Thursday, July 2, 2015

Greece and Other World Economies

Q. Could you do a reading concerning the situation about Greece. According to the mainstream media people are desperately collecting their money from the banks. And why is the EU so concerned about saving Greece or is it a back door for the relocation of money. Maybe there is more to it than they will tell us.
A. I do see Greece is in a very uncertain place right now.  They feel so vulnerable that a small act of free will can really alter the results.  If they stay on the current momentum, I get that the demands for repayment for their current loans will not be able to be paid. They do not have the economy to support such large repayment plans (and still survive).  They were desperate and agreed to their current terms for support that they hoped (but feared) they could meet.

I see that a plan is being devised to somehow cut them loose from the European market (almost like they are being insulated so their economy situation cannot have as much damage on the European market).  I cannot see another bailout happening, but rather some kind of creative "buy out" happening.  Resources Greece has looks to be sold off (l see it like an auction??) and that money will go back into the economy.  I also see their government being forced to "sweep" some money from the higher balanced banking accounts.

I actually don't see the EU as being as worried about saving Greece as they are about protecting the other countries.  It is more about how to NOT allow Greece to cause harm to the other markets, and HOW to help Greece in a way that isn't more loans (hence the "auction" and buying things for pennies on the dollar).  The EU realizes that Greece cannot pay the debt as outlined in these newer bailout plans, and Greece agreeing to the terms only prolongs further damage to Greece and the EU. [They EU doesn't want Greece to agree to any bailout either..]

Q. What is going on with the other world economies, specifically the dollar, stock markets and precious metals?
A. Every time a country has economic trouble it reinforces that a reset of sorts needs to occur.  I see the IMF (working with the UN) really pushing to get a world currency that they (the IMF and UN) have control over.  The issue with Greece is making the IMF close to getting this pushed through.  The hardest part of the new currency is the transition, and that is what is being discussed.  I see it isn't an issue of why, but rather the when and how..

The dollar is still volatile.  I get an image of it floating like a bubble, and nothing is holding it up.  It only holds worth because people look at it as having value, but the dollar itself is truly worth nothing.  Then I hear that something is only worth what someone is willing pay for it.. and we pay and do work blindly in exchange for it (the dollar).  Again, I see the Christmas tree, and see that if the current time line stays in effect, something significant will happen this winter.

Stock markets look (and I hear the word, "cautious").  It is as if everyone is on edge, and just waiting and watching.  I do see a plunge tied to the Greece event, and it takes a while to recover.  [Don't live in fear, but watch what is going on around you, and do what resonates with you.]

Precious metals.... I see a flip flop happening when the dollar finally starts to crumble.  These metals have been suppressed for so long, that once the dollar is publicly known (without doubt) to have failed, the price will go much higher.   I see that gold rises slightly, but silver will at least double if not more (physical silver, not the paper certificates).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


siketa said...

There are lots of signs and predictions something important could happen in Q4/2015.

mobius CDXX said...

They put greece in the corner lik a forgotten stepchild :'(

mobius CDXX said...

Share a similar feeling..last couple weeks feel lik im walking on eggshells..even the corporation in which i work feels very brittle tho not from the outside..relationships have been crashing..lies all around me from personal to business wise being exposed..then the topics on disclosure is still a main headline..not cause of landing craft more the cause in the direction our sol travels as we follow..towards the grand central star ..which in turn is more terms of energy..more exposure. Lik crunch time and waiting to a last minute of releasing all these topics in a way that things dont boil over and turn for worse. Which im confident itll take place fine. Dwarf star still nearing..ppl getting frustrated with works not finding a freedom solution. Feels lik all the walls are falling at the same time but everything is still i remain still..and continue to read listen and participate where the wind flows..

susan said...

Hi Lynn,

I am sure the Greek government knows that Greece could quickly get back on it's feet economically if they took the Russian deal/support and exited from the European Union...but they (Greek government) still try to stay within the European Union............why???

The Greek people do not understand that it is in their best interest to leave the European Union but I believe the Greek government does. Why doesn't the Greek Government try to educate their people? Does the Greek Government still hope for their people's support to leave the Union with the referendum this week?

Does the Greek Government believe they could be assassinated if the make a deal with the Russians? Can you see if the European Union would try to assassinate some members of the Greek government if they accept a deal with the Russians?

Can you speak of the Russian/Putin reasons for offering support for Greece to leave the European Union? Does Putin know well the evil deeds of the European Union and their ways to gut a country's resources?

Any hope that Greece will be brave and take the first step to break this economic system designed for the elites.....

Thanks Lynn as always!

Alex said...


Which of these Asian currencies will rise the most when the dollar crashes? (Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, Singapore dollar)

Most of these currencies are tied to the US dollar, will they crash as well?

susan said...

What will happen to the Canadian dollar? Thanks!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@susan: I see if Greece sides with Russia, then it looses the support of everyone it has now (which doesn't feel like much). But, in addition to loosing support, it has this "feel" of creating an enemy. No country really wants the US against them (the US has a lot of resources and is very intimidating). I don't see Greece doing that without knowingly making enemies that it can't afford to fend off.

The canadian dollar is tied (but doesn't look dependent) on the dollar.I see it going to some wild fluctuations doing exchange rates, but will stabilize at a slightly lesser value. Once the world currency gets issued, I see it slowly phasing out.

@Alex: I see the Yuan rising the most (or being the most stable) as China has really thought this out and prepared themselves for this (while helping to instigate the fall of the dollar).

Anonymous said...

@Susan: Research BRICS bank and also the AIIB to understand why Russia is trying to woo Greece. It would be a large achievement for those organizations and another nail in the coffin for the US dollar and IMF/World Bank.

Juli T said...

Great reading Lynn.

Of course, if you deal with Russia get ready to be the new terrorist media trend.
I feel so for the greeks these days, they say getting over this is going to be harder for them than it was for us in Argentina in 2001. And that was hard.
Let's hope for the best for them.

susan said...

Hi Lynn,

Could you look into the mind of the Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis on this important day for the Greek people...

Is he really trying to help the Greek people, as he says or the European Bankers/World bankers? If for the bankers why??? He is greek, why would he sell out his own people?