Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chipotle Under GMO Attack?

Q. Are the agribusinesses (ie Monsanto) giants buying up heirloom seed companies?  Did the fast food restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill get sabotaged/attacked with the Norovirus because they stated no GMO 's in their food ever?  Is Russia the only country in the world that says "No to GMOs"?
A.  I do get that there was some sabotage going on against Chipotledue to their anti-GMO stance and there outspokenness on it.  I see that this started last October (2015) when Chipotle launched their "Halloween Unnecessary Promo" [attached to the bottom of this post].  They brought attention to the chemicals that are being put in the processed food found in other fast food places.  

I also hear something about people know that these chemicals and artificial ingredients exist, but when it is truly "called out" it is harder ignore this knowledge.  It is similar to putting the calories on a menu board.    We many know something isn't healthy, but when you factually know, it is hard to deny the nutritional content.  I see that the PTB are tied to GMOs (both directly and indirectly) became furious that they were called out.  It was due to them having to already answer to this which created some cost, and also they just simply didn't like their competition.

I also see that some of the morality questions made the GMO companies feel a lot of pressure at the subconscious level.  The heads of these GMO companies know that Chipotle is doing the right thing with their food;  natural, real and non-GMO.  However, these GMO companies are unwilling to support the concept of pure and healthy food because there is not as much money to be made now and in the future.  These GMO companies don't feel good or proud (but their rational minds are focused on money and greed which is over-riding ethics), and they are punishing those people / organizations that make them feel bad and point out their flaws.

It looks like the restaurant supply company that deals with Chipotle was tampered with.  I see this highly contagious Norovirus being spread via the veggies.  If the employee washed the veggies well and properly (I keep seeing a salt water bath, but cannot tell if it is symbolic of something else?), then most, if not all the virus looked to be eliminated.  In stores that some of the employees rushed, some of the virus remained, and people got sick.

I do get that Chipotle is a good company with good morals and cares about their food.  They are taking steps to prevent future outbreaks and educating employees.  They also realize they have a target on them, and they are being extra cautious.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Halloween Unnecessary Promo:  


iballgirl said...

I've been wondering about this for a long time. We need more restaurantors like them!

siketa said...

Money is more important than people. Sad.

SkyBlue said...

Not again! This bullying tactic is getting old. It reminds me of Chick-Fil-A ordeal. I wish these bullies would vanish and get reincarnated as chickens.

I have never been to Chipotle before but this Holloween ad is very effective. I might stop in one day and give it a try. Don't worry, I'm not squimish about salmonella. Ever tried eating thousand year old eggs? Just prep your GI up with saccharomyces, probiotics, enzymes and go for it :->

Raymond G said...

I hope Chipotle's gets everything straightened out. I like their Burrito Bowls.

I think more companies are going to copy their business model and provide healthier food.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I too hope they get justice. If they continue to do the right thing and don't lower their standards, I feel the universe will protect them and other companies will be inspired to follow suit.

JJ said...

So funny when I found out that Chipotle had random ecoli issues in different states and they couldn't find the source... I always felt it was planted.

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn! Federal Investigation on the Chipottle case revealed many irregularities, not on the side of the Restaurant chain but on the types of bacteria retrieved from ill customers and in the proceedings of turning the case public (normaly much more effort on investigating the case, prior to turning it public, is made.

What also called the investigator's attention was the fact that not one single employee got sick from E. Coli(the chain offers free meals to them after shift)!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joao: I still see the whole thing as a set up... The PTB were upset that they were being called out for the unhealthy chemicals found in other types of restaurants.. I see it happening in other more "natural" restaurants too (but Chipotle got the biggest press).