Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Underground Fires

Hello, Lynn, Quite a few articles on this subject recently:

"St. Louis Prepares For "Catastrophic Event" As Underground Fire Nears Nuclear Waste Cache"
"The proximity of the two environmental hazards is what worries residents and environmentalists. At the closest point, they are 1,000 to 1,200 feet apart."

If the underground fire reaches the waste, “there is a potential for radioactive fallout to be released in the smoke plume and spread throughout the region,” according to the disaster plan."

This appears to be a looming environmental disaster in which the smoke plume carries radioactivity across the Midwest and onto the East Coast.

Q. Questions are: is any mainstream news agency prepared to alert people - is this going to stay under the radar as not to alarm? And, are governmental agencies going to find a solution for this - it's already the 11th hour. Thank-you
A. I don't see mainstream media coming forward because they don't want to cause a panic over something that they don't know how to handle.  I get the local (and even larger governments) are very lost in dealing with this.  I see when it becomes even more dangerous, they will plan mini evacuations, and you will see people start to slowly move away.  They won't leave because mainstream or larger government plans an evacuation, but more because of local coverage and people using their intuitive sense of direction.

I cannot connect to a solution.  There is no way to neutralize this, so I see them waiting to see what happens and they plan on dealing with the results.  St. Louis has some problems coming.  For those that are unable to leave, be cautious of the water supply.  I don't see the smoke plume to be as dangerous as the water supply, but some caution should be taken.  

I also see a tremendous amount of chemtrails happening above the city.  They will use those to attempt to mitigate the damage of the airborne nuclear waste.  The result looks to be an overabundance of rain to flush out the sky.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Be cautious and be safe.  Love and light-


Serene said...

An overabundance of rain?? We certainly need that here in the CA Central Valley. It's the middle of October and still near 90 degrees every day. A terrible drought! No rain. Trees are dying everywhere. Please please send us positive thoughts for some much needed rain!!

Camryn Villarruel said...

San Diego CA is also experiencing 95 degree weather. We need rain. Everyone please send us your light. Thank you

Smiling Winds said...

I don't know where my last comment went but here goes.
Here in STL there are stories of semi's being driven into that landfill, drivers walking out and the whole rig buried. Can you see if this is true?
What was in those rigs? And who did it?

We are having lots of trails in the sky and lots of different weather. Tornados seem to train thru the same area (Ferguson).

Are you seeing the landfill water contamination as localized or spread city wide? Some see lots of water issues related to the seismic zone here.

Raymond G said...

I wonder when they plan on saying something to the general public or do they think it is going to go away on its own ?

siketa said...

It's raining here in Croatia for more than 5 days now.....wish I could send some of it to you guys..... :(

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I know California is in desperate need of rain. If you have a moment, take a minute and send some healing energy and hopes to rain that way.

I don't see this being announced on a large scale until it is already happening. I see local governments doing small "evacuations" but nothing of a grand scale. I get that inside those semis is some kind of "snuffing" agent, and then I am shown a fire extinguisher. It is as if there is a chemical in these tankers that when exploded with help to snuff the fire out. They really don't know what to do, and are trying not to evoke a huge panic which is the reason for the national hush on this.

I do see the contamination spreading as far as city wide (with regards to the water supply).

I feel this earth needs some real healing, or else she will heal herself by any means possible...

Smiling Winds said...

Here is the link to the two buried trucks.
Might be different than the snuffers??

Alice Liu said...

@Smiling Winds - Here's a related article about the dumping of radioactive waste into the landfill itself: