Saturday, September 12, 2015

National Press Club, Christine Lagarde, Secret Message in Speech

Hi Lynn,  In January 2014 at the National Press Club, Christine Lagarde, director of the International Monetary Fund, gave one of the oddest speeches I have ever heard. In it she spoke about numerology, the magic number 7 and magic years. She threw out a lot of numbers and divided and multiplied them. It seems very clear she was giving a message to others as she starts out with “I do what I am told”.

Excerpts from her speech:
"Now I'm going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven"
"Most of you will know that seven is quite a number"
"2014, you drop the zero, fourteen, two times, seven"
"It will mark the 70th anniversary, 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven, of the Bretton Woods Conference that actually gave birth to the IMF"
"And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, 25th."
"It will also mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jitters."
"After those seven miserable years, weak and fragile."
"We have seven strong years."
"Now I don't know if the G7 will have anything to do with it."
"The global economy and what we should expect for 2014."
"So 2014 will be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in many respects"

Q. Anyway what was the message? A date? If so what happens on that date? Who was the message for?
A. I have seen that we are going to go through a monetary global reset, and right now people (and countries) are positioning themselves for that moment.  She is speaking out to key players (and the PTB) to let them know that the plans are in motion, and things are moving along.  She is advising them of the current timeline (since things change constantly due to the free will of others), so they can plan accordingly. 

I also get that as she speaks, and the right people pay attention, political and military movements will happen as a result.  The causes of these political and military actions will feel unfounded and weak, but necessary to keep some financial strength (or a stronghold on natural resources that are of value).  I also get that around this time gold and silver prices were not reflective of a true supply and demand value as the PTB began to falsely inflate the market with silver certificates (that cannot be honored, but serve the purpose of devaluing silver allowing those in the know to buy the physical silver cheaper).

At the time she gave the speech, the date was set for July 20, 2014.  This looks to be the date that the underlying work was being set up. The plan for the reset looks as though it was supposed to be in effect (and used in the population) around Christmas 2014 (I always see Christmas trees tied to this), but it is now being put off until this year.  I get "something intervened to buy them more time."  The "them" being the PTB.

As I quickly apply the principles of numerology (as I understand it, and may be wrong), to Christmas of this year, I get (12-25-15) 1+2+2+5+1+5=16, which then equals 1+6=7... We are back at the "7"..  Working with this "rule of 7," I see this manifesting into something around Christmastime of this year. (May be a strange synchronicity??) 

Investors, please watch your accounts.  Money can be made if you are cautious, watch for trends, and have the ability to pull out of the market if need be. Just stay on top of where your money is, and if you do invest in precious metals, keep a hold of the tangible investment.  I see saw teeth in reference as to how the markets will flow, so if you can buy low and sell high, you could be safe.. Just please, please do what resonates with you to keep your and your family's assets safe. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[Note:  Here is an interesting link to activities occurring on 7/20/2014:]


Alex said...

Hi Lynn

It would be great if you could reveal who these 'PTB' are.
My guess is that they are the G7 countries. Am I right?

Yes, 25 Dec 15 adds up to 7. But why are we omitting the year '20'15? If we include the '20' in front of 15, the number should become 9.

Flood said...

Their original date of July 20, 2014 is also a universal day of 7. If you use the Hans Decoz method of numerology. If someone's interested in numerology I found him to be a great source!

All this talk of key events taking place this month, September is the 9 month. Next year, 2016, is a 9 year. 9 is the end of a cycle, and is followed by 1, a reset, new beginnings, a new cycle.

I think many people who could be called aspirants, or initiates, on the spiritual path, have the numbers 7 and 9 located prominently in there numerology charts. It is said 7 and 9 are spiritual numbers. Team dark likes to use the 7 the same way team light does. From what I've learned they use the same magic, the same symbols and codes that the light does, they just invert them, adapt them to their purposes. Doesn't neccessarily mean that many of the symbols that team dark uses are inherently bad, whether they use numbers or an animal or whatever.

For those that follow the web bot, it is giving the same timing for economic collaspe/reset that Lynn is.

Flood said...

I bet some of those suits and stiffs who were listening to that numerology talk were like WTF?? :^))

AS said...

Hi Lynn ~ Seven may be a powerful number...but aren't 11 and 22 considered a Master Numbers? The speaker did not mention these numbers. I have read that they are Master Numbers. It's curious that she left that out however I am not surprised. Been seeing 11s EVERYWHERE for many years, all day, everyday. :)

Flood said...


They DO use 11 and 22 often! They also seem to like 13 and 33. They prolly have a thing for 8 too lol. Nothing wrong with 8 but if you remove the love from 8 it becomes materialistic and sometimes rather mercenary.

I have noticed that 11 and 22 sums come up more than other sums on certain days on pick 3 and pick 4 lottery. Significant days such as solar and lunar eclipses. Solstices and equinoxes. The 11th, 22nd, and 29th of the month. When significant astrological events are taking place. Even when solar flares or solar storms are taking place, these numbers seem to come up more. I don't know exactly how, or why, but they do.

PimpMyBrain said...

@Flood yes, i always check this number 7 and 9 on me this year. i was born 6 june and with 2015 it is my 6+4+2+1+5 = 9 Personnal year, end of cycle. And i have 34 years old, 3+4 = 7 and lots of other things(house number, car license plate, etc.). And everything i have started to feel/meditate/see/going in the True(if I can put it that way), were this year. That two number just stick in my head for a while.

Maybe synchronicity, i was just doing my personnal numerology here :

Thanks Lynn for this advices on the market ! Still i don't feel interested to make money on. Maybe a mistake with the incoming changes, but really don't feel pressed to do it.

PimpMyBrain said...

Damn ! i was born the 4th june ! Not the works better in the addition like taht. Need an "Edit" button here. ^^

The enlightened one said...

@Flood I have also thought that dates for astronomical events appear odd at times. Since it appears impossible from a rational p.o.v. that such events would be tied to numerological properties of dates, I have simply dropped it and not investigated it further. But your comment made me do so. I have gathered some statistics on the first solar eclipses in the 19:th and 21:th century. The result is mind-boggling.

The fact that 11 or 22 comes up more often is not strange in itself. Such differences may have statistical causes. However, the ultimate sum, the one you get once you reduce dates to a single digit, should be quite evenly distributed. We may call this the "ultimate" or "final" sum. The final sum should be eg. 5 as often as 1 or 9 statistically speaking. But with solar eclipses, they aren't. Below is my statistics.

It shows that final sums 2-4 dominate in the 21th century, while final sums 9-2 dominate in the early 19th century. It seems the distribution is quite similar in both centuries, only it has been "rotated" and moved upwards. This has no statistical of mathematical explanation whatsoever, and the only explanation would be that the lunar orbit has been purposely aligned so that eclipses occur more often on some final sums of dates than others.

Further research is needed to find out if the change in dominant final sums is gradual or more sudden.

21th C eclipses source data
First ca 31 eclipses of 21th century:
date sum final sum
jun21 12 3
dec14 11 2
jun10 11 2
dec4 11 2
may31 14 5
nov23 12 3
apr19 20 2
oct14 12 3
apr8 19 1
oct3 11 2
mar29 22 4
sep22 21 3
mar19 22 4
sep11 20 2
feb7 19 1
aug1 19 1
jan26 20 2
Jul22 22 4
jan15 10 1
jul11 12 3
jan4 9 9
jun1 11 2
jul1 12 3
nov25 13 4
may20 12 3
nov13 11 2
may10 12 3
nov3 11 2
apr29 22 4
Oct23 13 4
mar20 13 4
Final sum: number of times appearing
9: 1
8: 0
7: 0
6: 0
5: 1
4: 7
3: 8
2: 10
1: 4

19th C eclipses source data
First ca 35 eclipses of 19th century:
date sum final sum
14mar 18 9
13apr 18 9
8sep 27 9
7oct 18 9
4mar 18 9
28aug 29 2
21feb 17 8
17aug 28 1
11feb 17 8
5aug 26 8
1jan 16 7
30jan 18 9
26jun 28 1
26jul 29 2
21dec 20 2
16jun 28 1
10dec 29 2
6jun 28 1
29nov 38 3
25may 29 2
19oct 28 1
18nov 37 1
14apr 27 9
9 oct 28 1
4apr 18 9
28sep 29 2
24mar 20 2
17sep 28 1
12feb 17 8
13mar 19 1
7aug 27 9
1feb 16 7
27jul 29 2
21jan 18 9
17jul 29 2

Final sum: number of times appearing
7: 2
8: 4
9: 10
1: 9
2: 9
3: 1
4: 0
5: 0
6: 0

The enlightened one said...

In my opinion, reaching the sum of 11 or 22 when adding digits is not something special at all. On the contrary, it's quite common. In any range of integers, every 9th number will have the same final sum. If we examine numbers with final sum 2 in the range of 9947 to 1100, we will find that virtually all have 11 as sum prior to reaching the final sum:

9947 = 29 = 11 = 2
9956 = 29 = 11 = 2
9965 = 29 = 11 = 2
9974 = 29 = 11 = 2
9983 = 29 = 11 = 2
9992 = 29 = 11 = 2
1001 = 2
1010 = 2
1019 = 11 = 2
1028 = 11 = 2
1037 = 11 = 2
1046 = 11 = 2
1055 = 11 = 2
1064 = 11 = 2
1073 = 11 = 2
1082 = 11 = 2
1091 = 11 = 2
1100 = 2

Equal sign (=) means the the number to the right is the sum of digits in the number to the left. The above list includes all numbers in the range with a final sum of 2.

Flood said...

@The enlightened one

Hi! I see you are a math whiz! I am not! I know a good deal concerning astrology and numerology and I continued to see these sums come up on the lottery on certain days. So on a whim I went back and looked at the records of the lottery for the past several years and lo and behold they were appearing significantly more than other sums. Also I think you are talking about the actual calendar dates of astrological/astronomical events, and their sums? I was speaking of specifically the pick 3 and pick 4 lottery in my state. If you take the 3 numbers, or 4 numbers, that come up on certain remarkable days such as those I mentioned above, and you add them up and then reduce them with the numerological method, it appears that 11, 22, and also 29 come up significantly more than others. Since this is lottery you stop sometimes at say 29 or 11 and don't reduce any further. The sums that come up will give you a list of number combinations to play. Warning!! Their are many number combinations that a person would have to play to have a good chance of winning! You would have to invest anywhere from $100 to 200$ dollars a month to have a good chance of turning a profit, and even then you could end up losing if the pattern I observed stopped! And in lottery, the computer is very good at creating new patterns and cycles in order to discontinue people from catching on and winning. If you are a lottery whiz I'm confident that playing with wheels and other math formulas and equations would give you just as good if not better chances of turning a profit than what I observed, it's just that through an intuitive approach I did discover a pattern that could turn a small profit. No huge profit, remember this is just pick 3 and pick 4 I"m talking about. Also a person would have to check the records of the lottery in the state in which they play, in order to ensure that the pattern is also there in their state. Frankly, I don't think the pattern would continue forever. But if a person could play this pattern in multiple states all at once then you might really have something there.

And yes, I do believe the lottery is rigged. In a variety of ways. But as Lynn stated on a lottery post she did, if you are meant to win, you will win. I think someone was asking her about powerball.

I find your final statement theorizing that the lunar orbit has been purposely aligned striking. Like they have to have everything aligned in a certain fashion to work their magic. Like they have to have all the wires hooked up right to get the matrix to work properly. All is one, in a fashion. Everything is connected. This goes right along with what Ryno stated about the moon.

I think mathematics is a vast and somewhat unknown thing to human beings. Theoretically speaking, if the multiverse is all about balance(making sense), then if we find that a piece of data within mathematics is unbalanced and has no explanation, then we can supposit that somewhere within the true mathematical construct of the multiverse there lies an answer, some piece of data, that ultimately balances what appears to be unbalanced. This is what occured to me while thinking about present patterns within the lottery and also any future patterns or cycles that may show up within lottery in order to give balance.

Flood said...

@The enlightened one...I think it is very rational to supposit that astronomical events could be closely related to dates, and furthermore, their numerological properties!! Numbers are symbols, words are symbols. Behind those symbols, and meaning. All energy is connected, or related. The world is full of symbols and archetypes. Astrology is just astronomy and astronomy is just astrology. It all comes to together to form the physical world. Which is connected to the metaphysical world. To quote a favorite comic of mine, "Know what I mean, Vern?" :^)

Just a passing thought have you ever taken a look at the Mayan calendar and system of astrology? This is an example of what we are discussing. The Gregorian calendar is an example of what we are discussing as well I just list the Mayan calendar as an aid. I think the Archons and The Pope gave us the 5-day workweek and the Gregorian Calendar, so there ya go.

Yes, I thought it amusing when I saw 9 added to anything and then reduced per the numerological method would always bring you back to the same sum. If 6 were 9, that would be fine, that would be fine. 9 is quite divine, wouldn't you say? ;^)

Flood said...

@The enlightened one...regarding your first comment, I find that interesting that the 2 sum and 4 sum came up an above average number of times! Some of those were probably reduced from the 11, 29 , and 22. This shows that numerology is not junk science, or junk occult knowledge....regarding your second comment, the 2 sum comes up once every nine consecutive digits, the same as other sums/digits 1 thru 9. I'm confident you know this but when the chances of a sum 1 thru 9 coming up in the lottery are equal, and you get 11/2 and 29/2 and 22/4 sums coming up more than the others, that is the pattern that caught my attention.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@enlightened one: Thanks for that! That is awesome how you outlined all that!!

Other numbers (11, 22 are significant too), but this was pointing out 7. I always see 7 as tied to energetic shifts, and many times tied to finances. This was quite a moving speech, and to those that have no idea, I am sure they did sit there bewildered..

Thanks for the energy and time put into all these comments. Love and light-

Bilal said...

This is to much,have to take siesta and drink whiskey for understanding this

The enlightened one said...

@Flood That is correct, I was talking about the numerological properties of dates at solar eclipses, not lottery numbers.

However, your findings concerning lottery numbers are interesting. One explanation could be that the sum of lottery numbers tend to have the same sum as the current date, and since solar eclipses tend to occur more often on dates with final sum 2, that final sum would also be more predominant as a sum of lottery numbers on such days where solar eclipses occur.

A partial explanation could be that solar eclipses give energy to the numerological vibration of the date at which they occur, and helps to physically manifest this vibration in different parts of society such as lottery numbers.

As for the rationality of a connection astronomical events vs calendar dates.... Are you saying that the planets would behave as living things, moving around at their own accord, completely ignoring the laws of physics? I mean, I agree that numerology has great power, but only on chaotic, unpredictable systems. A planet in an orbit is a very predictable and stable system, that is hard to affect from a metaphysical level. That's why I consider it irrational.

I have only rudimentary knowledge of the mayan calendar. But I do believe that part of the underlying knowledge and understanding may have come from the atlantean survivors.

The enlightened one said...

It seems we both have discovered that the final sums follow a 9-integer long cycle.
But have you considered this:?
The digits needed to express 97125 (decimal system) with a 17-based numeral system can be computed as follows:
^ sign means "raised to the power of".
Only the integer part of result is used in computations.
97125 / 17^4 = 1 (first digit)
97125 - 1 * 17^4 = 13604
13604 / 17^3 = 2 (second digit)
13604 - 2 * 17^3 = 3778
3778 / 17^2 = 13 (third digit)
3778 - 13 * 17^2 = 21
21 / 17^1 = 1 (fourth digit)
21 - 1 * 17^1 = 4
4 / 17^0 = 4 (fifth digit)

Therefore, 1,2,13,1,4 in 17-based numeral system translates as 9,7,1,2,5 in the decimal system.

Let us add up the digits:
1+2+13+1+4 = 21.
21 is written as 1,4 in the 17-based numeral system, because to get 21, you must add 17 (17^1) one time, then add 1 (17^0) four times.
Lett as add up the digits in 1,4 as well:
1+4 = 5.

So the 17-digit range number 1,2,13,1,4 has a final sum of 5.

Now, let's find out what the last digit in 97125 would be if written with a 16-based numeral system:
97125 / 16 = 6070
97125 - 16 * 6070 = 5 (last digit)
We can therefore tell, that the final sum of digits of 97125 if written with a 17-based number system, is equal to the last digit if written with a 16-based number system. This is true for all numbers, not only 97125. Further more, it is true for all numeral systems with a difference of 1 between it's bases, including the 10 and 9-based numeral systems.

This also means, that if you ignore the tradition of not reducing 22 and 11 further, if you are only interested in the final sum, you can (instead of summing up digits) computing the last digit of the number if written with a 9-based numeral system.

Let's say we want to reduce 1982 11 3 (November the third 1982).
We could add up 1+9+8+2+1+1+3 = 25 = 2+5 = 7.
However, we could also compute the last digit in the number if written with a 9-based numeral system (... means the digits continue infinitely):
1982+11+3 = 1996
1996 / 9 = 221.777777777777777777...
221.77777777777777777777... - 221 = 0.77777777777777777777...
0.77777777777777777777... * 9 = 7

This also has other implications, because it means that not only the last digit in the 9-based numeral system can be used for numerological computations, but also the last digit in other numeral systems. I have personally studied this, and found it to be very useful. The last digit in numbers if written with a 5-based numeral system can easily be found if looking at the last digit in the same number written with the decimal system.

If the sum of month, day and year has a last digit of 2 or 7 in it's decimal form, this means the last digit in the number if written with a 5-based numeral system is 2. We can write this as 5:2. This indicates that the native (the person whom the birthdate belongs to) is isolating himself from the world. Many hermits have this property in their birthdate. The reason is that 2 is an introvert, receptive energy, and 5 is the energy of social life, experiences and travel. So the combination 5:2 means that a person isolates himself from life and it's experiences. The person may also be shy or socially withdrawn.

John Casey said...

I wonder whether there were "messages" like this one Legarde gave, and the Kali projection on the Empire State Building, back in 2000 and 2001 prior to the 9/11 attacks.