Saturday, June 27, 2015

REMINDER - Weekly Meditation Tomorrow 6/28/15

Scheduled Meditation with a Weekly Focus

Hello everyone!  I had a great idea submitted to me to hold a weekly meditation with the goal being to focus on one topic each week.  Once you go into the meditation and feel yourself as being balanced, send healing, love and positive energy in that direction of that weeks focus.  Collectively we can make a difference (and it is important that you realize and believe it!).  Intent is everything!

I would like to set this up for 9 AM EST each Sunday for four consecutive Sundays.  If you cannot join in at 9, join in when you can.  Positive thoughts are always welcome whether you are meditating, riding in a car, or sitting quietly for a few moments at work.

Here is a schedule (that we can modify depending on comments that come in)..  Let's start on June 21st in celebration of the summer solstice (when energy is already high). 

June 21st:  Focus on a collective conscious rise in vibration with a focus on togetherness, oneness and connectedness to each other.  Realize we are all one.
June 28th:  Take our oneness and use that strength to address any past karmatic issues or trauma housed in the oneness (crimes against humanity or other beings).  Dismiss them and strengthen the bonds between all of us elevating our vibration along the way. 
July 5th:  Focus on healing the earth.  We have all the resources we need to live, and when we continue to give back to the earth, it will continue to provide.  We are surrounded with abundance.  *On this same topic A Man Called Dadaforwarded me an article regarding healing water.  If we all took some time to do this (on a small or big scale), this could be a beautiful step in putting energy and healing into our water.  I encourage you to read this and share it.
July 12th:  Focus on banishing the effects of fear.  See items causing fear (finances, politics, etc) as a statement of knowledge and learning, but disengage from the emotion (which just makes it stronger).  Eventually these tactics become ineffective, and from there peace can begin to blossom.

I look forward to "seeing" you there.  Love and light- Lynn


Robert Schoen said...

I feel a very strong and expansive connection that's still going on with this meditation. I started with the intent to dissolve my own past life/ karmic issues and those of my son who was greatly affected recently when these issues erupted, and to family members who had been affected by past and current life events, then spread out to my city and then country and then the world, thinking about world history or war and greed, but also about our great achievements in art and culture and wishing these could be the guiding forces to humanity.

I set my intent on us as humans achieving that connectivity with each other for empathy and to the oneness so we can recognize the truth and be released from past patterns of negativity and manipulation forever.

Raymond G said...

I asked that people be given a second chance and I asked help be given to all those refugees from Iraq and Syria that are flooding the Middle East. I asked that He help the people in Tunisia and France that were recent victims of terrorism. And peace for those in Charleston, S.C.

What I thought was unusual was that as I talked myself through the chakra colors and surrounded myself with a bubble, it was business as usual. But as soon as I asked God to help the recent victims, my body got all tingly.......I felt a vibration moving through my whole body, I felt a bit warmer and I got a bit lightheaded. As soon as I stopped praying for them and asked for Forgiveness, I returned to 'normal'.

Grace Simmons said...

Meditation started early last night at the first fare thee well show. Young and old
together,love and light every where! 60,000 and some all in the moment. Check out the picture.
No words needed......

Bill Ramirez said...

" Collectively we can make a difference (and it is important that you realize and believe it!)."

Bill Ramirez said...

A toast to todays meditation -

Juli T said...

I started last night cause today I had a class and I figured I couldn't do it very well.
It was good because It was like a preparation. Figuring in my mind the 'oneness' and forgiveness of the crimes against humanity took me some work (it was hard to picture myself united with a zionist killing palestinians for example, but I wanted to be true and not faking something I didn't feel, so it took me long to put myself in everybody else's shoes and understand them).
So today at 11 am (local) I let my mind go in the middle of the class tuning on the results of my thoughts of the night before. I felt a tingling like you @Raymond in me whole body instantly. I mostly asked for everyone to realize it's not 'us against us', that we're just taking the rap (if that's the correct expression, I don't know how to put say it in English) for somebody else's plan, that those are/were not our wars.
I can totally feel the difference between my meditations and the group meditations, it's much more powerful.
It's hard for me to be cool with humanity so these two past meditations were almost a philosophical and psychological work for me :p The next one about earth and nature it's gonna be an easy one!

I'm really happy we're doing this! :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@everyone: Thank you everyone near and far that was able to join in today. Love and light to you!