Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump, Hillary and a touch of Romney

Q. Is Trump part of PTB? I know the rest of them are and I also would think he was also but I can't get a get a solid read on him (not that I'm psychic). I almost feel he is bucking against the PTB but I would think they would have put a stop to him by now. What do you think Lynn?
A. I see that Trump has made deals with the PTB to get where he is, but hasn't become a part of them [yet].  He would like to have the power and influence that they have, but he doesn't want to to be owned by anyone.  Trump actually poses a huge threat to the PTB because he isn't able to be controlled (due to his independent wealth and power) and the PTB are frantic to get him out of the running. The PTB need a puppet, and I hear that Trump is refusing.

When he first started to run for office the PTB didn't think he would be taken seriously by the public, so they allowed him to run and get into the race.  Once they saw the threat emerge, they tried all kinds of tactics from supporting his competition to running ads, etc.  They can't simply "have a tragic accident" to eliminate him from the competition because there are too many eyes (from the public and privately paid) on him. 

Right now Trump is under the microscope.  Since he is not a "politician" by trade, he lacks a lot of the "political correctness" (which I see many people embracing in a strange way because they see he isn't afraid of what people think, and that translates to truth whether it is something they want/like to hear or not).  I see many people burnt out of this current system and the way politics have been handled in the past and are ready to make a radical jump to try something else.

Since he is under the microscope, every questionable move is blasted over and over on the media.  In lieu of a "tragic accident" I see that they are hiring people to go into rally's and town hall meetings to cause disturbances (to create more negative associations to him that can be aired over and over again).I see a strange dynamic happening that even though the attention is negative, it is still attention, gets people talking and keeps the energy surrounding him alive.  I get that the PTB are plotting a huge scandal to get him out of the running.  The challenge will be making it stick, but they will most definitely try.

Then I get that choosing Trump (who is pushing against the PTB) and choosing someone tied to the PTB is still like picking between the lesser of two evils.  Both are driven by ego and power, but Trump is the underdog fighting against the PTB (which looks to be the bigger evil) and will do the opposite of what they want just for the sake or showing them that he can (even if by executive order if allowed the chance). He will slowly break up things that benefit the PTB (like super PACs) and do more things that benefit the working people (as a way to antagonize the PTB).

Q. I'm deeply disturbed by the remaining options we have for presidential candidates. The republican debates are a joke and they all stoop to the 2nd grade level of name calling, and the democrat options aren't much better. Did Hillary really lie or know about what's going on with the emails and Benghazi? Why are Clinton followers and Trump followers just blindly following and ignoring all lies and corruption? What is going on and who has the most positive energy and good will?
A. People are questioning everything.  I don't see it as a blind following, but rather a desperate need for a change. People are so desperate they are willing to overlook things they don't like (such as offensive comments or what feels like lies) and hear what they want to hear.  It looks like a lot of selective listening is taking place. 

In regards to the behavior of the debates.. Much of our media world is based on reality tv and gossip rather than true news reporting.  The debates (for ratings and publicity) have evolved into the same thing.  Undesirable behaviors get free press (and lots of it), therefore, it has become more acceptable.  People in general may not agree with the behavior, but the watch it, hear about it and get somewhat engaged (more so than a "normal and adult" debate).

Looking at the Hillary emails I see that she didn't really think through what she was doing.  It never occurred to her that she would get caught or questioned.  It was as if the policies look so lax that people sort of did what they wanted and made their own rules of convenience.  When when things happened, and an investigation occurred, the "rules" were looked at.  Deep down she knows it was wrong, and is trying to cover herself and make this go away.  I hear that she is trying the "if you say it long enough it becomes true" theory. 

Q. Lynn you're the best .. I got one for you that crossed my mind the other day but recently it's been making a little noise on the net. Could Romney get the nomination for 2016? - and possibly fulfilling the white horse prophecy?  Thanks!!
A. I get that he has been approached by the Republicans and told that if he would consider running, they would create a situation (even if they had to falsify the voting results) to give him the nomination.  I hear that Romney declined because he knows if it comes to that, people would all out revolt.  Romney would like to run, but the results would be disastrous, and he doesn't want to be put in that situation.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


NatalieW said...

Who do you see as taking the presidency? I think I read a past reading on here that said Hillary would get it because she was promised it when Obama was elected. Do you still see this as happening?

If Trump is elected do you see him providing more full disclosure rather than partial just to stick it to the PTB?

Robert Schoen said...

I feel this is by far the worse field of candidates (except for Sanders) and the reason is they had to lower the bar to make Clinton look better. To me the whole email thing on her is a smokescreen to prevent far deeper scrutiny into her war mongering regime change philosophy. For me she's the scary one. Why isn't anyone bringing up her links to Monsanto??? It makes me feel Sanders is fake that he isn't calling her out more.

The media attacks on Trump make him look more valid, but then it could all be about ratings or some genius scheme of reverse psychology. The most interesting thing to me of this election is that both Sanders and Trump are signs of people seeing through the falsity of politics.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn!

haydeeally said...

What is PTB?

Cathari said...

haydeeally: Within the context of the subject matter above, I believe this abbreviation means "Powers That Be." What a well known Game of Thrones character described as "the ominous THEY."

Vegan Ricky said...

When I looked into the situation last year I saw Hillary as being our next president. (I know you asked Lynn, but I have delved into this topic a few times before.)

NatalieW said...

Thanks Ricky...im looking for a glimmer of hope that that's not true.

Ryno said...

@NatalieW: "Free Will" always has the ability to change the future no matter what is seen/planned/prophesied. We must never give up.

Mark Noeth said...

Good read on these people. Honestly I think a Hillary/Trump mix candidate would be awesome. I have always liked Hillary. She is what she is. I have no problems with her. The lets build bridges and not walls thing kinda bugs me. This idea has flaws in my opinion. If this is a PTB/New World Order idea. It should be re-analyzed... I wonder if Hillary's VP would be female. The push has been empowering women. I just hope it isn't Sanders if they go with a guy... If Trump got in on an oops. His VP would matter. If Trump pushed the PTB/NWO peeps. They would push back. We will see what we see.

joy said...

this is a rumour....an entertainment piece.
Google " cloned presidents, " and "robotoids"

That Pres. Clinton, wife Hillary are robotoids. The reason Hillary is having so many glitches( health issues) is because this robotoid deteriorates fast, and has to be replaced every few weeks.
That the peanut farmer, Pres Carter and all his family were all murdered and
robotoid replicas were created in their stead.
Pres Reagan was a robotoid.
That General Dunford, according to youtuber Dr William Mount, is a robotoid.
Dunford is the alleged leader in establishing the "CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF THE USA"
So many rumors lately about this,...all satanic sourced.

According to Cosmic Awareness, the strongest probable winner is Hillary,...not because the masses voted for her, but because your SHADOW government willed it.

they ask us all to "LIVE HEAVEN"

Trump, accordng to an analysis of his reverse speeches, ....is the real deal. He loves America and will make America GREAT again.. HOWEVER,. he is connected to the ZIONISTS.
How that will work out for the world.......well, it won't.

Your election process is a dog-n-pony show. Don't waste your time in them. You have no say at who will be your next ruler. You are being ruled by the same SATANIC Race for many many centuries,...the only way out is thru your allegiance to your Spirit.


Bee E-lightened said...
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They Live said...

Agreed! Too many fake humans on this Earth, it goes behind politics and entertainment (aka politics).

They Live said...

Even in movies they use "predictive programming" as who will be president, i.e. Divergent, Hunger Games and The Maze. All the leaders/those in charge of the public are White women or fighting their way to control the public (Hunger Games). All these movies involve the manipulation of and use of children.

Bee E-lightened said...

I read/heard Killary is/was the president of the shadow government. Presidents arent elected - they are selected. Voters hv no power - He who counts the votes, has the power

Daedalus said...

I am not a US citizen , but if I was - I would certainly vote for a candidate that would show any positive perspective towards a full disclosure , maybe even publicly stand out from others touching this topic . From all the above mentioned - including Sanders - I havent seen or heard any info regarding this particular topic . I honestly do not think any of them have honorable intentions ... but if I would need to choose from , I would choose either Sanders or Trump . However only if I would be FORCED to do that ... otherwise , not . I see a function of president ( not only US president , pretty much any other politician in any other country ) as a already obsolete ... what is needed now is a person who could push any sensitive information regarding the disclosure in public , a person who could literally , throw a stick under the legs of Cabal at this turning point .

Lynn , if Im not wrong - you have mentioned that the US president will be somebody who will seem highly unlikely at first to win ? Will the Cabal try to forcefully manipulate the votes to force push the Hillary in front ? I think - everything is possible , but I do think that Disclosure will go as planned , an avalanche that cannot be stopped . And that is only important here .

The enlightened one said...

I did a reading on this, and this is what I found:

think that there was a script which the PTB wanted the world stage to follow. But somewhere along the way people came in and used free will to alter that script, so that Donald Trump came into the picture.

I don't think the PTB are really afraid of him of fell threatened by him. They don't think he's got the knowledge necessary to change USA in it's foundation or attack the problem at the root (although he would like to). TPB are hoping that they simply have to wait for time to come, and then proceed with their agenda once Trump leaves the presidential post. Even if Trump would reverse direction into the opposite of what the elite want, as long as he doesn't attack the elite directly, they can still turn things back once he leaves office, and that's what they're hoping for.

This said though, if Trump makes it to the presidential post, it will start of an avalanche or landslide, where more and more people within the establishment dare to speak out against what's going on.

There is a chance that Trump will acquire the wisdom necessary to attack the problem at it's root. It may happen through free will. If it is to happen though, people must reconcile with their own inner wisdom and knowledge, and acknowledge it. It is difficult to use free will to create something you are not at good terms with within yourself.

This said though, I think that even if Trump would not make lasting changes to USA, it is possible that he will pave the way for other outsiders in the future, who will have the knowledge and insight necessary to pull away the foundation from the PTB. Once an outsider has been granted access to the white house one time, the psychological resistance to let it happen another time will decrease.

Cathari said...

If I were to put aside my personal inclinations, which favor a Trump Revolution, and instead attempt to view the present political circumstances from a more lofty objective and spiritual standpoint, I would have to say that no matter what occurs in November there will be a continuing and accelerating spiral descent into the Abyss.

None of the presidential candidates have a spiritual foundation for their policies and objectives. None of the candidates have a spiritual world-conception to express. None of the candidates even attempt to put forward a more than material standpoint to the public. Trump, for instance, although he has made superficial statements about bringing back respect for Christmas festivities, has nothing but a materialistic, wealth-oriented perspective to offer America. Other GOP candidates try hard to spout evangelical key words and phrases to pull in the Protestant vote; but here too it is a hollow election cycle ploy, or a sad attempt to strike the emotions of the crowds. Sometimes, with Kasich for instance, a candidate might very well be sincere in his thankfulness to the Divine, but it is still a very superficial or hollow expression of spiritual inclination. As for the Democratic side, those two are Atheists to the core.

America is descending deeper and deeper into a materialistic technological police state form of social order. Individualism, or better yet, Egoism, is running rampant. Christianity, the spiritual and cultural foundation of the nation, has been gradually sapped of its vitality and crushed into forms of submission to a politically-correct totalitarian system. The human conscience is being wiped out. Morality is being scattered to the winds. The Trans-humanist agenda of merging Man with Machine is accelerating, while at the same time the natural spiritual inclinations of the people are being pushed down deeper and deeper into some dark corner of their souls. These are dark times.

What is required at this point is a Spiritual Renaissance. I do not claim to know what exactly that would or should entail. I do not know precisely how it could come about. Nevertheless it needs to occur. America was in many ways shaped and carved by what historians describe as "Great Awakenings." These were old time Protestant revivals of various colorings. Although that old time evangelical belief system is antiquated at this point, perhaps someone can spark a spiritual revolution on the national scale, as in those earlier periods of our history.

Perhaps Trump is merely the battering ram...pounding away at the walls of political-correctness in preparation for someone else who is yet to come.

Joao Gomes said...

Scientists observed the following pattern about seguences of prime numbers (prime numbers are all numbers which only are divisible by themselves or by 1).
Hi Lynn may I pose this question about numbers (elections are all about numbers aren't they?)? While it is true that all prime numbers (> than 5) end in 1,3,7 or 9 scientist checking the probabilities related to the incidence of a next higher prime number being terminated with the same number (for example next to 1171 is 1181)they discoverred that the probability is not equal!!! checking out the first 100 million prime numbers they noticed that the probability of a prime number terminated in 1 being followed by another number one ending prime is 18,5%. On the contrary the chance of a number one ending prime being followed by 3 is 30% (the same 30 % probability for a number ended with 7). A 9 follows a 1 in around 22 per cent of occurrences. Does this means there is a pattern? Why this peculiarity?

The enlightened one said...

I would definitely agree with your likening of Trump to a battering ram. Very good analogy. If Hillary Clinton wins the election, I see a continual increase in tensions, both abroad and domestically. Tensions between races, between religious groups and between the US and other countries will all continue to increase if Clinton becomes president.

If Trump becomes president, I think there will not be a drastic or deep change, but the downward spiral will stop, and it will further undermine the coherency of the old world order (pre golden era). (Which I think has been crumbling and loosing integrity quite significantly the last few years, especially with Putin's actions.)

I agree that we live in quite a dark and materialistic world, but I also think that the powers that be have focused their efforts to lower the vibration on the 21th century, because they saw an awakening coming. In some ways the 80's and 70's was more spiritual than today, but that is because the resistance was less intense, because the powers that be decided to focus their efforts on the 21th century. This has as a result, that people's spirits now resonate at a higher frequency, while, in some cases, their bodies are programmed in a way and surrounded by a society that has a lower vibration. So there is a discrepancy between the spiritual and physical level, which leads to tension that is waiting to be relieved.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Wow! Fantastic comments, everyone!

I do plan on staying current with this important issue. As things evolve, timelines emerge and we get closer, I will continue to share whatever insight I can provide!

@Joao: Interesting question, but I'm not sure I follow what you are entirely asking (my brain lost track with all the numbers). If you would like to put a request on the blog request page I will certainly look it over.

The Beanpod said...

what if...Donald Trump Running a False Flag Campaign to Help Hillary Clinton...


Cathari said...

In response to "the enlightened one":

If you do not mind, please elaborate a bit for me on your comments above.

1. What do you mean by "especially with Putin's actions"?
2. Do you have any specific identity for the "PTB"?
3. Can you explain what you mean by "higher" and "lower" vibrations?

Thank you , kindly.

joy said...

Dear Cathari:
RE: World Leaders Lack Spiritual Foundation.

You're so right. The world you're looking at do not have any.
But there is another world that has..... right here, right now.

What I'm going to share with you is an entertainment piece. My 3rd eye is open, and I see stuff that I have no idea if it came from my wild imagination or from my 3rd eye.
so, I classify them as entertainment.

When we did not ascend as scheduled in Dec 2012, I looked into it, and found out that the DARK TEAM tried to persuade the council of heaven (all of us, as ONE,.. in the non-dual level) to cancel the ascension, in stead,...go on to the lower rung of the Game in which, it will be held in post apocalyptic, 2nd dimension Earth. The ASCENSION TEAM agreed to allow the DARK TEAM, their GAME, but they did not concede the LIGHT TEAM. They will ascend the positive parallel Earth and the positive inhabitants,as planned. So, they agreed to split in a future time and allow each team to go its own way.

All-That-Is allows all probability lines to manifest, because that is who it really is. Besides,...we know as Spirit,that this venue, this 3D MATRIX is a VIRTUAL REALITY, where death, destruction, chaos are NOT REAL ,A MAKE-BELIEVE staged drama.

The agreed upon plan was,at one near future point, these two developing realities inside this venue, will split (the SHIFT) one reality will move towards heaven, the other, to hell.

What criminal activities you are witnessing now is the DARK TEAM's frenzy to recruit more participnts in their GAME. By believing that it is real and thus emoting fear and worry in their antics, you are in essence, entering into a contract, an agreement with them to be a combatant in their much anticipated game. Law of Attraction. This is how you can choose to play with them.

The ascending group is also on its way. Their lightbody is fully formed. the ascension codes in place. Drop into the heart space and allow Spirit to speak. Ask Spirit to validate to you this timeline, and it will. Put some of your attention to this timeline during the day, and you'll be looking at these two parallels one inside the other. This is the spiritual renaissance, already under way, but you will not see this movement in the outside. look into the heart. This is how you can choose to go home.

The enlightened one said...

You can google all those things up for yourself. Try googling Putin with "anti-establishment" etc.

Cathari said...

In response to "joy":

I apologize, but I do not understand the terms you are using.
Ascension Team, Dark Team, etc.

Also, I still do not comprehend the recent obsession with the year 2012. This seems to be a mere modern Internet Myth. Nothing seems to prove otherwise.

As to the "Third Eye"...this term, in my view, is a description of the Chakra or spiritual sense organ located at the base of the human nose ( not literally, of course, since the Chakras are purely spiritual in nature and have no physical properties whatsoever.)

Faith M. Lee said...

Hi Lynn, Andrew Basiago, the one who claims to have been through the Pegasus Project, said he will become a president in this election. He claimed that someone who had been to the future had seen him becoming a President. How do you view this?

The enlightened one said...

@Cathari What exactly is it you claim to be an Internet myth? The way your sentence is formulated, it gives the impression you think year 2012 is non-existant, which obviously isn't true.

With 100% certainty it is not a myth that the mayan calendar ends in that year. With 100% certainty we are living in one of the fastest changing societies for thousands of years, and with 100% certainty the mayans expected that the end of their calender would bring about great change. The only thing less certain is whether the change we see today is a result of the end of the mayan calender. They could have chosen between hundreds of centuries as the end of their calendar, and they chose the 21th century. Whether this is a coincidence is of course open to debate, but I am convinced that the mayans did foresee the changes we see today. And I think so has many cultures and religious beliefs, just look at the book of revelation in the Bible, for example.

Cathari said...

In response to "The enlightened one":

To clarify, I was mostly referring to End of the World scenarios related to that now past date. Scenarios involving vast Earth changes, shifts in the Earth axis, mass devastation and death, etc. I do not have much respect for the ideas floating around about great spiritual Ascensions, etc., either. I honestly see no significance to the year 2012 beyond the fact that it was preceded by 2011 and was followed by 2013.

As to the Book of Revelation by Saint John on Patmos, I think it is properly viewed as a Christian Initiation text. The images it contains are representations of spiritual processes and beings and experiences not capable of description in earthy words. Does it also contain prophetic images? Indeed. But I see no relationship to the year 2012. AD 666 perhaps, but not AD 2012.

Just my humble opinion.

joy said...

Dear Cathari,
I'm not going into the things that you have no respect about, such as "ascension" "3rd eye" "DARK TEAM" , "ascension team"
That is OK if you do not see anything. I respect your opinion. It does not resonate with you. We can just leave that subject,..it will waste my time and yours.

What I really want to tell the readers is that there is another PARALLEL WORLD, (PARALLEL REALITY) RIGHT NOW that is filled with positive vibes that is intoxicatingly empowering to those that recognize and live it. You will get a feel of this timeline if you focus into it every once in a while. One vibe is the overarching feeling that YOU ARE AN UNDISPUTED AWESOME SOVEREIGN BEING inside a little body.

This positive parallel reality is still entertwined with the negative parallel..but soon they will separate. This is what many call the SHIFT. Unfortunately, most of these new-agers are focused on what will happen at the negative timeline....survival of the fittest. They try hard to instill fear.

Those going in the positive parallel timeline, you'll NOT experience any devastation. Life will get better and better and rosier and rosier. One day, you'll notice that the sun is shining from the WEST. You'll know.. "Huh...magnetic shift happened while I'm asleep"
This is what I keep seeing, but again, you might prove me wrong, because you are the DECIDER OF YOUR DESTINY.............that's OK too... so take it with a grain of salt.

Cathari said...

In response to "joy":

Not sure why you are taking such a negative tone toward me. I never said that I had no respect for "Dark Team" or "Ascension Team". I simply stated that I did not understand those terms. As for "Third Eye", I described it as what it is....a Chakra, a spiritual sense organ. I never claimed to be clairvoyant. Blessings.

joy said...

Dear Cathari, I did not have any negative tone. Words sometimes take on meanings according to the lens we use to perceive them. We're not in the same page, no matter. Let's just drop it. OK...?

Vegan Ricky said...

I really don't know what the issue is here. However, Cathari does bring up a valid question-- has anyone tuned into the identities of PTB? I was blocked from sensing them - experienced insomnia that night as well! For some reason, I am interested in the more mundane aspect like what they look like, what they eat, their daily responsibilities, etc... I'm curious.

Cathari said...

In response to "Vegan Ricky":

There are four basic levels to what can be described in general terms as the "Powers That Be".

At the lowest level are the politicians, bankers, generals, financiers, etc., who are visible to all of us on a daily basis in the news media. These are mere tools or instruments of those at the higher levels, and most especially the level directly above them.

At the second level are those who control the personalities mentioned above. These are also mostly visible individuals and groups who can be identified with decent research by honest truth seekers. These are, however, far more secretive and tend to perform their tasks in the shadows or in group formations hidden from the public eye.

Once we reach the third level, we cross a threshold of sorts and enter into a domain completely unseen even by most of those on the second level. This is the world of highly secretive Occult Brotherhoods. I do not mean here groups such as Skull& Bones or Bohemian Grove, or even the Bilderbergers. Those groups are on the second level. The third level is beyond the reach of ordinary mortals , so to speak. This is the level, a very elite level, where the Black Arts are used to utmost affect. These individuals have specific agendas which serve the higher interests of those beings above themselves at the highest level.

At this highest or 4th level we reach the non-human realm. This is the level of what can be accurately described as Demonic. These are non-human spiritual beings who work within the Earthly sphere in order to accomplish work at odds with humanity's highest interests. These are beings inimical to healthy human spiritual evolution. They manipulate and control the levels beneath them. They are anti-human in the worst sense.

This is how I would describe the PTB in general terms, but with a bit more specificity.

Vegan Ricky said...


Thank you for your description in those terms. I also agree with you on the issue surrounding 2012. Though I never expected an end of the world scenario (and still don't for at least another 100 years or more), I still don't fully understand the awakening/shift that supposedly started on/around that date. I am still surrounded by individuals on a daily basis who have very little experience in anything other than 3D and gossip girl. Perhaps more and more are experiencing things, it's not really enough, nor to the extent, that I would consider becoming "awakened," that is, thinking along the line of metaphysics. Maybe my expectations are too high?

What I will point out is that more and more truth is coming out and allowed to being openly shared on the Internet. I say keep the information coming--Youtube in particular is a fun ride at the moment.

Cathari said...

In response to "VeganRicky":

I totally agree with you on the wonders of the Internet thus far. And yes, Youtube is one location for an abundance of free expression and shared ideas. Without question. Let us pray that it remain such for as long as it exists.

Of course, with the ever developing technologies of our era, one can only assume that what we experience today as the Internet will eventually mutate into something else far more advanced. My concern is that such a mutation might possibly be one not in conformity with human freedom. Especially do I fear the merging of the Information Highway with human physiology. That would be a Transhumanist post-human dream come true, but to me a nightmare conceived in the dark minds of the ominous "PTB".

This is one of the reasons I support the Trump personality. He is a battering ram against political correctness. Politically Correct Thought, and the control it implies, is a threat to human freedom and the openness of the Net. That is just one aspect, of course, but a very important one.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hello everyone! Great comments, questions and responses. If anyone still is a little confused, let me know and i will do my best to answer. :-)

Cathari said...

Lynn, I do not know if you deal with investigation of past lives or not, but it would be fascinating to know something about Donald Trump's past incarnations. Any personality who arouses the intensity of passion that he does must have some interesting karmic history.

SkyBlue said...

The timing of Todd Palin's accident seems suspicious (right before super Tuesday and Sarah was to be at Trump rally in Florida). Was it a warning to Donald Trump?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Cathari: That would be an interesting reading. As we get closer to election time I will continue to "read" things on this topic. This indeed would be fascinating.

@SkyBlue: Trump is getting several warnings, and I get he is very aware that there are people that do not approve of him. He is protecting himself (as he should be).

Dawn Greunke said...

Can you see what happened in Colorado?

Cathari said...

Trump wins!....as a witty political commentator well versed in Game of Thrones phraseology said after hearing this news..."Winter is coming!"

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Winter is coming...

Cathari said...

At this point, anyone who votes for Hillary is a traitor to the the sovereignty and independence of the USA. She is a tool of the Globalist factions in Washington and London. Trump is not perfect, but he represents the Nationalist factions who want to maintain our independence as a sovereign constitutional republic. That is the larger strategic context of this election: "To be, or not to be?"

Cathari said...

America is not yet finished! Traditional America still lives and has reawakened! May the slime and worms retreat back under their rocks. May God bless President Trump!

wendy tascione said...

He was until hullary punned the fake 13 yr old tape case on him...thats when he used his free will and said f.u. to her and began to really run and beat her. He is as his name says the lightsides trump card.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Interesting... This makes me want to learn tarot!