Monday, January 4, 2016

Hammond Ranch, Oregon

Q. Can you please tell us what we might expect on the Hammond Ranch story?

A little background: Monday, January 4, a father and son - the Hammonds, a well known ranching family from Oregon, are expected to voluntarily surrender to federal authorities to serve a five year sentence for burning brush fires to control the undergrowth on their land which the authorities claimed was illegal. They've already served a sentence and have been released and now without trial, they're being told to serve a SECOND sentence. Also, they were prosecuted under the 'domestic terrorism' act!

With increasingly shrinking rights in all sectors, plus senseless, oppressive laws being passed: (illegal to collect rainwater, live off the grid, use wood-burning stoves, photographing CAFOs), many believe it's time to not automatically submit to authorities who have lost the moral high ground.

The Bundy family which had their own celebrated standoff with Federal authorities are supporting the Hammond ranching family. Ammon Bundy had this to say:

"I feel we are in a situation where if we do not do something, if we do not take a hard stand, we'll be in a position where we'll be no longer able to do so," he said.

According to the Huffington Post, the Bundy family and others in militias have taken over headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a federal building. 
MSM stories:

This looks like it's shaping up to be a very serious situation, Lynn, and one has to admire the true bravery of these supporters daring to draw a line in the sand.  Please tell us what you see evolving from this.

BTW: folks online are complaining about the lack of coverage from the alternative media (Drudge, Alex Jones, Activist Post) on this story. Bravo to Before It's News for covering it when others aren't!
A. As I tune in to this, I see that actions by the government have to do with land itself in that area more than the people burning wildfires.  I get there is a master plan behind the use of the rancher lands, and the federal government is trying to slowly encroach upon (the visual I see is federal land surrounding these ranches and the land is spreading and squeezing the ranchers space to where they (the ranchers) feel choked to live as free as what they have done for decades).   The government is making it harder and harder to thrive, and the penalties charged for any misdoings by the ranchers is just a bonus.  It looks as though the government is making it very difficult for these people to live, and forcing them out slowly (by not being able to earn a living or pay imposed fines). 

I then visualize architecture plans (which I see as a symbol for the planning and developing of this area).  Some lands will remain ranch lands, and some looks to be wanted for other purposes (underground pipelines, some kind of drilling and overseas investments).  It looks like the land beneath the surface is worth more than the surface itself. (??)

The government doesn't look to back down.  They look to have "laser vision" on this area / land.  The protesters will be relayed by the media as troublemakers rather than freedom fighters.  I also see only half truths being revealed, and when people talk they will be slyly cut off by media broadcasters (ie a woman will be talking and pleading for freedom, and the feed will cut to a correspondent talking about when she is saying (to alter the words) rather than listen to the lady talk her own self.)  People that stand up and fight will be vilanized.  

I see these ranch owners having a very tough time, and they really do need support.  They are going against very powerful people that have mentally mapped a new idea for that land... 

That is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Cheryl Bane said...

Thank you, Lynn. Excellent as always. For those interested in the subject, Stefan Molyneux just posted a very thorough and thought-provoking youtube video presentation summarizing the situation:

susan said...

HI lynn,

THANK YOU AS ALWAYS AND WISHING YOU A GREAT SUNNY YEAR! This situation looks like the beginning of the end. Will the abuse of citizens continue greatly this year? How can we, average folk support these people who are being pushed around.

The judge seemed to try to render justice with all the pressures to do harm from above. When will the judges and police and etc start to realize that eventually these practices will harm them and stand with the people?

Just wondering what we can do besides watch at the sideline and gasp... as people did just before WW1 and WW2. I am beginning to see what life was like before those times. It is a shock as I grew up believing those days were far behind us.

MorL W said...

Can we, as citizens and spiritual people, "mentally map" the land for a greater cause than the PTB? Why can't we do a group meditation envisioning giving the land back to the "people" and envisioning this encroachment by evildoers as simply turning to dust in the wind? If they mentally map, so can we, especially if we outnumber them.

Sheryl said...

Well, they sure are taking a beating on social media. Everyone making jokes about the situation, bantering on about the fact that they asked for snacks and socks. Going so far as to make death threats to the group from their armchairs.

"What if there was a revolution and nobody showed up?"

The whole thing is rather confusing,(possibly designed that way... even when you see the original intent, it seems that even the Bundys, who's problems with the govt inspired them, want nothing to do with them and have said so publicly.

People are brainwashed and meta ppl pleasers, PC pollyannas, follow the leader lemmings for sure, but the way this was handled just feels wrong to me. Kinda like it is another psyop--even though I know the problems with land grabs are real it all seems contrived and a little phony. Also I noted how convenient, right before Obama has new laws on gun control coming out tomorrow.

Trying to make sense out of and understanding the implications of Agenda 21 but also this. That land is rich in uranium and natural gas, as do many of the federal lands in our country, protected by the feds. Some are saying that the US is getting ready to move away from oil, thus the lands on federal property are even more valuable as they hold the resources needed. Of course all of that is my own speculation.

The deal is, the govt wants complete control, we know this. The way this group went about it, militia style, for a cause that is not even their own just seems fake to me. I saw a video where the one young man was in his car doing a video for his children and he was crying and saying he was sorry, but Daddy has to do this... I thought it was really theatrical and that got my feelers up. I guess we shall see, as more is revealed. Abacadabra!

Sheryl said...

I just realized I got the family names mixed up, which furthers my point about how confusing it really is. Did I get it wrong, now I am not even sure..eek!

Okay so it IS the Bundys who are on the land now and the Hammonds are the ones that are going back to jail....right? Losing my mind a little over this.

leslie Lucci said...

Sheryl yes your correct. See
for complete back story. Shame that so many people go by MSM which often presents biased viewpoint if they report on anything meaningful at all.

leslie Lucci said...

Some more history on BLM and bundies The Truth About the BLM - Bundy Ranch Dispute Explained

Robert Schoen said...

I just was listening to news of this on the NPR station this morning, and wish the best for the ranchers in their stand against a corrupt national land grab. I hope it signals a greater awareness of the disregard they hold for the local populace and the lengths they'll go to to impose their will on people while disregarding state rights.

jana said...

Heartfelt thanks for the excellent reading, Lynn. This story is of utmost importance for all Americans who recongnize the freedoms of this country are in major peril. And in no small part due to the utter complacency and inablity for our fellow countrymen to get beyond the MSM label of 'Domestic Terrorists' when it comes to this particular situation.

People fall for the 'Big Lie' in droves....but then it's utterly impossible for them to come around to the 'Big Truth'. Anyone with a simple reading comprehesion can understand the absolute injustice of jailing this ranching father and son. The links people are posting here give an excellent explanation to the backround story that the MSM only covers in soundbytes, lies or half truths. Many people are unable to face the fact that the assumed freedoms we have in American no longer can be taken for granted.

I explained recently to two high school classmates with cancer to 'get off the GMOs'. Blank stares. So when I explained about GMOs and how rampant they are in the food supply, they couldn't grasp the enormity of it. And our tainted food is just one issue (skipping smart meters/dirty electricity issue for now). As one blogger put it, "How can anyone explain a DELUSION that is so POWERFUL and OMNIPRESENT, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR MOST PEOPLE TO FATHOM?

Another excellent video:

Thanks, Lynn....and everybody!

leslie Lucci said...

Jana, sorry you had to have that experience with your cancer afflicted friends. After all the labeling debates the last few years and bombardment of articles in health journals, its hard to imagine tat there are still some uninformed or who don't believe in the destruction of GMO's. Its unfortunate that it takes a serious illness for people to get informed. They maybe in shock if this is the first they've heard of it. Just like many others are going to be shocked as the complete and utter corruption of the US gov't. slowly but surely comes to light.

Thank god there are still people brave enough to stand up for their rights and push back against injustice. Lets all meditate for freedom, respect and integrity for all people. Hopefully this standoff will be peacefully resolved while shining a bright light on corrupt government practices that we are all forced to unfairly pay for through Federal taxes.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank you Lynn!!! Actually once 2016 started does it mean that the sabbatical year of "Psychic Focus Random Questions Group Posts" is over?

Alice Liu said...

Thank you, Lynn. I've been dismayed at the number of people who are only interested in taking sides based on race, rather than on issues. Too many of my friends seem focused on "equal oppression" rather than on "equal justice," unwilling or unable to see that there is a common foe. Worse is that while they are on the left of the political spectrum, they are employing the same tactics that they complain that the right has used against them. I think some people have a hard time understanding the macro issues, and that is why they are so easily manipulated by the press. Adding to the links on this comment thread, this was a useful article:

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joao: Are you saying that you don't enjoy those posts, or are you requesting that I do a few? :-) Wasn't sure what you meant..

Joao Gomes said...

hi Lynn! Sorry for being unprecise! I actually meant that it would be great if you could bring back the group posts! Thank You!

jana said...

Amazing speech from Congressman Greg Walden of the congressional district where the Hammond ranch is located:

Everyone viewing MSM should watch this to gain a balanced perspective.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Sure! I will definitely do that. It is a good way to get a variety of topics in one post (interesting!).

C said...

Lynn you're 100% correct about the land beneath the surface being more valuable than the land itself. There's a government report on the net talking about the uranium in this area. There's huge amounts of uranium and gold? Or some other very precious elements, this can be confirmed on the net. So I think there's more to this story.