Thursday, June 25, 2015

Charleston Murders - Dylann Storm Roof

Q. Hello PF. Please could you do a reading on Dylann Storm Roof? The kid who murdered 9 black people in an African American church in Charleston. First of all, is that even his real name? Feels like an anagram. Secondly, what motivated the killing? Was he programmed to do it, or was it of his own volition? Why does the media seem to be protecting his image? Fourthly, is the confederate flag burning some sort of propaganda? I feel it is a means of distracting people from the real issues. Who is benefiting from these current racial tensions? Would really appreciate your insight on this case PF, thanks.
A.  I see the underlying agenda as being to start a race war to keep us fighting between ourselves.  As one issue dies off, we are presented with another to keep the negative energy flowing.  If we are in turmoil the government can come in and "save us" by taking away more rights (we will voluntarily give them up in exchange for "protection") and they can also act on other political affairs while remaining under the radar.  

The name is a fake.. When I look at the name I saw a separation DY LANN.. Then it morphed to "DIE LANN." [I did take a second to look up lann in the dictionary because I felt like it was telling my die "lann" and realized the etymology of lann means church in one of the forms]  This event was planned to happen in a church to evoke a stronger emotion from the population.  Then I get that this event happening at a church is the same analogy as Sandy Hook being said to happen at a school.  They both create intense emotions.

I see this person as really being some kind of Federal Agent being masked to be someone else.  He was chosen for his look (Caucasian, male, and looks much younger than his "real" age). I get he was paid off to do this, and will float through the legal system and eventually just kind of "vanish" like a witness in the relation program.

The ultimate goal of these false flags (aside from the breakdown of society rather than creating unity) is to get some kind of bill enacted in which eventually all guns have to be registered, and from there a tax / fee / paid license will occur.  I see it turning into a federal offense to own or possess a gun that isn't "taxed" to some extent.  Then I hear that guns (starting with long guns) will have to have some kind of stamp issued similar to how a "stamp" is issued to have a silencer or muffler (is the word I hear) on your gun.  

I also see some kind of plot diagram in the shape of the US being created with this knowledge, and the states lining the Mississippi and most of Texas are bright red in comparison to the rest of the US.  Guns looks to be sprinkled like pepper all over the US, but the concentration is closer to the Mississippi (both sides).  

I keep hearing this phrase and I cannot connect to how it pertains or where I am being directed, but the phrase is "All that we need for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing.."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-


PimpMyBrain said...

Nice reading as always Lynn ! Thanks !
Unfortunatly nothing change in the methods of the Power that Were... an infiltrated agent or mafia does the job, false name/identity, full emotion meter activated, rise again each other and privatization of rights again a false security...

Did the victims comman people ? Stupid question but well i asked it.

And for the sentence you keep hearing : It always the same thing, if "us" (good people) stay ther to do nothing (like rabbits trembling with fear), the evil can do whatever it want without fear of reprisal... the rabbits should realize they are tigers instead...

Bee E-lightened said...

This is getting old. When is planet x gonna hit?!

Ryno said...

I'm bored of this "game" they play and hopefully more and more people see the same patterns being recycled over and over again (liked drugged up, lone-wolf patsies). Nice job on breaking down the name.

Now you have the groupthink attack on the Confederate flag. I do understand the negative stigma in regards to slavery but that flag also symbolizes something else, independence! Independence from a tyrannical central government. Once you realize this you understand the sudden the major media and big business campaign against it. In a bit of irony, “we” remove the Confederate flag from our consciousness and/or associate only negative feelings about it because of the slavery of the past but we are still currently slaves to the TPTB. Well, those who choose to continue to play their game are anyway.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Then this culprit comes out free with different name, ID, even with different face after all???

AS said...

Heavy sigh... Everyone please take a moment and send Light, Peace and Understanding to all who have or lost loved ones in this situation, and to the African American and Caucasian communities. That there may be peace and we will all work together to get to know each other on a more personal level, and to see each others soul, rather than how a person looks.
(Angels please come and surround this situation all around the planet.)

A Man Called Da-da said...

That which is loved never dies.

They Live said...

Did anyone actually die? Like the case of Sandy Hook where actors/agents were used as family members etc. I feel this is the case here.

Many thanks!

Ryno said...

Not related to the shooting, but saw this today anyway. Looks like things are about to get serious in Space.

"The US Military Is Actually Prepping For War In Space"

OrangeRay3 said...

As usual Lynn, you are right on! Yes, everyone is still confused as to whether there actually are dead in these planned events or is it all acting? A mixture of acting and some real dead people??? Children????
Thank you sweetheart xo

Wendi Morrison-Merritt
Gaia Rising Now TV

Robert Schoen said...

...and the hits just keep coming. It's hard not to grow cynical with this ever growing list of false events, very analogous to Sandy Hook and it was sad to see the sentencing of Jahar in Boston, knowing he was probably reading a confession script to keep them from killing his mother.

August is the traditional timing for big events. Lynn, do you see anything big planned for that month and can we group focus to prevent it? Like you said all that's needed for evil to prevail is for the good to do nothing.

A Man Called Da-da said...

As a federal agent, how could you live with yourself after betraying your oath, your country, your fellow agents, not to mention your fellow human beings? Being an MKULTRA'd patsy is one thing, but a willing, PAID murderer is a different thing entirely. He won't be allowed to live very long, I'd bet. He knows too much. And like other cabal members and participants, his acts have also nailed him to the Karmic Wheel for at least another 70,000 year turn. Very sad, for everyone. Also interesting, as the Powers That Were went with a paid assassin this time and not a drugged up mind-control victim. Perhaps they're running out of them.

Juli T said...

I don't think anyone died. At least the mourners aren't real. Smiling the next day and forgiving the 'murderer' of their so perfect loving and caring relative. And "Storm Roof"? Really?!
They even look like reading from a sign behind the camera! They can fool a country with so little.

Lynn some people say the guy is actually John Christian Graas, a child actor who disappear a few years ago from the public eye. Do you see that?

Thank you again.

A Man Called Da-da said...

One more thing: notice how all this occurred during wave after wave of incoming CMEsand solar storms? The sun as 3-D illusion projector. When it starts to act up, keep an eye on events.

John Casey said...

Wow, thanks Lyn, as always. I was sort of dreading a reading on this but now I can't help wondering where in the vast labyrinth of government covert ops these events originate? Who dreams them up and who approves them? Would these all be coming out of a central planning group somewhere, and would that group be in government or -- as I would guess -- an outside "contractor" of some sort? Even for a smallish op like this, a great deal of coordination and resources would be required. And where is the media response managed? Too many questions. Sorry.

Raymond G said...

@ Bee Enlightened............Have you seen this ?

'For years it has been speculated by conspiracy theorists and some astronomers that Google Sky had been censoring what’s known as Planet X or Nibiru from the general public’s view online.

Now, shockingly, a massive swath of Google Sky that had been previously blacked out and censored has been made visible by Google for your viewing pleasure. The image below shows the system as censored by Google for years.'

Even if you don't believe in Planet X, it makes you wonder why that part of the sky was 'blacked out' by Google. They don't black out any area without being told to by the government. So, the next question is why did the government think that this area was important and why is it being 'unveiled ' now ?

samferina said...


Can you focus more on the victims? Someone said they really didn't die,but isn't that kind of dis respectful to the surviving family members and mourners? I can see what you said about him being fake and paid to do it, but as in the church members deaths? I see all the coverage of the funerals and can't see that it's all a stunt. I do believe that the nine did pass away just random people unwillingly chosen to be part of the "fake flag" agenda what do you see with this?

Bill Ramirez said...

they can parade lies through our minds all day and still we can see it to be lies, I don't think they NEED us to believe them, they put on the show cause they want to take up the space in our minds , they suck up our energy and try to drive our reactions..take away original reactions that otherwise would surly lead us to better outcomes.
To every lie theres is a truth, two paths.
if someone jumps in front of you while your on a walk in the park and stops you in your path and tries to pickpocket you and they dress like a official you should trust, you still can protect yourself . but when the day comes the official says "New rules, you NEED to give it up or else" you give it up..then another day comes and you can't even take the walk you once could cause you don't have anything left to give the person, so you avoid that become obsessed with the idea of that walk and want to do it get a few friends and walk theres an army of officials to stop you at the park gate.
all this trouble for a simple walk through a park right?
see it doesn't matter what park or if its a beach or whatever, God ain't gonna come down and fight to make that alright. What is the proper reaction?? why does it cause such a shock to do the right thing? were you waiting for them to change? to get bored and move along? oh cause they have television networks? guns? sticks? an army? the right reaction to this doesn't need TV networks of guns etc.. or approval, while we can still unite and think originally..that one reaction.... comes driving up with all its bells ringing like an ice cream truck on a hot summer day..just save a few pennys for what you want ..cause its gonna take every penny cause now you have all your friends with you ..forget about that walk..have some ice cream!! oh yea..pick a street and take a walk down that no mind to the lies keep your chin up..better ways aroundit show up, if ice cream doesn't come..order pizza

Bee E-lightened said...

@ Raymond G. I did read about it. I was mind blown. Its amazing. I dont know what the agenda is that they want to review it now. But then again mass media is waiting for the lamestreet media to tell them about this and everything.

samferina said...


In respective I see your view, but it's all about the history of the flag dealing with the reason WHY the South wanted to sucede from the North not a symbol of a tyrannical government as you see it to the vast majority of the population and a certain racial group. The first thing that comes to mind when most people see it IMO is NEGATIVITY ie.. racism and prejudice then in second a symbol of the South. I get the ideals behind it but there are many things/symbols that represents INDEPENDANCE some that are more positive i'm sure.A talk show host while discussing this said "would you tell a Jewish person room mate who has a nazi flag up that it's OK and only a symbol Because to them it's so much more" It's more of a paraphase can't remember the exact wording but it went alone something like that (I know the original swatsica was actually good thing before the nazi made it what it is known for now) well its kind of the same thing in regards to how people feel on the flag debate. Now on the other hand I know there are tons of people that have the flag and support it that is not racist it's just a representation of who they are and where they come from so I completely understand that aswell. I do agree with you that the games need to stop because no matter the reason behind it their sole agenda is to create chaos and separate US people no matter the cost. I just wish that we can have a new flag for this Era one for the entire human race that supports unity and enlightenment. All in all it's just my humble perspective.


Hannon said...

Let's not forget they get to use this event for branding certain kinds of folks, people like me to be exact. If I stand up for white people to have the right to a group identity, advocacy groups, organized community building or to defend our history and not be defamed at every turn, then they get to associate me with a lunatic who wants to shoot up Black Churches. It's this kind of group think, group guilt/guilt by association that they use to keep any kind of real opposition from getting up off the ground, not just for white issues but everything. It reminds me of the work Joseph Cambel did promoting mythology, as a means of freeing our minds. He did a bang up job of explaining the power of the story and archetypes in shaping who we are, but now we get both from the scum of the planet instead of from our own ancestors and families.

Anonymous said...

Psychic Focus, can you please do a reading on Tom Paladino and his Scalar Energy work (for a fee he sends you energy over a month's period to heal various ailments and he asks for a photo of the recipient) - is he a legit healer?

Juli T said...

@Hannon and now they are making news of Lynyrd Skynyrd's confederate flag

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Bee and Ryno: I know many people feel the same way. The important thing to focus on peace and not get sucked into these low vibrations.

@AS: Thank you for saying this. They do need our love.

@They Live, Samferina and OrangeRay3: To be honest I did get several Sandy Hook references when I did the reading. It was like they were parallel in some way. It felt more like it was the emotion given off, but it could be more. This all does feel fabricated and played up. I can’t confirm if they really died or not, BUT typically when I connect to a situation I will have a couple spirits show themselves to me, and I didn’t get any image like that.

@Robert: The big focus is for us to get through Jade Helm (it will be going strong then) and give people strength to not fall for the “drills” and “exercises” that they will be tested with.. I see that huge for August.

@Dada: You are right, but our system breeds (almost through psychologic mind control) certain types of people to carry out these missions. It is like their conscious is turned off.

@Juli: Much of what you say resonates with me. I didn’t get a name when I read this, but did get it was not his real name. It could be John Christian Graas (was he affiliated with the government in some way??).

@Dada: Very true!

@John: I see these groups as an affiliate of the CIA.

@Hannon, Samferina and Bill: Thank you so much for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to leave them.

Juli T said...

Thank you Lynn!

Yes, they say he is a marine (I just checked, I didn't know that).

On IMDB says "As of 2010 was in U.S. Marine Corps where he trained to become an aviator."

That guy is actually 33 (you said something about he looks younger than his real age).

I still can't believe they can fool so many with so little.

Thanks again for your light!

whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you for "looking in to this"! I was looking at his picture and it occurred to me that the Sandy Hook shooters hair was very similar. Then I thought about the aurora Colorado shooter, I had to google his mug shot and sure enough they all have the same bowl cut type hair. Weird...

Mark Noeth said...

Interesting read... The guy did as he was directed. I'm sure he was recruited by a group with kewl acronyms. The group may not be limited to just the U.S., but has ties everywhere of course. I'm neutral on most of the stuff going on now a days with the Government. It is what it is I will leave it at that. I know I will survive and the people around me will do so as well. I'm not against all they do. Some stuff is necessary.

The sentence you keep hearing is from Franklin or Jefferson...

Hannon said...

@ Juli T

I'm a Northern Yank who has lived in Central Connecticut since birth, but with all the assaults on the Confederate flag recently, it makes me want to fly one in defiance, but like Lynn said, I really don't want to get sucked into this pissing match. I do have to say, that I've been seeing more of them around in the last couple of years, mostly in the form of bumper stickers on cars, which would have been really odd in this place a decade or two ago.

@ All

I hope everything is going well with everybody, this is the busy time of the year for me and I haven't had much time. I just wanted you all to know I haven't forgot about you. Anyways, I'm off to enjoy a much deserved day off :-)

Juli T said...

Of course! I mean now even that music band is on the line. People get stuck so easily in this frenzy it reminds me of several Simpsons episodes. It feels like any symbol of free thinking (agree or not but everyone has the right to think whatever they want) is being stigmatized. Enjoy your day off!

Lynn do you see something about these two events on Tunez (you call it Tunisia?) and France? I've just heard of them and, of course, the bad islamists are to blame.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reading! I live in Charleston and as result know several people who was affected by the lose of these outstanding people personally so they were definitely real. Unfortunately black lives mean nothing to these people.

I also knew people who said they actually knew this guy from school as I lived in the same city as the killer before I moved. He was stated to be a quiet guy who definitely went to class. I can't imagine the government paid them off as that guy's comments were not publicized in any way.

And I want to inform you all who still want to make this about the flag that that flag was raised on state grounds by Strom Thurmond who wanted to scare blacks back into submission during the Civil Rights Era. So stand up for your right to be called a racist if you like.

I also cosign a reading on the events in Tunisia, France, and Kuwait (as it happened all around the same time). I know how ISIS operates, but the comments from scared Europeans are the real terrifying aspect.

Anonymous said...

I also feel very guilty about your last quote as I feel as it is directed towards me. Maybe that's just my ego talking but it's something I've struggled with since this happened since I'm one of the few people who really gets it. There's only so much I can do being out of the country, but at the same time I don't know what I'm supposed to do. No one will really believe me if I tell the truth, and even if I emulate MLK and even the senator Pinckney who was murdered they will get rid of me. The senator didn't even have to do much (just pass body camera bill and tangentially similar to MLK)and they decided to kill him. They've killed all our leaders. So what can the "good men" do if no one will listen to them and the bad guys have no conscience?

PimpMyBrain said...

Hello all !
I'm just back from work and see the news about the "attentat" in Isère in France.

Explosion, 2 wounded and one beheaded man. The author of the action has been arrested quite early after that by a fireman... i check the official speeches of the president, the prime minister and interior minister ... As always, it is the same scenario : "We already knew him on file, were were monitoring him but well, it's happen, mea culpa ! more police officers everywhere for "your security" !

And all this happened near a well know "salafist community" ... of course... people who live here say that this man arrived 6 month ago, inconspicuous, well-mannered, go back to home late and his family very friendly ... the "parfait" Hidden terrorist ... and it's happen just after a propaganda in the media, shows and officials warning speech, where "Everybody can go to ISIS and come back to kill people here ! No standar profil, everybody !" And so ...

When you are aware of the details on the media, you know when something will happen ... quite awfull feeling, but i am not scare about this, just hope that the 2 wounded and the beheaded are fake, otherwise i will have thought for family and them.

samferina said...


Thankyou so much I was wondering if anyone here knew the people or was from that town. like I stated before it just doesn't feel right or sit with me that those nine really didn't die like some have stated here. Also I cosign with you about the flag comment everything you wrote was correct, so talking about just having the flag for "defiance" purposes makes me think what's the real motive behind it,like showing your true colors IMO everybody has a right to their own of course but one or two comments here on this blog from a person really disturbed me. It's like a insult to what happened there. Thanks again for stating out loud your feelings.

samferina said...


I know you said you not sure if they really passed or not but what about all the pics from the funerals are those real bodies, mannequins, wax figures? I mean if you look at dailymail you can Cleary see the caskets. Also like with the Sandy hook there were dozen of evidence supporting that it was crisis actors that played the part. You really didn't get good images of the funerals of the kids plus it seemed like everything the media showed was from a distance all the people Interviewed was fishy and seemed to be rehearsed. Then you saw the same people dressed as different people being witnesses or part of emergency crew workers, so I think that Hook really was fake. I don't see or have come across anything that suggest the same here with this case so what I'm asking is were the nine crisis actors or paid volunteers? What about what scorpion said about knowing personally they died?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Juli : Thanks for the comment. I haven’t heard of the France event… I haven’t actually watched the news much, but I will try to look into it later.

@scorpio1995: I feel that the one thing good men can do is not subscribe to the system and rely more on gut instinct and intuition to guide them.

@everyone: Thanks so much for all the comments and feedback.

Hannon said...

@ scorpio1995

What do you think of this?:

Hannon said...

I really didn't want to through up my Dukes up on this one, but check out the price of a Confederate Flag right now: and guess who doesn't want us to have one? The bad guys of coarse:

Anonymous said...

@Hannon, My feeling is another brain washing attempt to divide. I would like to think we would welcome beings all cultures living in a peaceful and powerful harmony. This of course would be a threat to those in power. As an added note, Lynn talked about (going back before things started to really escalate) Texas wanting to be it's own state. She said Texas would be targeted for major weather changes. I am watching so many things she has stated happening before my eyes.

Juli T said...

Good links Hannon.

@Scorpio and @samferina We were saying exactly that they're making this about symbols (a flag) and race, and 'us', when is not even about that, is about creating more fear, hate and division, to keep us fighting and entertained.
I'm not even from your country so I don't wanna get into your own historic issues, but to me that flag and those people don't represent 'chasing blacks' like Colón (and several others much later)don't represent "kill aborigines' in my country, because it was another era, another set of mind, another set of values.
So no, I'm not gonna stand to be called a racist. I'm not offended, I'm really not because that's not even in my mind, but it's not cool to be labeling people like that, because if something we learn from Lynn's insights is that it carries an energy, a negativity that is not good for you, for me and for any of us, and that's exactly their plan. We shouldn't make this so easy for them.

@PimpMyBrain thanks for the info! Is the same story again and again. Meanwhile La France, the UE and Australia hold immigrants hostage on those terror camps but they have so much bad luck they always let in the terrorists ones!

Anonymous said...

@Hannon I didn't watch too much of the video as I believe I get the point, it's just "fearwashing" by either paranoid people or even racists. I am in the French capital which has nearly as many non white peoples and I have never felt that this city is "less" French. Their kids go to French schools, they speak French (also the language of their homeland), they do French things. It's like suggesting New York is no longer an American city, it's ridiculous. I absolutely love the fact I can go to the northwest and eat Bangladeshi, the east to eat Tunisian/Chinese, etc. In fact most of the immigrants are from previous francophone countries (same with Britain with previous colonies), so they already understand French culture as well. Thing is, if you want your "pure" French culture just stay on the right bank. There are no people of the darker variety there, and I'm sure it's the same in London. There is no invasion, they just want a better life for themselves and children and they go to the country that colonized them because it's easier. As such, if Britain/France didn't want this to happen maybe they shouldn't have used up/installed puppet regimes in those people's countries, as most would even rather be home but monetarily it just wouldn't work. In regards to Muslims, they keep to themselves mostly. They just want to be able to practice their religion and live in peace, but the French stop the building of mosques and the police harass them. People with terrorist mindset are rare, but some get radicalized due to hate they receive from some French. Others were criminals that found God so of course they don't represent the average Muslim. I just wish everyone would participate in Ramadan (I am), as it's a very beautiful cause and everyone would benefit from it.

@Juli Regarding the flag it was not just dusted off from a museum to be on the State grounds, but was used as a symbol of terrorism by hate organizations such as the KKK who murdered thousands of Blacks and terrorized many more. This was only 70 or so years ago, just as our grandparents can tell us about Jim Crow, racists are still raising their kids to be racist. I would say about 30% of the white population in SC proudly wear Confederate regalia, some of course for Southern "pride" but others definitely reminiscing of a time of Southern SUPERIORITY. This area is also very segregated so they can be nice to blacks (racism is now unpolite) but with their own they say absolutely awful things about blacks.It's absolutely an attitude problem, and I think taking down the flag is a great first step. They have to know that the entire mindset is poisonous, not just promising not to say nigger in public.

Juli T said...

The flag can be used for twisted values, that doesn't mean that flag is that values, or that everybody feels the same about it, as knowledge can be used for good and bad means, and so on.
The kkk used white costumes, that doesn't mean white clothing are poison and should be prohibited.

I see you're pretty much into that mindset, so you keep your path, I'll keep mine, and I hope sometime we can be on the same one.
In the meantime, I won't take your low vibes, as Lynn says, we must send them back to where they came from.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Great comments everyone! Thank you all so much for taking time and energy to share. Love and light-

Hannon said...

@ scorpio1995

I see a lot of Ad Hominem assumptions in your response, although I have yet to see any objective discussion on the material I posted, which you admittedly didn't view for such a lengthy retort. I do have to say that you did prove my point in your comment, with the French capital no longer being full of FRENCH people. We are seeing replacement level migration in almost all white countries, only white countries, at the cost of white people, to the detriment of white people, and against their will(when ever it's voted on, it get's shoot down, then rammed down our throats anyway, Switzerland being the latest). As far as "fearwashing", you made the claim, exactly what part of it was fear washing and not empirically true? For goodness sake, a good portion of the video is clips of TPTB admitting what they're doing. I'd be a liar if I said I was never afraid, but I also do a job that is too physically demanding for 99.5% of twenty year old kids, and is on the Bureau of Labor Statistics top five most dangerous jobs every year, so fear isn't something I have time for, it's just another one of those things that gets suppressed because of time constraints. I'm guessing by the talk of your travels, you are a wealthier person than myself, I'm a working class white guy that is down here in the trenches of real life and I've done some white flighting. Anyone who reads this blog will know I was recently attacked on my front porch, and the latest is my three year old daughter getting assaulted at the play ground, again, and it wasn't those little white American boys. So here I find myself gathering my limited resources in another desperate attempt to escape diversity, but according to folks like you, the violence is justified because of,,, what was it, oh yeah, the look on my face. Enjoy Ramadan!!!

From time to time I work in NYC, I usually take one of the Amtrak trains out of New Haven. NY is full of non-Americans, I can't carry my pistol there or basically enjoy any other Constitutional Right, so NO it doesn't qualify as an American city. America is an ethos of freedom, NY is a city full of soulless degradation, bread and circus, and ZOG's financial head quarters. It makes me want to vomit every time I'm forced to travel there. Most of the folks who still value what America is supposed to be, or at least attempt to live up to those standards, have a reverence for the old Stars and Bars, and take there hats off to Freebird. So if you mean to force me into such a tight box, then I guess I'm going to have no choice but to join the Confederacy and turn my back on a Yank past. BTW, as soon as the price comes down, I'm buying that Confederate flag, in an act of defiance of coarse. It's been a busy day, I've been awake and active since 5:00 am, now I'm going to walk my pitbull in the pouring rain at almost mid-night, but fighting off the tiredness will be easy as I rock out to Sweet Home Alabama(the SkrewDriver version just because) and Country Boys Can Survive :-)

samferina said...


I usually don't respond to stuff like this but here goes (sigh)

First of all I didn't call you a racist where in my comments did I? it must be a misunderstanding on your part of what I wrote. Did I either reference your name? or insinuated you were? um no I didn't so don't come attacking me because that's how I'm feeling with your tone addressing me (negative vibes). Nobody didn't "label" you as anything plus you should reread my comments again I even said there are many people who own and support the flag that is NOT a racist. You need to surround yourself with the light because to me you seem a bit over heated for something that doesn't even concern you!!! so you say you're not "offended" well it sure reads like it to me. Instead of hastingly trying to respond to something somebody says that doesn't flow with your agenda. Try really seeing another perspective on the matter. Don't take things so personally it's a blog on the internet for heavens sake, just look at the bigger picture of things. I'll be praying for you my dear. Also, I know what you're saying about the reason why they're doing this is to separate and create fear in us. I even mention something on that in one of my comments, maybe you didn't really read through what I said or you might've over looked many things it seems like.

Second, Like you said you're "not even from this country" so You DON"T Really know OUR own
historic values so why pass comment on it when you're a outsider looking in? OUR history have and mean stuff totally different from how your people in your homeland view your own timeline with the aborigines. I can say many things that "to me don't represent" this or that but it does to many other people, but I wouldn't be so ignorant to think it doesn't.

Third, Like I stated before it's my "humble opinion" you have your views I have mine you don't have to agree or like it.

Fourth, on the flag issue once again totally concur on what this person said:

"The Confederate flag represents a shameful time in U.S. history when brother fought against brother. The South was not on the side of angels in this fight. The ownership of human beings is abhorrent. The flag belongs in a museum as a warning that history should never be repeated."

This is all I have to say on the matter I will not be going back and fourth over something so petty as a disagreement. Love and Light to you in the highest :)


samferina said...


you never answered my last question above about the deaths of the victims being real? I'm just confused on that part sorry I know you want to move on from this topic it's like beating a dead horse lol but thanks so much for the energy into this reading.


Juli T said...

No, Samferina, you didn't call me a racist, but I was answering to both of you in the same paragraph, I thought you'd get that.

Second, I really don't know 'your own' like I don't know Mars own or the EU own and even my own historic bla bla, and I keep trying to learn more about everything and please let me know when a grey comes to answer you about not posting anything about them because you don't know 'their own' historic values.
I mean I'm not in that divide and conquer thing-you're different than us-you're from that par of the land and I'm from this other part-you believe in that or have that color so you can't have an opinion about this- type of thing (and where there's a cultural difference of understanding I try to explain my point of view from this cultural far south of the planet, as other very understanding people here try for me to understand something and takes the time to do that just to get another person they don't even know to understand something they want to learn about.)

Ok if you agree with that sentence, I don't. I think it's totally fascist and extremist, I think we learn through understanding, not prohibition and abhorrence.

Ok if you want the last word and don't care about my answer, I respond anyway

Don't worry, don't pray for me, thanks anyway, and it would be useful for you to 'move forward' this energy you're creating for yourself if you don't call me 'my dear' or tell me how to lead my thinking.

You're alone beating that dead horse which is non else than your own thinking and feeling, I don't consider myself or my ideas a dead horse (btw that's a terrible image/analogy).

I don't wanna keep apologizing for my writing, my lack of understanding in some matters or my 'not being from the US' (god forbid!). I have all the right to comment and I'm sorry if you take it so badly but I can't change it. Also I guess I get the manners of your language correctly so I can get the irony or violence in the comments, and (again) I hope I'm being clear and not misunderstood. If that: I'm sorry!

PS: I guess Lynn tried to move forward with her last comment.

And I'm sorry to anyone who reads this, I don't wanna create a bad mood, but I really wanted to respond to that.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hello everyone.. I did see that there was still question that these people were really killed. When I first did the reading, my instinct was yes (because that is how I approached it), but I kept getting references to Sandy Hook the more and more I went into it. Even when I went to bed last night this reading kept popping up to me. I am feeling like my intuition is telling me this whole thing was made up (murders and all with a paid fall guy) for the greater agenda.

samferina said...


This is how I'm feeling too a bit now have you seen any youtube vids with the supposedly family members being crisis actors? There are a few that you could see seem a bit fishy like no emotions or line reciting. I'm iffy like I still think they died but not too sure of the people their interviewing that are family and friends to them they got me really scratching my head.


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@samferina: I haven't seen any... I really haven't watched much news in the past few weeks... :-)