Monday, July 6, 2015

Airplanes Over Australia

Q. Dear Lynn, In Sydney right now, there are airplanes (that look like normal commercial airplanes) passing by our area here in an interval as short as 2 minutes. They have kept coming one after another and only stopped for a few hours. It has happened this intensely for 1 day and a half already - or more (so you can imagine how many had flown by). Now they don't even use military helicopters or police cars around this area but normal-looking private-used cars.

What in these air-planes that you see? Do they carry important people or something else important? What are they preparing for? What event is about to come in the following weeks or months in this particular area or even the whole Australia?  Thank you so much for your help. With love and many blessings.
A.  I get this activity comes and goes.  I see an image of islands that is to the east or northeast of Sydney that is really the place of interest.  They are flying over Sydney going to and from this group of islands that looks to have a semi secretive base (people know it is there, but isn't really talked about and is downplayed when it is addressed.

Then I ask, What is on this island base that is taking up more activity..  It has this "feel" of housing some key people during some kind of negotiation.  Because these key people are here, the security and alert is extra high.  I get there is a secret meeting place, and more than normal face to face interactions are occurring right now.

Who is there?  Who is this key person?
The message I hear is that these are people that are meeting that you wouldn't normally expect to see together or would be highly suspect of something happening if you were to see them together.  I also get that it has to do with a drill on the eastern shores of Australia, like people are pooling up to come to the rescue after this "event" happens.  They feel tied to security and safety.  I keep seeing images of Russia (and ask what they would be doing there??) and there is some kind of secret alliance forming (then I pose, Why?) and I get it is because if they secretly make an alliance with Russia (and it has to be on the quiet), then Russia will promise to help protect them [Australia] from the "ISIS" situations that are going on in the world.  There also needs to be some kind of false flag (with troops close by to form a rescue) in order to be able to talk and convince other lawmakers that this alliance is a good idea and in the greater good for Australia.  I don't see this as a blatant, in the open deal (in fact there is some shame tied to it), but feels necessary for the protection of the people.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Baku Matsumoto said...

Interesting Lynn!! When China attacks Indonesia/Australia, will Russia stand by Aussie side?? Is Russia making the same deal with New Zealand???

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn, what about the strange weather and storms/floods which will reach the area later this year? You did a reading on this subject earlier. Do you still get the same picture? Thanks

Juli T said...

Does it have something to do with the situation in Nauru island and all the immigrants they're keeping away there in terrible conditions?
When I learn about that I thought they may do a false flag or something as an excuse to not let any immigrant in, like 'see, we told you they were bad, so stop asking to give asylum to these terrorists'.
They don't even have food much less a gun, but the government needs to make something up because it's a humanity disaster what they're doing there and they're not coming up with any solution.

Thank you Lynn!

Blimpy Peach said...

@juli t it's disgusting what they are doing, it's now a punishable and jailable offence for doctors working on the immigration islands to report any kind of child abuse or sexual abuse that happens. How gross is that!

Juli T said...

@Blimpy yes! I read last week I guess about a pediatrician who spoke out like a day before the law entering into effect. I was shocked.
I always thought about Australia as one of the coolest countries but after realizing all this.. their politics are no different from the US
It's illegal to speak! It's a science fiction movie.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Baku: I do see Russia trying to strike a deal with Australia. I also see them trying to work an angle with New Zealand, but Australia is their focus. I still get Australia has some feeling of shame tied to this. Australia will do this to avoid an attack by China..

@Watchand Knock: I do. I always get the same image of storms hitting the northwest area (mainly beachy feeling area) of Australia.

@Juli and Blimpy: What you describing sounds right, but I felt like the island of interest was even closer. Interesting point though… Definitely worth thinking on, and so sorry feeling for the conditions surrounding that area .

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks ! Did you possibly mix up NW and NE? Because in your prior reading you spoke of QLD (=queensland)which lies in the NE portion of the country. (

Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn

Does this sound true??? Very scary indeed. Invasion plan of west coast.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@watchand knock: You are right... I was east and said west. Good catch!

@Baku: It does sound true and is very scary, but please don't let fear get the best of you.. Keep your mind in a good place. :-)

Juli T said...

Oh Lynn! Now you mention China, you know recently our freaky president gave the chinese a huge piece of land here in Argentina, with no adjustment to our laws at all, where they can do whatever they want for 50 years (not five, fifty!). They are building something but nobody knows what. You can only see a huge antenna.
No need to say there was corruption involved, it's normal here. I guess they're gonna use that base to control other countries (real enemies, not us, we don't even count as one to any country) but anyway is like a silent chinese invasion.
Maybe this has something to do with your reading.
Sounds like the chinese are getting serious.

This is the place

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Juli: That is scary and serious.. Wow!

PimpMyBrain said...

In France, some partnerships seem to ride since a moment. Even a "well" known "espionage building" is in the Val-de-Marne at Paris. (in french, just for the picture).

A hudge chinese factory of milk powser is built not far where i leave. They ask for some quantity of production , at first time and when the contract was conclued, they doubled the basic quantity... it is just insane... don't know if it will stay enough milk for the country with this hudge deal... we are the land of agribusiness in France and China eyeings aggressively on our production... if we continu to satisfy their demands, we will run in ecological and health disaster...

Did you see something specific with China and France in futur ? confrontations ? big business deal ? Slave/master relation ? other ?

Thanks as always Lynn ! :)

Juli T said...

@PimpMyBrain are you from France? Does anyone there question the Charlie Hebdo incident? Or everybody thinks it was real? Thank you!

PimpMyBrain said...

i would not lie, a large, mass majority of french people trust the "official" theory. I couldn't think of the opposite. But when they have done their counter-conspiracionist propaganda, the media polls shown a surprising 20/25% (even 30) of respondents disagree with the official thesis. Of inside, not all, a big part, think it was not a complete "internal job". So, mass majority still in the media/official hypnose and more and more people thinking that something is wrong about all the mess around. Like everywhere in the world, i guess. This "False flag" at Paris had/has/will open awaken more people to the truth, like the next event will do it too...

Juli T said...

Thank you Pimp! Last couple of days I've been watching some videos about the incident (like footage of Charlie Hebdo's staff laughing their brains out whit Hollande in front of them) with so many proof that the joke was on us. I knew it was a false flag but I never got into it deeper. The videos were from people out of France (there was another one but I couldn't understand the guy with the french accent! :p ) and now I see you're french so it was a perfect 'coincidence' to keep asking.
Anyway it's great you had official polls done, it's more than clear not everybody is buying it.
Thank you!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PimpMyBrain: I did not see anything with France come up in my reading, but perhaps I need to do a follow-up to my world events as we start to see things happening around us daily… I will save this and do a big post on it.

@Juli: I also did a reading on the Charlie Hebdo event.. Very sad and the lies that came afterward really make it hard for some to get closure.

Juli T said...

Yes I remember that reading! You saw the only real victim was the 'suicided' policeman who worked on the report. But just a few days ago I started looking for footage and stuff and it's clearer than I thought. People laughing sadistically, the wife and brother of the 'dead policeman' (the image we saw in the media which is a big fat lie but most of the people seem to bought it) couldn't avoid to laugh in a press conference. Proofs are clearer than any other false flags I know.

There's a theory saying that the head of Charlie Hebdo (some of the 'deads') made a deal because nobody read that magazine and they were in bankruptcy, so they would receive money (it was bought by some big media corporation linked to the Rothschilds or some creepy family like that) and part of the deal was to be really offensive to the Q'ran and islamists and go along with the 'terrorist attack'. Do you see that kind of a deal taking place? I mean...if they were literally laughing so hard, they weren't in panic, I don't think they were coerced in any way, it was jut a deal and they were cool with it.


Anonymous said...

Could it be Lord Howe Island by any chance Lynn?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Juli: There was a lot of corruption surrounding the Charlie Hebdo event.. What you are describing does resonate with me.

@Tony: The location of Lord Howe Island does feel right... Curious if there is a military base or some secret "thing" there..??