you press it on your kitchen table....;)
Switching subjects: recent call to action/request (starts 3:20) from a W coast based channeler! (

DivineLuxurySoap said...

Thank you Lynn,
This is the silliest dis-info other than some religious ideas. And like Piperon said, people love stories, which in fact shows the true nature of all reality, which is individual-self-created. And the consensus-reality (or shared reality) must be controversial by definition....each person is trying to share or force their view for their own comfort level of survival. God bless his mess. Cheers Lyn and much love to you and your loved ones. Van

Vegan Ricky said...

@Robert Schoen

If you want stories, go after the drunk pilots. They are the ones who really know what's going on!

Hannon said...

Lol, Google "flat earth illuminati card" and you can see they had this flat Earth debate planned for decades that we know about, maybe even longer. On the card, it reads: People laugh but the flat Earthers know "something", with an emphasis on something, but not to suggest that the world is flat, just that people are on to something. If You google "ancient map showing land at North Pole", you'll get some interesting stuff, aside from hiding inner Earth areas from us, I've been speculating that our mapping is incorrect, because they're also trying to hide regular land from us :-)

Hannon said...


That thing about the size of the ego, affecting the sizing of pants, is way too funny. It's also a pain, if I take measurements, I still have to try on way more clothing than just the stated size. I wish they were just true to size :-)

They Live said...

Thank you for that card game info 😊😊😊

Hannon said...