Monday, June 29, 2015

Tunisia Attack and ISIS

Q. Hi Lynn, would it be possible to do a reading on the shooter at the latest Tunisian atrocity were nearly 40 people were killed and many injured.? I understand that ISIS is behind this or claims to be, and their backers are the UK and USA, Most of the victims are British and find it hypocritical of our government to put the flag at half mast. Please, what is your take? Many thanks.
A. I first get that the term "ISIS" has essentially supplied the world with a scapegoat term for any type of terrorist activity. It is as if almost anything can be done, and then blame it on the term "ISIS." It doesn't even have to mean that the act itself is carried out by Britain or the US (which I always see in my mind as the root of the ISIS sources). Then I get that the first countries to report and confirm an act as being carried out by ISIS are in reality (in some subliminal way) saying "IS US." I also get this is why the president has a hard time saying "ISIS" and chooses the word "ISIL" because he understands the underlying mind trick being used by this term.

To go a little deeper into this attack on Tunisia, I see it really being carried out by some Israeli group using "ISIS" for a cover. I also get that all these countries know the "real story" of who is doing what, but play along for the "sake of the people." It is easier to hate one group than go into several issues with several different countries. Israel wants some kind of support or backing, and is trying hard to make it happen by getting people on their side. Then I hear that "the enemy of your enemy is your friend," and that is the thoughts going into this. I see Israel as being in a tough spot right now and is trying hard to sure up alliances.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light-


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn

There are many iligal immigrants flocking from Africa to Europe. So far, EU has not taken drastic countermeasure. Do you think EU countries will put the gun on those immigrants in near future? Many EU countries do not have enough job/resources to abosorb those immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! my boyfriend is tunisian and we got in a big argument because I just knew that US/Israel is behind this. For him because there are terrorists in the mountains to the west, and the war in Libya to the east, that AK47's would be easy for Daesh sympathizers to get. I was telling him that although it's a popular weapon, that it still costs 1000's of US dollars on the black market which would be hard for even a terrorist to afford (although somewhat modern, tunisians have a lower standard of living and some are downright poor) especially when they will be captured afterwards. They would rather use it for the actual wars going on. I also was telling him that the synchronicity of 5 attacks is just not capable by Daesh WORLDWIDE, they only have that capability in Iraq, Syria, and surrounding countries. Especially when the terrorists who committed this had never even been to Syria. But he was angry about this opinion because this mindset (that the US/ISrael is behind everything) is very widespread but there is no proof. People start to detest the West because of that they join terrorist groups due to not having all the information, unfortunately playing right into the hands of Zionists who wish to break up the countries of Syria and Iraq. As such he wants to keep conspiracies away from that, and to make sure that a Tunisian has the proper education and would never do this. But he won't understand that even if not a single Tunisian picks up arms, that all they will do is bring someone from Algeria or Libya to do it. For some reason they do not want Tunisians to prosper as tourism is one of their biggest moneymakers.

But again, thank you, now I know what to look for if anything "concrete" get leaked regarding this. Hoping WikiLeaks or Snowden have something.

PimpMyBrain said...

Well, thanks for the reading !

So Israel makes fun with under cover actions (which is not new) against some countries (here tunisia) to try to bring them (targeted countries) to its side. But this targeted countries know about all this mess... seriously, Israel knows why is his in a hard spot.. bullying "friends" is not good long term tactic... Do you see the back fire on Israel government soon ?(karma purge)

@Baku the immigrants flooding Eu seems to be an agenda to "destabilize" all the social economy in EU. With the Down of the EU economy just after greek default payment to German finance (with the bankruptcy of the DeutschBank), that will done a big chaos (as they hope). With the 3bail-in" law forced to be accepted by all EU countries, our maney is targeted to a final racket !

On the immigant topic, Lynn, do you see this immigrants flooding be monitored by this Non-Governmental organization IOM (International Organization for Migration) ?

Thanks for your precious time you grant us ! :)

Juli T said...

God! Yesterday I was thinking exactly on that phrase "the enemy of your enemy is your friend" (and ho it doesn't work for me of course).
I'm feeling frustrated, on saturday I was trying to explain to my family how I thought this was a fake, how ISIS didn't exist as they make us believe.

See what I mean how hard it was the last group meditation on feeling the oneness with this kind of criminals?

I few days ago I was reading something and I couldn't get why they called ISIL instead of ISIS, like make up your mind already!

@Baku they're perpetrating horrible things against those immigrants. Check about Nauru island. I think these 'attacks' serves them as an excuse for not give them proper asylum.

God help us open our eyes.

Robert Schoen said...

I love Lynn's psycholinguistic breakdown of ISIS as IS US. It reminds me of her earlier observation the "Ice Bucket Challenges" that were a big fad awhile ago was conditioning to make us "shiver" at the name ISIS (Ices)

For me I will always think of the cartoon series Archer whenever I hear Isis, which was the name of their spy agency until they were forced to change it by their network FX. The great thing was that during the first episode where they dropped using the name Isis the boss of the agency explained that their operations were taken over by the CIA. Touche'

Alpha X said...

I always see ISIS like you do Lynn, as IS US, which always makes me think of Israel-United States, or Israeli-United States which could also be interpreted as IS really United States. When I see ISIL I want to put an N at the beginning and then look at it backwards - LISIN.

samferina said...

I use to love the name Isis still do! always said I wanted to name my next fur baby that way before this terrorism group came up. Now everybody associate it with that instead of the real meaning for the Egyptian moon Goddess. They took a beautiful and powerful name and turned it into all this ugliness :(

Raymond G said...

I think it is interesting that they give legitimacy to the organization by constantly referring to is as ISIS ( Islamic State Iraq Syria ) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant). By definition they are recognizing it as a legitimate organization. Using the terms ISLAMIC could be a marketing giving recognition to new recruits.

I took a cab about a month ago and the taxi driver was from Tunisia. He referred to them as DAESH (al-Dawlah al-Islāmīyah fī al-ʻIrāq wa-al-Shām (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham). Apparently that upsets the leadership of ISIS. The term that ISIS does not like.

If you ever want an update of current events and want an honest opinion.......ask a taxi driver.......they'll give it to you every

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Baku: Eventually they will need to block them in some way. I too see the huge influx of people into EU.

@scorpio1995: It will be interesting to see if something unfolds in wikileaks.

@PimpMyBrain: Israel still has some left in them before this truly backfires. There looks to be a lot of energy surrounding that country that is allowing this to continue. It cannot go on forever, but I cannot see any kind of a collapse soon. There is a lot of money and influence pumping out of that area.

I do see the immigrant situation being highly monitored.

@Everyone: As always, thank you so much for the comments and feedback! Love and light-

Juli T said...

Lynn when you say there's a lot of energy surrounding that country, you mean some kind of negative energy that helps them to continue? Like something else besides money and power?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Juli: Yes, I do see it that way.

Juli T said...

Wow they have all to keep their destroying machine. Incredible.

And yet there's a lot of people all over the world (myself included) fighting them back. It's David against Goliath but we don't care, we just do it for the cause and that alone is beautiful.

Thank you Lynn!