Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Medical Group Post

Q.Hi Lynn,  Many thanks for what you do. Does the consumption of a little alcohol, having piercings and tattoos decrease one's vibration? 
A. I hear that most things (including alcohol) are fine in moderation.  It is the way to live the majority or your life (and the mental perspective) that matters the most.  If you live in an altered state most of the time, it can effect your overall vibration, but occasional use (even though may change your vibration for a short time) will not effect your "normal" frequency. 

I cannot see piercings or tattoos changing your vibration.  Opinions about piercings and tattoos vary with culture and are opinion based and a form of judgement created by humans.  Getting a tattoos or getting a piercing isn't judged by the universe (unless you are doing something with malicious intent behind it).  

Q. Hi Lynn, do you know what a cure for rosacea would be?

A.  I see two things with this.  As I tune in I see a book by Louis Hay.  I get that the root cause is a thought or action of negativity (based on regret or fear) and the body is manifesting a physical outcome.  I see positive affirmations counteracting this negative part of your life being beneficial is healing. 

Some immediate relief looks to come from using only warm compresses on the face and a tincture of coconut oil infused with lavender essential oil (ratio looks to be a tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 drop lavender oil).

Q. Hi Lynn,  Is it possible for a person to completely stop aging or at least really slow it down? Basically become ageless. The movie The Age of Adeline is about that concept. What do you see about this? Thank you.
A.  We as humans live in a linear timeline.  We can slow it down some by keeping our cells in good heath (eating right, getting enough sleep, keeping toxins out of your body, etc), but I cannot see a full pause.  Even meditation can help to slow (but not totally stop) the process.
Q. Hi Lynn, do you see a natural way for healing teeth cavities or reversing it?  

A. There are two things I see that can improve teeth cavities.  The first looks like a process called oil pulling using virgin coconut oil.  I see someone taking a spoonful of oil, putting it in their mouth, swishing it around, holding it there for 15 to 20 minutes and then spitting it out.  This looks to kills bacteria and pull toxins from the body. 

The second thing I see is reducing acid and increasing alkaline foods in the diet.  This with the oil pulling looks to improve the overall health of the teeth and promote a condition that enables healing. 

Q. Hey Lynn,  Could you do a post on if there will be a cure to Huntington's disease within the next 10 years? A lot of my family has died from this genetic disease and now my dad and his sister currently have it. Do you see any other health advancements/cures?

A. I do see advancements with this disease.  I get that in doing research on Alzheimer's there will be some connection to this condition.  I cannot see a full reversal or cure, but it looks as though there will be a dementia / Alzheimer treatment that proves to be effective and will provide a way to manage and slow the progression of the illness considerably.

Q. Hi Lynn, Recently I have been using some energy products and wonder if there really is any energy being transmitted. One is the Tesla Purple Plates and wonder what you see about these, is there really energy being transmitted by these. I've read only positive reviews about them and have bought a few but the jury is still out so to speak. The other is this idea of using water as a medium for manifesting intent. Can water really be programmed with an intent and will drinking it do anything? What happens when this water is ingested? I'm not promoting these as I'm still a little doubtful I just don't want to waste my time in using these if they do nothing. 
A. I get that the Purple Plates do have some healing properties.  The true effectiveness of the plates is based on the intent you place behind their use.  If you wear or use these plates and put intent that they will shield you from negativity (for example) they will do just that.

Intent can also be placed into water (or even food).  You can ask it to heal, nourish or help in some other way.  Ingesting it will do just what you ask, as long as you believe that it will.  The power of intent and the will of the mind is a powerful thing. 

Q. Is sunshine depression a real thing?  If so, what can help with the symptoms?  http://bodyodd.nbcnews.com/_news/2011/07/01/6984639-sad-in-the-summer-sunshine-depression-rare-but-real?lite

A. I get this is a real thing.  It is due to our natural rhyhms getting out of balance.  The fluctuation of a shorter and longer day is difficult on some people's systems, and the longer daylight hours (more sun) creates a hormone imbalance that looks to effect sleep and natural chemical reactions in the brain.

I see a few natural things helping with this.  Using darkening shades and possibly melatonin to promote better sleep can make a big difference.  Other herbs that look to help stabilize hormones are St. Johns Wort and Valerian Root (I get a tea is best).  The goal is to regulate the body rather than forcing the body to get use to shorter and longer days.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Caroline said...

Thank you Lynn!

Anonymous said...

On the oil pulling , would that be a one time use for 15 to 20 minutes?
Thank you,

Alice Liu said...

@Erin Crook -- The oil pulling should be every day since bacteria and toxins accumulate every day. If can be done more often for problematic conditions.

Pillar of Light said...

What do you see regarding the high co2 on the west coast, coming from California. Can we keep ourselves healthy? How?

Raymond G said...


Thanks for the post today. It was very interesting.

When I saw the post about the Tesla plates it reminded me of something I learned about last week called the Spooky2 (Spooky squared). It uses vibrations to 'cure' different diseases and ailments, similar to the Tesla Plates. It's based on Rife technology but much cheaper. It seems to have a loyal following based on the user remarks I saw. Is this a valid product or are the results based on intention and beliefs as well ? I was just wondering because many people believe that Rife technology is a legitimate science and all the ailments listed in this post are listed under the 6400 is says that the Spooky2 can help.


Database > Programs A-Z > click on for list of diseases and ailments it helps .........http://spooky2.com/downloadsPage/index.html

Diane Hamilton said...

The message I keep seeing here is intent. If intent is all we need? (and I believe is most certainly is) than intent is all we need! I'm like most people. I like holding a physical object even if it may not be needed such as a crystal. Program it with your intent. Smugde, with an intent. Our mind is the key.

letgonow8 said...

Hi Lynn,
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Your answer serves as a confirmation that I received when I asked within about the Purple Plates and using the software program that programs the water with various intents. It came through very clear that I mustn't give all the power to the plates or the software but to realize it's a way of focusing my own inner intent here in this physical reality. There's a real energy here in these items but it's recognizing that healing or creating is a partnership with this energy because I am also this energy. These items seem to open the consciousness to recognize that it's all energy.
Thank you for this confirmation.

Jacob Hollar said...

Wow,20 minutes with oil in your mouth.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Erin: I agree with Alice. If you are having an issue, do it daily. It is a different texture (some have to really acquire an adjustment to it), but can be effective.

@PillarofLight: It can be hard to shield from this, but you can. Just focus on staying detoxed.

@Diane: You are right- Intent is really everything. Our mind is a power thing!

Joao Gomes said...
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The enlightened one said...

To be honest, I think you are wrong concerning sunshine depression. For one thing, your explanation doesn't explain the symptoms people get in the winter. I think it's more likely caused by a higher degree of pollutants in the air when the sky is clear and dry. I think it may also be due to an over-sensitivity to EM radiation caused by exposure to man-made EM-radiation.

The enlightened one said...
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The enlightened one said...

On the other hand, I feel like other dimensions, like those of nature spirits and past timelines, can more easily manifest when it rains.
Do you have any comment on this Lynn, or what do you sense about this?

Joao Gomes said...

more mh370 debris found in the Moçambique Channel...??? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3472921/Metal-debris-washed-coast-Madagascar-MH370-stabilizer-Object-body-water-confirmed-missing-Boeing-777.html

A Man Called Da-da said...

In re: to looking younger, you can also use meditation toward this benefit, as you place yourself OUTSIDE of the timestream when you meditate. So, the more time you spend meditating...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@The Enlightened One: You raise some good points. It didn't come to me as the environmental toxins, but that certainly makes sense, and if you are sensitive to those items it can definitely effect the way you feel.

@Joao: I did hear that. I need to think on that more. Something doesn't feel to add up, but i am not sure why I feel that way yet.

@Dada: Good point!

capserone said...

Da-da: I think I need to meditate a lot more if what you are saying is correct! A LOT more!

Hannon said...

If anyone wants to keep their teeth from rotting out, this is the best place to look, that I've found, but it goes against conventional wisdom, so to speak: http://www.westonaprice.org/ My experience is, that my little one, is the only kid in our extended family, that doesn't have any cavities or alignment problems.

Lilian said...

Does anyone have a natural remedy for pollen allergy, or at least make it easier to live with it?

I'm trying not to run to the doctor so soon for my itchy eyes, running nose and sneezing as this hay fever season started early.

I was tempted to try desensitization last autumn but when I learnt that it is time-consuming and no guarantee that it will work, I gave it a skip.

Lynn, what is your take on immunotherapy? My friend told me that his doctor, gave her a friendly advised against it! Is there a risk like in certain vaccin?

Thanks !

Lilian said...

That friendly advice by the doctor was years ago when it was through injection.

Pehaps the other new methods - drops/tablets under the tongue - are safer?

Alice Liu said...

@Lilian -- Apple Cider Vinegar (organic with "mother") is good for allergies. It basically brings down the acidity of the body and is a home remedy for hundreds of conditions because of it. My allergies have been brought down to a manageable level because of it, but I only take about two tablespoons a day (it's tart, tart, tart!). I read somewhere that 1/8 cup in water is best for bad allergies.

@Jacob -- Coconut oil is more of a food than an oil, so it's not as bad as it may sound. For bad teeth, you may initially get a bad taste at the end of the 15 minutes because it is leeching out the bacteria, but that is a good sign.

Me too said...
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Me too said...

v@Alice Liu - is there a specific brand that think it is better for Apple Cider Vinegar?

Alice Liu said...

@Me too -- Bragg is the best. The "mother" is the sediment at the bottom and is very good for you, so don't worry if the bottle gets cloudy.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Me Too and Alice: I agree, Bragg is a great brand. The "pulp" looking stuff at the bottom is really good for you. You might shake it gently to distribute it before each use, but it will not harm you.

@Lilian: Depending on what you are facing, I see immunotherapy as being effective. I see injecting manmade immunizations (for viruses etc) as being bad (too many other unnatural ingredients are added to the cocktail), but if you have things such as pollen, and slowly introduce pollen (naturally as found in the environment), that looks to be safe and effective.

Lilian said...

@Alice Liu, thanks for the suggestion. Do you take it as preventive (like a few months in advance before the allergy attacks set in) or you only take it when the allergy starts?

Perhaps I should consider using Apple Cider Vinegar instead of wine vinegar in salad.

@Lynn, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, according to the test done, it seems that I'm allergic to many things, including dust! And lately seafood. But none bother me most than pollen.

I will give another year to try natural remedies, like suggested by Alice Liu, before I throw in the towel to immunotherapy.

Alice Liu said...

@Lilian -- I take it every day because it does so much more (cuts down on body odor, bad breath, inflammation, etc). A couple of years ago, my allergies got so bad that my eyes were glued shut by yellow mucus every morning. Since I started ACV, I take the occasional antihistamine (I never need the decongestant anymore which also elevates your blood pressure) but allergies are 90% better. I could probably knock them out completely by taking more ACY but, like I said before, it's TART!!!

Lilian said...

@Alice Liu, thanks again.

As for the tart taste, I came across this mix which may help to reduce the sour taste.

"Mix 1 tablespoon ACV with 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1/2 tablespoon raw bees honey and drink three times a day" from this link below: