Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Economist Cover 2016

Q. Hello Lynn ! Thanks for your incredible job as always !

For this end of year 2015, the Rothschild's faction of the PTW has a present for us ! His new "Economist cover" for the year 2016 As always, lots of details!

See if you manage to get some interesting sights on it!  There is a sort of Taliban looking person with the actress on cellphone, and a rifle on the shoulder of David Cameron.  It seems a "London False Flag" will be done in 2016! UFO with remote antenna and bankster inside, holding a brain ?! The intelligence will work on the UFO technologies to make money? The magazines with the date 1987, 1993, 2000, 2008... so the expected economy crash seems to be decided! More and more!

Thanks for all you do and Happy New Year and Christmas!
The Economist 2016 Cover
A. The last cover was so interesting, I thought it would be fun to look this over and share our impressions, reactions and intuitive answers as we enter 2016.  The following were things that jumped out at me along with some visions that came forward..
The Economist 2016 (Full cover when open) 

  • Obama looks to be pushed to the back, and other leaders are emerging.  Obama's exit will be fairly quiet.  He doesn't say much, and the PTB feel like he portrayed the passive character they needed, but now the people will require a different brand of president.
  • The PTB want Hillary in office, and Bill looks to be involved, but in the background (that is why he is on the undercover).  The PTB will work through Hillary to interact with Bill directly.  They have worked with Bill in the past and feel they can team with him well.
  • US (symbolized by the flag) isn't what it used to be.  It is a changed and diluted version of what it once was. That will be even more obvious in 2016. 
  • The population is rising to alarming rates.  I see ideas of population control being highly considered.
  • The market looks set to collapse (I see in very early 2016 if it doesn't happen sooner).  I see this being a (gamble) or play with numbers to keep things afloat.  The debt is at an all time high (and is "hidden" on the underside of the cover).  
  • There will be some sort of false flag event or threat during the Olympics.
  • People will continue to have services made available (like grocery delivery) to make life easier (but also creating more complacent people).  The PTB want Americans lazy, comfortable and complacent.  I hear when people are "fat and happy" they are less rebellious.  
  • Chinese power is on the rise.  They have their eye on the world.  I get they are operating quietly, taking it all in and paying attention to everything.  Don't underestimate what they are capable of.
  • Gold is on the rise. 
  • The sun is changing and going through a cycle.  It feels super heated and "white hot."
  • As the dollar is scrutinized by other countries, and the idea of a gold standard (or gold backed money) is discussed in exchange oil or other goods, the US will play close attention (they don't want that to happen).  The countries that try to push for this will have their leaders demonized (falsely) by comparing them to Hitler ideals, and therefore stopped.  I see these "Hitler" labeled leaders being watched very closely. 2016 will be a very sensitive year for the dollar and the breakthrough of alternate currencies.
  • There will be a news line about a breakthrough in AIDs research, but it feels like is gets glazed over quickly.  It is as if the media needs a quick story so they pick old news that "feels fresh" to blast out to have something to talk about.
  • Our troops will continue to fight and oil war that was started when Bush was in office.  It is like the never ending battle over oil (the new gold, "liquid gold").
  • Germany is going to emerge as a big player in 2016.  Not because they want to, but because they have to.  Between the refugee situation, and the political battles, Germany will be forced to step up, defend themselves and voice what they feel needs done.
  • Germany is going to align with Spain once things heat up. 
  • Something big (like an outside interference) is going to happen in Albania toward the middle to end of 2016.
  • More and more people find themselves reporting to a boss or company that is taking more and more from them, and they are disconnected from their family (and children).  The family unit is really in danger.
  • At a glance I see some kind of attack being aimed at the "new" USA.  Looks like during the first half of 2016.
  • Part of Germany's strength comes from their interaction with ET and use of ET technology.  They are working on enhancing their technology through telepathic communications with their ET allies.  I get this ET activity has been in effect since WWI, but it getting significant enough that it is starting to really matter in world affairs.
  • China is trying to partner with Germany, but Germany is ignoring them for now.  It is frustrating for China, but they are willing to wait as they see Germany's value starting to emerge.
  • I see some kind of drastic weather or climate change around March or April 2015.
And that is all I have for now.  Feel free to evaluate this yourself and leave a comment.  This topic leads to great discussions!

Love and light-


Vegan Ricky said...

Thank you.

Alex said...
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Thank You Lynn.Very interesting reading indeed.Clif High of Web Bot fame in his recent interview mention that couple of state like Texas & other will reject Dollar maybe in mid Jan 2016 & there will be hyper inflation in USA from March/April - July 2016.He also mention that the election process in 2016 will fracture in the USA due to economy.




The enlightened one said...

Why have these ET:s chosen to cooperate with Germany specifically, and what are they expecting to come out of it? Is this what the UFO with bankster in is referring to, or what is that referring to?

Craig said...

These covers are so wild, a puzzle. I wanted to share my first impression as I was drawn to the lower right corner to what looks like a cartoon of Alan Greenspan over the slot machine (kind of looks like an old style cash register too) with the date 2008. We all know what happened in 2008, financial crisis. There may also be something with the 2 (maybe February) or the 8. Then below that, three signs with The World In... In 1987, again Oct stock market crash, that was the main thing then. I'm looking for references to either markets or elections. Next was 1993 -- Bill Clinton elected also other interesting things-- world trade center bombing and waco. Then we have 2000 -- Hillary elected state senator for NY, Bush narrowly squeaks out a win over Gore (foreshadow of what is coming?) There are a lot of people on there that I do not recognize.

Craig said...

Just saw the expanded version, missed that other sign, The World in 2006 with GW Bush on the cover in color with his hand raised in Hitler style. 2006 he renews Patriot Act, then there are some militant things going on, Korea tests missiles, Iran and nuclear capability issues.

Catie said...

My attention goes to the different colors. Some people are completly black/white, some have black/white faces and colored clothes, while others have colors on both face and clothes. Do you see any significance in the way color is used?

Serene said...

Hi Lynn - Who is the gentleman that has a hand raised behind him on the left side of the photo?

This magazine cover is vaguely reminiscent of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album, when they introduced the New Paul. That album cover was full of symbolism and of course very few even realized it.

Happy New Year!!

John Doe said...

Hi lynn can you tell us if the "second sun" in this video is real?

Pernille said...

@Serene. It looks like Francois Hollande - the French president.

Astrolofting said...

People in black and white are people who are in positions of power or will be in power. Hilary is in B/W in 2015 and 2016 so i think she will become president. I see Taiwan's female presidential candidate in the back so it seems like Taiwan will also have a female president.

People in colour are those to watch for, or maybe those that don't go with the PTB.

Obama's tie is a strange green colour (not the usual red or blue tie u see on presidents). Green with envy?

bigger cover

Raymond G said...

I think the image of the Chinese pagoda in the back is interesting. Especially with the ancient Chinese warrior standing on top. It's like they are saying China is rising militarily but they are doing it in the background. I wonder if the statue of Karl Marx next to the pagoda suggests the resurgence of Communist China.

There are soldiers (American?) at the base of Bill Clinton's image. I wonder if it means troops will be 'on the march' if Hillary is elected. The major power brokers like Germany, China and Russia all have colorized pictures. All the other leaders are black and white, including Hilary; suggesting they are not as important. Bill Clinton's picture is in color. I wonder if it means Bill Clinton is a power broker behind the scenes ? Or at least the power behind Hillary ?

And I wonder what the 'wooden thing' is behind Merkel ? The round thing with two circles for eyes. And the significance of Elizabeth Taylor, she has been dead for several years.
Why is the sun smiling at a butterfly and why does the perimeter counted down like a clock ?

Thanks for the reading on this. It was interesting. I wonder if the average person that reads this is aware of the symbolism ?

EA RW said...

The one thing I noticed was Putin on the 2015 cover he was black and white, while on this 2016 cover he is in color.

Enlightening Life Your said...

Notice the Manchurian warrior on top of the temple, indicating rise of China and, on the western front, the mind control work being done by governments everywhere. Remember the 'Manchurian Candidate'? Since it's at the top of the temple, which is also significant, it a powerful message about the ongoing work being done to control mind energy of the world. Also, there is something in the air to the left of the sun. In other covers the sun is holding it, you can't see what it is but I think that since the sun is our source of life on the planet, anything that involves the sun is worth considering. A chilling portend of what's to come? I hope not, it doesn't look good for us.

Heidi said...

87,93, 2000, 2008. In-between each collapse the numbers are as follows, 6,7,8. If we go up in sequence it would maybe say the next collapse would be 2017. Therefore, 6,7,8,9.

As well the sun has a clock superimposed. No hands though???

A Man Called Da-da said...

Note that several things on the 2015 cover failed to materialize. Their predictive programming is failing as we all wake up.


According to the World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes, we are on the verge of Global Currency Reset.The Coalition for rule of law as predicted by political scientist Jacek Kugler along with citizen of the world are taking our world back from Bankersters.







Anonymous Reader said...

The part about something big happening regarding Albania does stand out to me, particularly being that my family is primarily Albanian. Could you have a reading on what could be happening there?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments. There is SO much symbolism on this cover. I really like how Dada mentioned that so much of what they plan cannot be manifested as we wake up- such an important message.

I think I will take some key things that come to light and do a deeper reading. There was a lot that came forward in this..

Bee E-lightened said...

This is how u know the pope is a selected puppet

A Man Called Da-da said...

Um... I heard that Karen Hudes is a CIA agent.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Bee E-lighted: Not sure how big of a hand is working inside the pope. Note that "Francis" was once -- and still is -- the head of the jesuits. Unless he's stepped down, this means he's the Black Pope AND the White Pope, combined. Very powerful, un-puppet-like position.

Given my recent VIVID, back-to-back dreams of political upheaval (Hildebeest and two others literally upended) and religious upheaval (an ornate ceiling falling on popes and bishops), I can safely say that this is indeed the last pope.

Bee E-lightened said...

Interesting piece Dada

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Bee and Dada: Very interesting perspective. I would have to agree as well...

Ryno said...

Thanks Da-da, always enjoy your perspective. I have always suspected Karen Hudes to be CIA as well.

Ryno said...

When you see "their" symbolism and magick use your imagination and will to to say no and create a different outcome. Imagine, all of us with our focused intent blocking "their" plans.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

I still don't get it. What is the purpose of creating these covers?

Unknown said...

Lynn, do you still see a republican becoming US president in 2016? A year or so ago, you mentioned a republican candidate, not Trump though.

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn thank you! When you state: "There will be some sort of false flag event or threat during the Olympics." Which country(ies) is (are) involved in this attack? I presume it will happen in Brazil (once the games will be hel there, if they get everything ready in time), am I right?

John Casey said...

I would like to gear more about "interference" in Albania. Not sure what that means.

I thought Hillary would be declared winner, no matter what the vots says, just like Bush. Now there seems to be some doubt. What process, I wonder, would take the presidency from her? Hard to imagine.

Germany turning away from the Empire would be a shift of enormous significance. As would an end of the papacy. Hard to imagine, for me at any rate, what would end the papacy now. After so many centuries of coruption and robbery, what would cause people to turn away from it now?

I pray that the people of Brazil know what's coming for them and can take some preventive measures. I think that whole county is "on the menu," as they say for the PTB.

As a former magazine editor, I would be interested to know who really puts these covers together, and I'm guessing it's not the editorial staff.

Sheryl said...

I just don't like this cover thing anymore and even though I had originally thought it would be interesting to break it all down, now it just leaves me feeling depressed and I am not sure why? So all I have to say is there IS BACON on the bottom STRIP of that

Plus, I guess I am now getting such a bad energy from even the coloring of this rag, that I hope to never come across it again. Which is odd as my first reaction was to pick it all apart, and then after I did, I am now feeling repulsed by it.

Sheryl said...

Okay, I couldn't stop looking after all....

Here is a video made by the Economist on the world in 2016. Some interesting things to ponder on. "What will bring the world together and what will tear it apart."

Joao Gomes said...

@Sheryl Another interpretation of the economist cover entitled: "Secrets of the Rotschild"

Peter said...

The flag means for me United States of Sharia, the Sun looks at number 3 which could imply a False Flag Operation in March, Obamas green tie stands for his green Line to Muslim Brotherhood, the Red Flag goes through the green ring of the Olympics, so it will be an Islamic Attack. What I don't get is the man on the bicycle and the Letters LDL VeNmO mE. What could that mean?

Peter said...

Also in the middle at the bottom, on the full image, there is a baby next to a globe and books placed in order, so this is a meaning of New World Order, as a baby stands for somethig New!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

There is so much on this cover. I am really enjoying the discussion, and WOW, this all makes you think!!! I feel 2016 is going to be very powerful and lots of change!