Friday, May 29, 2015

Smudging / Saging Advice

[I am often asked how to sage or smudge a space, so I wanted to share a technique I use that I have found to work well.  Feel free to leave comments to share other helpful ]

Smudging can lift negativity and lighten a space.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be shifted or moved elsewhere.  The goal of saging / smudging is to move the energy that is not working for you in you, your family's or even your pet's greater good.

What you need: 
Red Cedar
White Sage
Heat Safe Container
Wood or Paper Matches
Feather (Optional)
Clear Mind with Positive Intent

  • Open all the windows to allow air to flow though the space you wish to smudge. 
  • Put your herbs (cedar and sage) into a fire proof container (many people like pottery or shells), but use caution because the bottom of the container can get hot.  Even take a moment while placing this herbs into the container to have gratitude and be thankful for what these herbs are about to do (clean your space and promote a positive atmosphere).
  • Form your intent and develop a mantra to say or think while you are smudging.  You may even want to think through your thoughts before you begin the process.  Avoid using negative terms such as "no, not, don't" etc.  Always phrase your intent with a positive undertone.  For example, Instead of saying "No negative spirits are allowed in the space" think "All lower vibrational spirits must leave this space and go to where they can better be served."  It is the same thought, but comes across differently.  I suggest practicing what you want to say or project outward before you start (the first time you smudge it can feel awkward). 
  • Light your herbs with wooden or paper matches (think natural or organic).  Once the herbs begin to give off smoke you are ready to start. 
  • Walk your space in a counter clockwise motion waving smoke with your hand (or some people like feathers) into the corners, closets, etc while constantly repeating either out loud or in your head your positive based mantra.  
  • When you are done, allow the herbs to burn out on their own (you can place them outside or on a safe surface).  After they have burned out, you can put them in your yard or bury them.  You want to give them back to the earth.  
  • Allow your space to air out, and enjoy your clean and uplifted environment.
Love and Light - Lynn


PimpMyBrain said...

Very instructive ! I really need to do that in my home, even if my brother will feel to be bothered with this Hippy ceremony ! It's for his good, he doesn't need to understand ! lol

Anonymous said...

Drying sage now and wanted to try this but was not sure how the process worked from start to finish . Thank you !

samferina said...

hey lynn I use the sage that's bundled and burn it like that is that good too? guess I'm doing it all wrong cuz i use a candle lighter lol not to keen on matches always think im gonna burn my nails off lol

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@samferina: Bundled is fine (some people like to carry it like a smoke wand). You can use fireplace matches too (they are much longer than normal matches).

samferina said...

oh yea didn't think of that thanks :)

kch said...

Thank you. I am moving into a new home and wanted to smudge.