Saturday, January 2, 2016

Questions on Meditation

In light of our recent meditation, I saw this question and thought it would be a good way to start out the new year (discussing meditation practices).

Q. Could we have a detailed reading on the effects of meditation?  Does meditation on emptiness slow down the process of aging?
A.  As I focus on this and mentally define "emptiness" as I go, I see "emptiness" as a term used to explain the ability to quiet your mind and have a good connection with your subconscious while meditating.  During this process I do see something happening to the body. I first see it as if the world is moving around a person meditating (kids playing outside, clocks ticking, etc) but the person is in a "slow motion" state of being.  It looks like our linear timeline (which we are all statically tied to in our physical, conscious form) keeps it's pace, but while in a meditative state our system is slowed (to maybe half of the normal speed of time).  Once we come out of that meditation, we readjust to the current time frame and our system speeds back up to the the speed of the environment, but it happens in a mini "time slip" sort of event.

Aging looks to indirectly slow, but it works in a different way.  The best way I am shown to explain this is if, for example, a heart beats at 75 beats per minute during normal activities.  During a meditation the heart may slow to a resting pace of 50 beats per minute.  For every minute in that meditative state your heart gains 25 seconds (less trauma, less stress, less impact causing age).  I also hear that the heart is just one small example of this very complex human body.

Q. Do we need to concentrate on each chakra to open it or it will automatically open up through emptiness meditation?
A.  They do automatically open, but if there is a blockage, trauma, karmatic influence or imbalance, you will find yourself gravitating toward that chakra in your meditation.  You may see this as a color tied to the chakra, event your subconscious needs to process or an event you need to experience.  Once you open up and allow what ever needs to happen just happen, then you can drift back to your emptiness meditation.

Q. What are the main factors involved in opening up the brow and crown chakra? 
A. If your goal is to have a meditation in which your are wanting to open the brow and crown chakra, it is essential to go into the meditation surrounded with protection (I advise this with any meditation).  It can be a mental thought in which you call on your guides, or you can visualize different lights (white and yellow are effective).  The intent of protection is the goal, and the process you use (guides, mantras, crystals or light) to feel secure is really up to the person.

When you have any chakra open, you may even get physical sensations.  It can range from heat, coldness or even tingles.  All are normal reactions.  The strength of the connection can also vary.  Once you have completed your meditation you will want to drink lots of water.  You may even notice that you are super energized, or really relaxed and just want a nap.  It is all good, and unique to the person.

Q. Why are some people's chakra more open than others?
A.  I get that some chakras aren't more open, but rather easier to access by the individual.  Chakras (for protection) try to stay closed during our conscious moments.  This prevents easy attacks by lower vibrational beings. They open when they are called upon and allowed by our subconscious.  Attacks can occur, but many are blocked, and our guides are also always working for us.

Opening your chakra can be made easier with practice.  We all have the ability to do it, but for some it is easier than others.  Keep trying and work at it.  It really will get easier.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you!!

chinny said...

Good points. Thanks for the answer PsychicFocus (Lynn).

PimpMyBrain said...

With my experience in the last group meditation of january 1st :

"Good feelings start to appear and a color spot took the most part of my vision and ended is fasing mouvement with a strong indigo purple aura. Something was there or a connection starting to be. And a bright flash from of my top left, as if it came from outside, but if i opened my eyes, i should see only a wall, and all changed. My eyes stopped to have eratic mouvement, very calm, friendly feelings with a warm color and a orange, yellow spot dancing harmoniously in front of my vision. very peaceful, nice and rousing."

So the spot of indigo and purpule seems to show me i needed to open my brown and crown chakras to perform the intent of the meditation. Maybe for that i was not very focus and eratic mouvement of the eyes. The "flash" had unstuck this and peacefull, calm, focused state appeared. If it was true, i will allow twhat that need to happen when this spot appears ...after a good prior ask of protection !

"Once you have completed your meditation you will want to drink lots of water. You may even notice that you are super energized, or really relaxed..."

Yes, a lot of water ! Good signs to see if it has worked. SO much to discover in the meditation ! At moment i try to balance all my bodies and do direct contact with my spirutal guide. Like to know his/her name (the one he/she decides/chooses to be named and more ! If you can help me, Lynn, will be a good new year present !

Have a good day everyone and thanks as always for your insights Lynn !

Alex said...

Why do we need to drink a lot of water?

joy said...

alex, your body will detox,will drop density.

Alex said...


Can you explain what do you mean by 'drop density'.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: I always like to drink a lot of water after meditating. During meditation the physical and mental feel disconnected (at least for me) so water allows me to connect, ground and detoxify. It may not be absolutely required, but feels helpful..

Raymond G said...

Lynn, I used to attend metaphysical classes several years ago and our instructor always filled a glass with water and set it to the side. She said it absorbed 'negative energy'. I don't know how that happens but I have seen a couple of other people do it as well. Is it just a ritual, or is there any value to it ?

joy said...

Heh............this is how I understand.
When we meditate, with the focus and intent to connect with Higher Self,........... HS will come more and more into our consciousness. THAT means,...that you will undergo some consciousness changes.... be a little bit more "knowing" more "intuitive" more "understanding"
My understanding is that HS is already inside and powering our lower bodies, and as the observer and also vicariously experiencing what we are experiencing.,.... already inside, a whole package of ENERGY, as whole, undivided CONSCIOUSNESS. The reason our human consciousness and the full consciousness of SPIRIT are not that our lower bodies are packed with all kinds of DENSITIES and they are like wires not connecting.
When HS wants to be more present in the physical world thru you, it will begin to remove some of those densities....these densities are in the form of karmic matrices, thoughtforms, emotions, cellular memories,pictures of reality, veils of illusion, crystals, implants, armors, devices, chakra separators, all kinds of exotic weaponry from our extraterrestrial war adventures, hexes, curses, diseases, etc.
HS will remove some of these "cobwebs" so that it can see and interface with the physical world better. Since HS is ONE, all those meditating even for themselves alone, HS will combine all those accomplishments and pass these along every ensouled being in the planet,I believe thru our DNAs,... in the ancestral past and in the present. . So, becomes easier to connect with HS. The world in a sense, drops density as each and every one of us do.

Sheryl said...

I have been meditating a lot lately and have been delving in remote viewing. I find that meditation brings me to that place naturally and though I am new to this, I am making some progress. My intent is to learn all I can to push back the energy that is being thrust to us, the little ppl that aren't in the 'club'. I figure that if they can use sacred knowledge to fool and belittle the human race, I might as well jump in there are start figuring out what I can. I studied for the past month on remote viewing --I had no idea about any of this before and am learning more each day and also it brings me happiness and calm to know that simple things like meditation can open up your mind and things seem much safer than letting my brain wander and be filled with all the fear that was there previously.

Thanks Lynn for all you do, just being here is a comfort to me.

Raymond G said...

@Sheryl........How are you studying remote viewing ? Are you reading books on the subject or taking classes ? I have seen those videos on RV classes and I was wondering how effective they were........Thanks.

joy said...

this is my research and experience, so please treat what i say as a point of view.
There are 7 or 8 chakras in the human body. These are nervous ganglias along the spinal cord, from the sacral up to the frontal lobes of the brain.

Chakras are etheric energy vortices by which SOUL distributes LIFE-FORCE into our physical, mental emotional and spirit (galactic connection) bodies. Chakras are also lenses by which we view and react to our surroundings. The first 3 chakras are focused on TERRITORIALITY, PROCREATION and ENEMY PATTERNING. The Heart chakra is the modulator , the KEEL that modulates impulses from the lower and upper chakras. When you reach the crown chakra, you are........for all practical purposes,....USELESS in the physical world. You would NOT want to create anything because YOU KNOW THIS WORLD IS ILLUSORY, make-believe- paper cut-out, VIRTUAL

To reach the frontal lobe or, the crown chakra, you have to open these chakras from the bottom...the Sacral chakra and awaken the KUNDALINI. The Kundalini is THE PHYSICAL BODY CONSCIOUSNESS.....that when activated,will undulate like a serpent all over your body inside and out......will nudge the 3rd eye and crown chakra to open up. YAAAAAYYYYYY....!!!! It will create a special ...rainbow bridge to connect these two, and function as ONE.

The physical body is the gateway to the Spirit realm. Some try to open up this energy thru sex. Tantra Yoga. duh. (bad attitude..)

The Kundalini is your body consciousness and you can talk to it. It is under your control. So don't allow it to "burn" you up as it rises from your butt. As the SERPENTINE ENERGY (scalar in nature) goes up to your upper chakras, it will "ignite" each chakra one by one, and with focus /intent, they will UNIFY like a pole of Light. This is called the "PRANIC POLE". This pole supplies all the energies of the lower bodies, so if you see yourself clairvoyantly, you will look like an oval energy field about 100 feet in diameter across from the chest.

Is very easy to awaken the kundalini..
Don't allow your left brain to trip you, make you think it is not possible.
You have to use vibration of ..SOUND and LIGHT.

There are services that offer this awakening of the Kundalini, but once it is awakened, you have to nurture it everyday. This will add more and more light into your Pranic Pole,and out into your auric body.

So, who's up for awakening his kundalini...?

Sheryl said...

@ Raymond-- Basically I watched a few diff videos on remote viewing. I keep a notebook near the bedside table and a few pens. I feel that I am more open to this when just waking up, or after a nap. Following the instructions from the video sets, I will draw out images, and also keep in mind at the time I am doing so, I am in a lucid state, half here, half there (asleep). I am new to this so it is all an exercise of repetition for now and as I build up confidence on the procedure. One thing I have learned from this is I may not see anything right away, it might all look like scribbling, but I keep at it, and am going to re view the videos again this week, to reinforce these in my mind.Here is the link to the vid

@Joy, oh yah count me in am ready for the kundalini awakening. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sheryl said...

There was a lady on youtbe who says she removed her chakras. I am not even sure if it can be done, but I am going to research and try the kundalini. Even though ppl say OMG don't do that without a teacher,you can die... OH WELL here we go. I am the teacher of me. So I will be trying this in my next few months in meditation. I am not easily hypnotised, so to me it is just an experiment in life, such as every day that I live is really an experiment.

Anyone else opened or removed their chakras>? I would love to hear your experience.

Alex said...


Do you have an email address? I would like to know more.