Monday, June 29, 2015

Canada C-51 Bill

Q. Bill C-51 just passed in Canada. We get the feeling it's kind of like Canada's version of the Patriot Act but is it? Do you see major changes in people's daily lives because of it or life going on as usual? What do you think the main reason for it being passed is?
A. When I first tune into this I see Canada looking to other countries and wanting help and guidance.  Canada looks to be independent, but also unsure because of all the unrest in the world, worries of global economic shifts and fights over natural resources.  I also see Canada wanting a clear defined path to who is an ally and who is a threat.  I see the allies convincing Canada if you want to remain an ally, you need to do as we say, and if you don't you are welcome to defend yourself on your own.  I get the Canadian government was highly influenced to get this bill out there and passed in the name of protecting the people, but more importantly, to know more about what is going on at all costs.  I also see the information gathered (by now legal forms) isn't just limited to the Canadian government, but also Canada's allies.  The US is particularly interested as Canada border it to the north.

Getting this bill revoked looks to be of high interest to the people, but it will be difficult.  I see closer to voting time if the issue is pushed there will be some "false flags" occurring to demonstrate why you do need this bill.  People will convinced that the government needs this kind of access in order to protect the people.  I cannot see it getting reversed because too many people in power what it to exist.  Then I hear "it is easier to defend rights that you have rather than try to regain rights that are lost." 

[As a side note, don't ever stop working toward what you believe is right as long as it is in the greater good.  Then I hear as I type "If you only do what you always did, you will always have what you've already got.  Change requires action."]

And that is all I have on this. Thank you.


Charlotte Bailey said...

That's so true! But these days, keep doing what you've always done, and you will soon lose ALL your rights!

Hannon said...

Canada would make natural Allies with Russia, it would give their alliance a tactical advantage by controlling the whole top of the planet, like an Arctic fortress(through in the Nordic countries and they'd be unstoppable). Both countries have loads of resources and space for growth, so an economic team up would also make for a powerful trading block, but I'm guessing they're just going to keep getting sucked deeper into the NWO along with the rest of us and continue to get ripped off at every turn, for now. The folks offering the protection are probably the ones they need to protect themselves from, along with the rest of us. I get the image of mobsters in my mind, demanding protection money from the Canadian government so they don't have any fires or terrorist problems. It's like we're run by Good Fellas with nuclear weapons.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Very good points...