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Amazing, Curious and Mysterious Places [Group Post]

Q. Hi Lynn, please can you do a reading for Puma Punku in Bolivia?. This ancient place has baffled scientists and archeologists ever since it's discovery.  UFO Documentary: Ancient Aliens - The Mystery of Puma Punku.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIBnN7CfDC4  Some of the stones weigh more than 130 tons and were somehow brought from around 80 miles away.  There are strange deep carvings on some stones, whilst others have perfectly straight-flat surfaces, and perfectly drilled hole's in others, What was this place and what would it have looked like?  The H-blocks look quiet similar but on closer inspection they are all different, what was the purpose of these H-blocks. The whole place seems like it could have been built by aliens. Can you tell us how old Puma Punku is and how it came to be in such state of disrepair as it is now? Any history you can give i'm sure would be much appreciated by many people.  You did a reading for me before and for that i am most thankful.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.
A. The main thing I see when I tune into this is an elaborate fortress made of these stones.  Behind the walls lived an ancient society (I want to say the time frame was 250 to 500 AD). The stones were transported on large cylindrical tree trunks laying on their side (and then my images show me that some were transported on a raft made of these similar tree trunks, and then when they reached land they re-purposed the raft into this conveyor system).  They then used advanced pulley and lever systems to position the stones and "lock" them in place.  As I look at all of these images, this does look to be man made.

I get that the fortress served them well with regard to protection, but they endured environmental changes that effected the food supply.  Food was grown inside the walls, but as the weather changed (became very hot and dry), it was difficult to grow food.  Because of this drought-like environment, the animals were also driven away, and hunting was difficult.  Then, after a three to four year drought, they were faced with little vegetation and drastically reduced food supply.  Many people died of starvation and illnesses due to their weakened body's. 

When I look to see what happened to disturb this fortress and cause it to be in such disrepair, I get that just as the weather shifted into a drought condition, it changed suddenly into a rainy and flooded state.  The immense amount of water and lack of grass / trees to somewhat hold the soil, the ground turned into flooded and "mushy" spots.  The stones had nothing solid to balance on.  They lost their foundation support and therefore toppled and shifted all over.

Q. If could add one question to the above request for a Puma Punku reading, I would ask this: South of Puma Punku (but still in Bolivia) below the Yuni salt flat lies ruins of a former town. One can see the structured pattern from the plane (pic here http://postimg.org/image/47yjiz6ud/ ). If there's space for one more question: what did they do to be able to build such long lasting buildings (compared to ours who last only 20-30 years in some cases)? Thank You very much Lynn!

A. Similar to the structure above, they build structures out of solid material (stone).  They also used locking mechanisms (interlocking pieces) that could withstand some shifting (I do get that if the water level went down and they were on land again, the structures would shift because the current state of water pressure also helps them to stay together).

Q. What was the city of Petra in Jordan and how old is it? Was it ever under water? I've always been fascinated by this place?
A. I cannot see that this was ever under water, but I get a river ran under it (and still may).  I do hear that this place was a "Palace made for a God."  It looks as though this was some kind of ancient church and also a monastery.  People would go there for spiritual needs and healing (and to drink the water from the underground river that was thought to have "magical" properties).  This place is very sacred.

Q. Hi Lynne. I am usually a lurker but have a mystery for you to solve. There is an underground 'temple' in Kent, England, called the Margate Shell Grotto which I visited as a (local) child. It was found by accident by a farmer. There's one small entrance to an artificial cave covered with millions of seashells arranged in wonderful designs, with a tunnel, a 'dome' with a skylight, and an altar. No-one knows who built it or when, or why they'd go to the immense trouble of making it when it's not located in a way that the maker's could have shown it off to visitors. Grottoes were fashionable for aristocrats once, but this is nowhere near an estate and local histories have no mention of it - until it was discovered. I would love to know what you can glean about its origins and those who built it. 
A. I see that the location was very intentional because the creators wanted this to be hidden.  This looks to be a hidden location for the elites in society to get together, hold meetings and partake in rituals.  I hear something about these meetings occurring on the full moon of every month so there would never be confusion or need for correspondence (like an invitation), and rituals occurred on the "full blood moons."  I am then shown "Oak Island" and get that there are many parallels as far as who attended those private locations, and also the nature of the business.

Q. Hello Lynn,  Can you please do a reading on Aokigahara forest in Japan? It is the most popular place in Japan to commit suicide. What attracts people to go and commit suicide there. What do you see going on in the Aokigahara forest?

A. When I tune into this area I see that a lot of death has occurred there.  It isn't all recent death, it looks like a history of death, destruction and a massacre.  I hear blasting sounds and fire.  It looks like there was a history of a very violent volcano going off, and the result was hundreds if not thousands of people died.  The karma tied to the spirits that remained and very troubled, and creates a lower vibration of area in that specific location.

People of a lower vibration (contemplating suicide or are depressed) attract the energy of lower vibrational beings.  These people living even remotely close to that area make themselves a beacon for these troubled spirits.  They may get thoughts that are not their own, but they feel drawn to go to this forest.  They feel promise of relief from their situation, but in reality they are adding strength to these lower vibrational beings.

Q. Hi Lynn-  Could you do a reading on the community of Damanhur in Northern Italy. It appears to be a successful, thriving, creative settlement of diverse people, but something about the spiritual side of it strikes me as a New World Order mixture of paganism, Egyptian, and new age. Their underground temple of humankind is a very elaborate synthesis of their own symbolic language and visual metaphors. There are initiations involved and it has been honored by the UN as a model of sustainable community. Who funded them as they started as 25 year olds and who was their charismatic leader "Falco"? Thanks for all your time and efforts.

A. I get this was founded on something good, with good intentions.  BUT, then I hear that many things that are not in the greater good started with good intentions.  When Falco did start this belief system and then created a "settlement" he wanted to explore the spiritual side of life.  He believed in more and saw the earth, moon and sun and something to celebrate.  

A shift looks to occur because a focus became on getting people to join and letting their numbers grow versus looking at who was joining.  It does look as though some followers of the PTB have infiltrated this group, but more as a way to spy and destabilize this "threat".  What Falco set up looks to be a positive gift to society, but there are current members making this group into something it wasn't intended to be.  I hear "this could be a great thing, but they need to look at their guest list in greater detail.

Q. Hello Lynn, Have you ever heard about the stairway in Loretta Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico? It was built by a carpenter that did not charge for his services and no one knew his identity. Some believe he was an angel or perhaps even a manifestation of Jesus, because Jesus was a carpenter too. Is there anything spiritual related to the staircase? Or are people just giving the staircase and the carpenter too much attention?
A. As I look at this I hear the theme music to the Twilight Zone. My image then shifts to the host of the show talking about a man that arrived from another time and place, and then the show pans to a scene of the staircase.

As I look at this man, and I ask "Are you Jesus?" and "Are you an angel?" he does not confirm or deny it. He just looks down, and I sense he is mute (but also incredibly humble). [I also hear the word "savant" but cannot place any clear text with it.]

I see that the entire time he worked on the stairs he didn't talk or communicate with people. The woodworking was his passion, and that is what he did. He was good and fast. It was like the stairs went up with remarkable time.

There is mystery behind the stairs. This man that appeared from nowhere, left in the same fashion. In some way he wants to remain anonymous, and even though he will show me his face, he is choosing (or is not able) to communicate withe me.

Q. Lynn, There is a city northeast of Dallas, Texas called Rockwall. It was named after a rock wall was discovered by a man digging a well over 150 years ago. The wall is 3.5 miles wide by 5.6 miles long. Geologists insist it is a natural formation, but when it was excavated they found old tools and pictographs on buried rocks. And there is a local legend that gold and treasure is buried underneath the rocks. Is it a natural formation or was it created long ago by previous settlers and its intentions have become lost to modern man? https://forbiddenhistory.info/?q=node/45
A. I see two things with this. The rock wall itself looks to be a natural formation, but there were people that dug and carved caves and secret tunnels within this rock. The surface was difficult to work with, but also provided good supporting walls once you were able to penetrate the rock. These tunnels and caves served as hide outs, homes and also people used them trying to extract natural resources. I get that there are some small treasures within the wall (as a result of "looters"), but there is not a significant mass of gold.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thanks you. Love and light-


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Sorry for the formatting everyone. Toward the end the html took over and I couldn't get the fonts right. :-(

Vortex Spinner said...

Try highlight the text then click 'Tx'. Blogger is famous for fonts doing their own thing.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Vortex: Thank you so much! This isn't the first time this has happened. :-)

Serene said...

Hello All - For the area of Aokigahara in Japan, would any of you be willing to be part of a meditation to send positive energy to the troubled spirits residing there? Hopefully we can assist them in moving Toward the Light, so that they may be met by their Guides and eventually to the healing peace of the Other Side.

Joao Gomes said...

Hello Lynn, thank you for your answers! Wonderfull!

Adrian Davidson said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for taking the time to do Puma Punku reading, I love reading your blog! I was a bit disappointed that alien's didn't build this place! but that's life
I suppose. Can you give us some insight as to how they carved the H-block's from such hard rock and what kind of tools they used? Bless you.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Serene: I think that is a beautiful idea. I am happy to participate in that type of healing.

@Adrian: I get that the rock isn't what it seems. Yes, it is rock and it is strong, but there is a rubbing process they can do that makes the rock weaker when it is heated with this friction. It was a odd process involving the friction, heat and then they could shape the rock with tools.

Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn, those topics have always interested me.

A remark you made about the Suicide Forest was right on the mark. It is at the base of Mt Fuji, which is am extinct volcano. Just like you said.

If they built Puma Punku from 'scratch', why would all the joints be distinct? Why not build joints and carve rocks all the same to make it easier? There is an indentation in one of the rocks on Puma Punku that is called a Stargate. Is that just a fantasy or is there any basis of truth to it ? Is there anything mystical about it ?

Does the underground river surrounding Petra still provide healing waters ? It'd be interesting to drink some.

Many thanks for your time and your blog.


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: Thanks for the comments. There was some concept of strength in the way it was constructed. If I understand your question, it is why not build it differently or without joints, correct? It was because of the contraction and expansion (a solid piece would surely crumble). I didn't pick up on it being a stargate- interesting and I need to think on that!

I felt like the river was still there at Petra. There is something special about that area. For some reason I am told to ask "what the life span is in that area?" As if people are naturally more healthy (or have less dis-ease).

Joao Gomes said...

Hello Lynn! 1) In the Altiplano area next to the sites of Puma Punku, Tihuanaco, skelletons of 2,5-2,6 m high giants have been found! Do you see these beings involved in the building of these monuments? 2) Next to this site an allegedly still functioning Stargate is reported (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnoP4NQXy9M). Lynn did a reading on it earlier, during a group post, I think! Thanks!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, can you get anything on which god Petra was made for?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh, and were the Puma Punku stones poured into molds as a liquid, like concrete?

The enlightened one said...

Lynn, can't you team up with a physicist and build a time-machine so we can visit all these places in their hay-days.

Raymond G said...

Lynn, They went to a lot of trouble to carve that indentation on the rock if it was for looks. I forget what the process is called, but if you build a stone wall like they did, without mortar; it is stronger than a traditional brick wall because the mortar joints don't deteriorate. And if you build the wall with oddly shaped stones like they did, it is more resistant to earthquakes because the forces (vibration) doesn't flow along a straight line. It zigzags and disperses the energy. It prevents crumbling, like you said.

The man that built the stairs was a unique individual. It's a beautiful staircase and he had some amazing carpentry skills.

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Lynn for your insights into the Margate Shell Grotto. What an interesting answer, now I'll have to go and do some revision homework on Oak Island!

The timing of your post spooked me too. You say the temple was used for ceremonies at full blood moons. Well, the day your post went up I was doing my own ceremony and meditation for the full moon eclipse (albeit not a blood one this time, we've just had four in a row and we mustn't get greedy!)

Not only that, but this lunar eclipse astrologically sat right on my natal IC. That's the point of our roots, ancestry, childhood, 'home'. How fitting that you answered the question at that moment. Thanks again, your explorations are so thought provoking.

Kalamota Kook said...

Oh, and talking of timing, Lynn, do you have any idea of when it was created? Even if it's only the century? Thank you for taking the time.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joao: Those sound like great ideas for a future reading! Thanks.

@Dada: Great question. I'm unclear of the name, but she is sitting in a Buddha type position and has flowing veils all around her.

I do get they were chiseled and not poured.

@Enlightened: That would be great. I wish something like that were possible.

@Raymond: Thanks for the info.

@Kalamota Kook: Thank you so much for the comments. I get it is around 400 years old..

A Man Called Da-da said...

Guanyin? The Taoist/Buddhist goddess of mercy?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: I just pulled up her image, and if it isn't here, she looks VERY SIMILAR.