Saturday, May 30, 2015

Questions About Dinosaurs

Q. Hi Lynn. Can you tell us about the dinosaurs? Their history and how they came to be? Were they intelligent and did they exist with/before humans? Were they around the time of Pangea or what was their world like (like Jurassic park, hostile, easy)? How did they all really die? Who were the smartest dinosaurs and did they ever have feelings? I am curious about them. They lived for millions of years and I have always wondered if they were smart like some animals today (dogs, cats, elephants).
A. [I want to approach this by breaking this down question by question....]

Q.  How did they come to be? 

A.  Dinosaurs look to predate humans, but their existence lasted and overlapped when humans were here too.  I see them as living here at the same time that earth was viewed as an oasis.  I get an image of UFOs and the presence of ETs coming to earth and dinosaurs were here when they would pass through or stop.  

In my mind I am trying to back up to see how there got here in the first place.  I get that while earth was forming the reputation of being the "oasis" of the solar system, there was another planet or star system that was failing (I want to Drakar, Dragon, Drakonian- some kind of name that starts with a "DRA" sound).  This location housed the "reptilian" ETs.  I get that as their system was failing, and earth was thriving, they decided to relocate.  They brought their life force here, and had very creative geneticists that created these "dinosaurs" out of experimentation, need for protection and the ability to control different aspects of earth.  I hear that they used the dinosaurs to be their eyes and ears (as if they could look through their eyes and hear with their ears through a connection in their conjoined DNA).  The had the ability to "tap" into the sky, land and water.  

Q.  Were they here around the time of Pangea? 

A.  Yes, and that is how they roamed the earth.   Earth was beautiful.  I want to say paradise.  Very "Jurassic Park" feel.  

During their existence through extinction several things happen.  The earth was closer to the sun, the moon was closer to earth, and the earth was smaller (and the continents were connected).  As earth's orbit grew larger, the moon distance became greater and the earth expanded the gravitational force was much higher.  The larger dinosaurs couldn't survive this type of pull on their systems (hearts beating and circulation, etc).  The larger dinosaurs died off before the smaller ones, leaving the "reptilian" race very vulnerable..

Around this time was when the "cat and dog" ET species decided to come back to earth and each tried to take it for their own.  The ET battle began, and that is what killed off much of the remaining dinosaur life (except for those that were able to burrow, hide or escape the battles).  I get that for many days the sky was full of this sulphur smell that feels like it would be toxic.

Q.  Were dinosaurs intelligent? 

A.  I see varying level of intelligence.  The land roaming ones (T Rex, etc) look to be very intelligent.  I see one telepathically communicating other dinosaurs, and they knew how to survive in pacts (like a gang of dinosaurs formed out of who can contribute what).  

The most intelligent were the flying species (but in a different way than the land dinosaurs).  The flying ones could telepathically communicate, but also had the concept of manipulating.  They have a more negative frequency tied to them...(and also feel they are the species of dinosaur that is the most heavily manipulated and controlled by the reptilians.). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 


Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn,

That was fun to read. I have never thought of dinosaurs being telepathic.
This would be a great movie concept.

PimpMyBrain said...

bzzzz...."please insert coin to stabilize the mind correctly" ... okay... that a good reading to blow my mind again on a new topic... as since i have started to follow the blog of Lynn.... i really love this feeling of learning crazy stuff ! Thx again Lynn !

I like to ask how was the "level" of the humans during this time, while they were hunted by the dinosaurs ? They were hidden, freak out of this war ? Put somewhere else to p^rotect them during it ? The Humans DNA manipulation start just after the end of the "protectors" of the reptilian's ET ?

I mean, it's seems we were meat balls for them, so... how we manage to survive during this not so "Oasis" time for our specie ?

Raymond G said...

If Man was alive during this period, did they know about God and spiritualism ?
Did they worship anyone or were they more concerned with day to day existence ?

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn thank you for this post! Did the comet which apparently hit earth some 60 million years ago contributed to this extinction event or did he miss the whole thing?
(some people like to link the huge crater preserved on the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico) to this comet). At least it's post impact dust cloud - and resulting long period of darkness- could explain some phenomena you describe in your post ("I get that for many days the sky was full of this sulphur smell that feels like it would be toxic"). Thank you!

samferina said...

hi Lynn,

First want to say a huge thank you for answering all of our questions!

So it seems like the ET's are the ones who created mostly all life here so in a way are they like our as in humans "God" as what we think of as the creator the big guy in the sky sorta way if so then who created the ET's? who are they "god"? I know all come from the "source" but did anybody manipulate their Dna to make them?

also since you bought up the cats and dogs species this was another question I asked in one of your post that you may have missed it is in regards to this in a way

I read something about that in the Terra Papers, they say it was four main species or people I think one maybe had the look of a bull and the other some type of water breed I want to say dolphin type??? I can be wrong do you see this as truth?

OK now onto the "cat and dog" people I'm still lost on who put them in charge? were they over the reptilian? who is the top of the hierarchy and why?


Camryn Villarruel said...

Hello Lynn and thank u for what u do. What r the cat and dog ppl? Im very connected with animals specially dogs. Blessings

PimpMyBrain said...

All this question about the cat&dog people, start to take my curiosity. you have said that they are in the Sphere with the orbs and blue avians. (seems to do the two left species not revelated so far and be(possible) a 8th and 9th density) So they seem to come back to help us to pass fairly easy the tsunami of galactic energy.

With the humanity having a close relationship with the animal dogs and cats as "pet", it has a connection with this ETs. I means, like the reptilians with dinosaurs, do they interact with them ? Not manipulated but maybe help or push them to have a closer relation with humans ? (it is proved rhey improve our sanity)

Thx again Lynn !

They Live said...

Good day! I remember reading a reading (lol @" reading a reading," alright I'm done) Lynn did earlier about the dinisaurs.

I remember it was said a meteor with some life form that gave way to the dinosaurs was catapulted to earth, was that how the reptilians created these beings. I also remember it being said the sulpher in the atmosphere was due to volcanic eruptions, did this play apart along with the war that occurred?
Much appreciations!

They Live said...


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PimpMyBrain: I see humans as more naive because feelings of compassion were higher. There was definitely a sense of survival that was dominant, but also a sense of living in groups (they made mini societies). They were no more hunted by dinosaurs than bear or deer hunt humans now. A bear attacks when in danger, and it was that dynamic then too.

Humans didn’t change until after the war. They were independent and free thinking (left to evolve on their own).

@Raymond: Their beliefs were based on what was in front on them. The believed in the earth and the Gods (ETs from space).

@watchandknock: The comet that came in was a result of the ET war. The “comets” flying to earth were the result of ETs battling it out.

Thanks so much for all the great comments. I need to think more on the dynamics of the dog and cat ETs… I also am curious where they came from too (what is their source), which I need to focus on more as well.

They Live said...

In reference to the Cat People this site offers an explanation of them:

A Man Called Da-da said...


A Man Called Da-da said...

Cat people... like the Egyptian goddess Bast?
Dog people... like the Egyptian god Anubis?
(Cat and dog heads, humanoid bodies.)

Apparently there are also bird-headed humanoids like the Egyptian god Horus. And bug-headed humanoids. And Da-da headed humanoids... well, just one, luckily.

Dante said...

Hi Lynn,
Do you see any dinosaurs still existing on Earth today?

Thank you.

23 tulips said...

Hey Da-da,

You might want to "quit while you're a(head)"

23 tulips.

samferina said...

do you see any scientist bringing them back thru cloning in our lifetime?

They Live said...

Lol, there was also Sobek, the crocodile headed god of protection, the Nile, crocodiles, fertility and the military- hmmmm.

The cow headed goddess Hathor, the human headed goddess Ma'at is depicted with wings, singer Rihanna has a tattoo of her across her chest. Another hmmm.

Cat people were depicted in Stephen King's movie Sleepwalkers, they were portrayed as bad and cats did not like them.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dante: I see versions of dinosaurs (like crocodiles), but no true forms of dinosaurs.

@samferina: I don't see them being brought back... They still have some DNA samples though..??

They Live said...

In reference to ancient Egypt and these beings, as the old saying goes, the writing is on the wall.

Ryno said...

Are the "dog people" the Ša.A.M.i./Annunaki who are originally for Sirius the "dog star?" The "dog days" of Summer are coming up as Sirius rises with the sun. Speaking of the summer, TPTB are warning us "This summer's gonna hurt like a mother..." We'll see.

As for the "cat people," is that the Lyrans? I believe they are a feline or lion race and I also believe they are the ones who originally seeded the "Living Library" of Earth along with the Pleiadians (Barbara Marciniak).

They Live said...

I've recently discovered that according to the Nation of Islam it is believed an alien who lived in Hollow earth by the name of Yakub created the "races of the earth" except brown people, during the Ancient Egyptian era.

He is, according to the NOI, to be the Jacob mentioned in the bible and that he was a scientist. Does this story fit in with the Cat and Dog people? Did you see any truth with Yakub actually being real?

Blessings and appreciations!

They Live said...

*Do you see any truth, not "did," ha!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@They Live: I do see that many ETs created humans based on their own DNA. We evolved as humans, but can have very different features and skin colors (even blood types). That story does fit in a a small piece to a bigger puzzle.

They Live said...

@Lynn Many thanks and blessings!

Frank Hardie said...

Hi Lynn, I saw this article a few days ago, then I came across it again today. This is very bad if the cause is some kind of cosmic effect, but I'm just guessing, what do you think? Love,Frankie
Mass deaths of endangered antelope stumps scientists. At least 120,000 of the animals have died in Kazakhstan since mid-May. Environmental and biological factors could be at play, but the exact cause is a mystery.
Jillian Kestler-D’Amours Staff Reporter
May 29, 2015