Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boston Bombing: Jahar [Quick Update]

Q. Did Jahar Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon) after final death penalty verdict in court today really apologize for what HE and his brother did, or it was misrepresented by media? Did they break him down to extend that he really accepted the idea that THEY did that, or his apology was misunderstood / misrepresented? It was the only opportunity for him to be heard publicly, and by this apology to victims' families he admitted his guilt instead of saying that he did not do it. Was he afraid to stand up for himself (a little kid in the monstrous system)? How are he, his mother/ sisters, and his convicted friends in jail doing? Will all of them heal, physically and psychologically, after all?
A.  I wanted to do a quick update on this. I know many people are concerned with what is going on... 

I first get that he was forced (like a punishment) to apologize to everyone.  It was like it was some part of a deal that he had.  When I ask what kind of a deal (because to him he feels like he has lost everything), I get it comes down to the safety of his family and friends.  He has come to a point where he has accepted his own fate, but he still feels like he has some control of what happens to his family and friends.

I see him and his family really looking toward faith and some kind of spiritual guidance to come from above.  I see images of a black book that has the feel of a bible, but it has golden triangles on the front.  It looks like the people in his "bubble" are reaching a point of acceptance, and looking beyond their physical being and knowing that in a spiritual state all things will be "reset."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-  

if you would like to see other readings regarding the Boston Bombings (I have done several), please click on the "Boston Bombing" label on the right side of my blog.  


Robert Schoen said...

Hopefully the unjust fate of this sacrificial lamb will lead to more people waking up. Its just so sad we have so many patsies to these false flag domestic terrorism events by our own government. I have to believe that when someone like Jahar is put into this position there is a heroicism to their role, as if they are paying for the sins of our society. He will be in my thoughts Sunday during the meditation for releasing karma.

Just before seeing this new post, I saw two different unrelated articles that gave me hope society is waking up. In one, David Crosby, the great Sixties musician from the Byrds, talked of Kanye West being a no talent poser, and then read 135,000 people had signed a petition on asking he be removed from a festival lineup because he is an "insult to music fans all over the world." A comedian jumped on stage and started making fun of him as he performed. When people start rebelling against this type of toxic entertainment programming, it won't be long before they reject the programming that passes as news events.

Juli T said...

Good to know they think in a spiritual level this 'reset' will occur. I wanna say 'mission accomplished'! 'they' tried to break that family but they couldn't, their good souls are more powerful than all the crap they've been put through. Resistance is freedom.

Robert I was just searching about a case I've just heard about admiral Byrd, and the first thing I saw on this page was the word "Byrds" you wrote, so now Lynn I have to ask you! What do you think about that case? I'm searching and you say something about making a reading about him but I can't find it.

By the way Robert, I had Crosby as an illuminati musician, I don't remember exactly why, but his band is named several times regarding mind control and stuff, maybe that's disinformation floating on the internet?
I always had my doubts about Frank Zappa too, such an anti-almost-everything kind of artist but he's too labeled as an illuminati. His father was in the military so he grew up going from base to base. Or maybe they use that 'rebellious mask' so the message can get to even those who think they're against the 'system'?

Anyway, we agree on that Kanye guy. I guess I never heard one of his songs, but just seeing him is unbearable to me! :p

joy said...

Sorry,sorry,sorry,....I will sound like a party pooper.
but...if you stop and look at another entity to blame, instead of these bad guys in the govt.
Look at the line of authority regarding this karmic event.
You must know by now that your strand of hair will not fall off without the permission of your Higher Self.
That Karmas are created by Higher Self, for it to experience whatever it is IT wants to experience.
That HS or higher levels of our consciousness are arbitrarily divided into many levels, the highest level would be... Prime Creator.
That this Prime Creator has designed and is implementing these karmic programs into us
helpless puppets on a string.
So, to make it short and sweet, why not tell Prime Creator to dissolve these karmas..?
If we are as a whole , if we are this Prime Creator, why would we(IT) not say "Yes. Am glad you asked" "It is done"
To make this command a surefire, look into the unconscious. There are cobweb programs that are not in agreement with yours. Command that these are first dissolved.
THAT should do it.

I do it all the time. it works,

Juli T said...

@joy i'm not sure if I get your point. Not everything is karma to me, there's a lot of things involved for some things to happen to you, and maybe we agree before coming here to have a certain experience in order to learn something, but once we're already here how can we know it?
I don't blame another entity at all, I blame the 'bad guys of the govt' working for low energies, for bad means, the PTB.
Anyway a guess this is not my day in this blog!

Anonymous said...

@Robert and Juli:
Hate to be another party pooper, but at one point Kanye West was a very well respected musician, known for his creativity and respectability. He was considered the new revival of hip hop production and his beats were heard on all the songs of famous rappers. If you guys took the chance to watch interviews of him 15 years ago, he was a very nice guy. But something happened to him, he felt he wasn't acknowledged enough, or he felt he was his talent wasn't being fully understood because he wanted to be a rapper. I think he rapped before he started producing, just unfortunately he is not a great rapper. But he had his mother behind him, cheering him along all the way, telling him how talented he is, she was really quite an angel. He also discusses this in his first 2 albums (considered classics by most music critics), this was his coming out of sorts as NO ONE supported him as a rapper, they only said he was good at making beats. The success of those albums gave him a supreme level of confidence and at the point no one could tell him anything. He went from songs to "Jesus Walks", "Diamonds from Sierra Leone", honest songs to the songs we know him for today. The other problem is that the artist JayZ is the one who found him, and JayZ is one of the biggest crooks living today. This was the man who at one point told him he was a bad rapper, but when Kanye became famous cosigned this man everywhere. He is very fake, but Kanye looked up to him as a brother for some reason. I'm sure this man poisoned him, because a few years later Kanye West gave up his own mother for a blood sacrifice. This man loved his mother so much but became so lost to do that. He did it because he would never lose a record contract. Now we have the Kanye we see today, especially that he's married to those evil satanists. Even today you can see how the loss of his mother affected him in his music, he is such a dark man now and he hates himself too. He is an extremely unhappy person. I truly feel bad for him because we were there for the rise and the fall, the destruction of this man who truly is talented. It's sad because he did it to himself because he was so hungry to be recognized. This is very long but I just wanted everyone to understand the full story without media/NWO bias.

As for Jahar, I truly feel for that man too. To have to deal with this at such a young age would cause many people to commit suicide. Unfortunately this type of thing happens so much without a need for mass bombings, so many innocent people are incarcerated unduly and will be there for their whole life. When the Fall starts I honestly hope we can help all of them.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments everyone. I appreciate it!

Patty said...

Thank you, Lynn. I hope you mean by "reset" things will change for the better for Jahar soon!

Me too said...

on the Kayne post, not a fan of his music. But then I do respect this person from coming from a very tough place and trying to break the poverty cycle. There are not many opportunities for people like him to get out. Plus his mom seemed to be a nice person too. The show biz seems to be a very tough place, but then I want people to have the right and a chance to break the poverty cycle and help others (it seems that Kayne can help other kids from the same background)- granted not my kind of music, but at least he's showing other young kids that music can be a way out of being a drug dealer or crime....

Juli T said...

@scorpio and @me too thanks for the info. i've heard about the blood sacrifice of his mother in some video, though i believe in the illuminati thing it's hard for me to swallow and really picture some of those things happening (i'm not saying it's not true, it's just a question mark in my mind). and it's great he could make it out of that bad background, but i really don't feel any good about people living in luxury, even more if they come from poverty, they could know better... to me there's something so disgusting attached to luxury it's hard to explain. maybe it's as you said scorpio, that at some point he lost it. i didn't know about his past, but his present gives me the creeps :/

Robert Schoen said...

I truly regret bringing up the "rap artist" in a post that was supposed to be on Jahar, who should be the focus of our thoughts, prayers and well wishes. I think the comment reaction to this "nameless person" shows it is exactly the kind of distracting train wreck the powers that be want him to be, taking our minds off the issues that truly matter. Let's not play into their hands by giving him attention of any sort.

My point was people are beginning to see through this culturally imposed nonentity and hope they will soon see through the railroading of James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He is someone who deserves our attention and thoughts. Focusing on the truth and making others aware is the only way to keep further atrocities like these from happening. All the rest is distraction.

Juli T said...

I recommend the youtube channel 'Peekay Boston'. I discovered it yesterday and it has loads of videos and info unfolding the Marathoax, even recent interviews with the 'mourners'.

That channel was shut down several times so it would be good to share it the most we can.

Anonymous said...

What the heck.I tried to read these posts and it was like people shouting in droves. I had to stop. Lynn, I don't know how you do this.

Anonymous said...

Wow, idk what's going on but I just wanted to provide the truth. I wasn't being "distracting" just thought people care about knowing the real story and I'm glad some people can appreciate that. In any case now that I've found this site I will comment as I see fit. No need for hate because I'm not going anywhere, I appreciate Lynn's talents immensely, and how her enlightenment fits into what I've learned as a whole. I prefer not to use my real name as a matter of privacy, and because I want to get this information out in the real world and I would prefer to keep out of the government's eye as long as possible. No one complains when "A man called Dada" does it.

As such, thank you Lynn for being here to help us make sense of this world.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hello everyone: I see everything here is said and done with a loving heart. I enjoy having this place to share ideas and learn from one another. Big hugs to all of you. Love and light-

Pallas Cat said...

The statement and its timing were made for tactical reasons. It will aid his appeals. May God bless Johar and his family and friends--and those who fight for his life.

Robert Schoen said...

@Scorpio1995, I'm very sorry you thought I was referring to you as a "nameless person" that was really a reference to the rap artist I had just referred to the sentence before. I respect other people's right to enjoy whatever music they like. I'm more of the James Brown school in my tastes, but both my kids defend early Kanye as you do, and I respect that even if its not to my liking. I do feel he is being used and promoted by a controlling media group out to promote materialism and anger and that shuts out great and elevated spiritual music like Sufjan Stevens and others. He gets all the attention and more that he needs, while Dzokhar is the one who could really use our attention and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

@Robert thank you for the clarification. I'm also a big fan of Sufjan Stevens. :) He has a beautiful soul.

Sorry for any derailment I caused as that young man does need as many positive thoughts his way as possible. I will continue to keep him in my thoughts.