Saturday, June 20, 2015

REMINDER - Weekly Meditation Tomorrow 6/21/15

Scheduled Meditation with a Weekly Focus

Hello everyone!  I had a great idea submitted to me to hold a weekly meditation with the goal being to focus on one topic each week.  Once you go into the meditation and feel yourself as being balanced, send healing, love and positive energy in that direction of that weeks focus.  Collectively we can make a difference (and it is important that you realize and believe it!).  Intent is everything!

I would like to set this up for 9 AM EST each Sunday for four consecutive Sundays.  If you cannot join in at 9, join in when you can.  Positive thoughts are always welcome whether you are meditating, riding in a car, or sitting quietly for a few moments at work.

Here is a schedule (that we can modify depending on comments that come in)..  Let's start on June 21st in celebration of the summer solstice (when energy is already high). 

June 21st:  Focus on a collective conscious rise in vibration with a focus on togetherness, oneness and connectedness to each other.  Realize we are all one.
June 28th:  Take our oneness and use that strength to address any past karmatic issues or trauma housed in the oneness (crimes against humanity or other beings).  Dismiss them and strengthen the bonds between all of us elevating our vibration along the way. 
July 5th:  Focus on healing the earth.  We have all the resources we need to live, and when we continue to give back to the earth, it will continue to provide.  We are surrounded with abundance.  *On this same topic A Man Called Dadaforwarded me an article regarding healing water.  If we all took some time to do this (on a small or big scale), this could be a beautiful step in putting energy and healing into our water.  I encourage you to read this and share it.
July 12th:  Focus on banishing the effects of fear.  See items causing fear (finances, politics, etc) as a statement of knowledge and learning, but disengage from the emotion (which just makes it stronger).  Eventually these tactics become ineffective, and from there peace can begin to blossom.

I look forward to "seeing" you there.  Love and light- Lynn


A Man Called Da-da said...

That's pretty early for Da-da (on a Sunday), but he'll try. He might do a big meditation the night before and "send" it to Sunday morning. With the mind, anything is possible.

Me too said...

Good idea Dada 6 am is a bit early for me too

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I thought you would be doing a reading on the terrorist attack against the black church in SC, or is that on your to-do list?

Jacob Hollar said...

Happy daddy day

Jacob Hollar said...

Happy daddy day

Robert Schoen said...

Felt a very gentle connectivity doing this meditation, as if a lot were sleepy still. I asked Pleiadians and sasquatch people to help amplify and connect us to like minded people around the world, imagining a grid of us linked around the planet with glowing energy. While doing this at a point this old song from the Eighties came in my head, "Around the world" by Daft Punk/
So glad we're doing this.

Juli T said...

Hi all.
I did it in two sessions. One last night before going to sleep and another one, shorter, today (I didn't know if I would wake up in time).

Last night a saw dark pink balls coming from our heads, forming a great circle and going up.
I had to make an effort in order to feel the'brotherhood' with man kind. So i started with people i know, or don't know but feel cool with them. I picture myself hugging you Lynn and @Diane Hamilton (I had read a comment of yours earlier that night).
I also picture very serious people standing up, with their animals behind (animals were all the time) like 'this is our land and we're serious about protecting this'.

Recently in my shorter one, I was sleepy so it was very different. I pictured a gay guy saying 'ok let's do this but lets do this NICE'. And a guy with mustache, like a single father of girls, with so much happiness about this.

The first one was a good training because it was really hard for me to feel the 'brotherhood'. It was a long road till I finally could connect with all man kind.

I'm so happy we're doing this.

Bee E-lightened said...

I envision people around the world light connecting to the source of light/oneness. I couldnt focus for long tho. I did 18 mins or so. 10 mins of guided meditation and the rest by myself.

Mark Noeth said...

Good luck with your meditation thing. I remember years ago on the Art Bell radio show (Coast to Coast AM) This would have been in the late 1990's They did a scheduled meditation with the radio audience and it went to well and he never did anymore. The results from the experiment really scared him.

whitelite 1111 said...

I immediately felt my body vibrating. I saw a vision of beings in space circled around earth holding hands and then hugging our planet.

Raymond G said...

I started by filling my body and the room with the seven chakras, then purple, gold and a bubble of white for protection. I sent a silver cord to the Heavens and wished Lynn and other followers of her blog peace and good will. I asked God and the Angels to help raise my vibration to make it easier to reach my Guides and asked Him to help the family and victims of the church shooting in Charleston.

Then I asked that Earth's vibration be raised and envisioned the Earth as a blue ball and then dark blue and purple. Then I envisioned the Moon and millions of tiny red hearts of love and yellow smiley faces radiating from the Moon and dropping to Earth.

I faded in and out a few times. It was harder than usual for me to get into it this morning. Most of the time I usually see a vision or sense something a few minutes into the meditation. Just a fleeting vision. But not this time.

Last time we did this Robert's angels said he heard our prayers. I wonder if someone who is gifted was able to 'hear' those of us that were participating at the same time or if anyone was able to sense the meditations ? I think Juli said she sensed something about the group. I wonder if Lynn would be able to meditate and 'look around' and see us ?

It was fun, thanks !

Juli T said...

Yes Raymond, this people came across my meditation, I guess it helped I was sleepy because I'm always more in control of what happens. :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Today was such a great day that I was outside and at one with the sun while I put out my intent. Thank you for everyone near and far that was able to join in.

Love and light (and Happy Father's Day too),

Anonymous said...

Juli T. Thank you so much for the hug!!! I really need it right now! Bless you girl!!
L&L Diane Hamilton

Juli T said...

@Diane you should have said so before! I'm happy to help ;) I put you on my last meditation again. Hope you're feeling better and everything's gonna be ok! <3