Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Q & A XLVIII: Health Question [Group Post]

Q. Are we supposed to eat vegan? I personally study nutrition and although I think it's gross to eat animals, I do believe that nutritionally we are supposed to eat animals but I was wanting to know for sure.
A.  I hear that by design we are meant to eat meat (that is why we have "canine" teeth), but with a balanced diet (and supplements) it isn't necessary.  If we were to live in much earlier times, we would depend on the consumption of meat for survival, and it would be an important part of your diet.  In our more modern times we question it because we can..
[I have mentioned this before, but whether it is plants or animals, you should always show gratitude for your food that you are taking into your body for nourishment).  

Q. A lot of people are buying vitamins and minerals online but are the modern systems of mail irradiation and x-rays killing the properties of what you're ordering? If so, by what percent and what do you see as the best methods of shipping we can request from a company?
A. I keep seeing the image of a space blanket, and get that if there were some kind of foil or metallic lining in the package your supplements would be kept better.  They may lose some life (around 15%), but retain much of their natural properties. 

Ideally you would consume the majority of your nutrition by the foods you eat.  I see the natural process of eating and absorbing the nutrition is more effective than the supplements because of the coating.  (Research your company and see how easily their products are broken down in the body versus being passed through). 

Q. What's your take on tofu? Does it interfere with thyroid and hormones or is good? Does it replace other forms of protein.

A. Tofu has good effects, but can be overdone too.  It serves as a great source of protein (I get it really boosts the health of hair, skin and nails).  It can be used to replace many forms of protein needs, but shouldn't be the only source of protein.  I keep seeing this highly waxy component in it that makes it look like it holds on to toxins and doesn't allow the body to excrete the toxins as easily (creating a build up).  I get that anyone trying to detox should stop eating tofu during the detox period.

Q. What do you feel and read on surrogacy?  Would it be ideal for a career woman as an option.  What is the implication on the baby's soul, spirituality, feelings towards his or her real mother, if any? 

A. This is really an individual situation, dynamic, and more importantly the intent.  Is it based on love and helping a person, or based on money with little emotional involvement?  There are many different situations, and all have different outcomes.

Q. Lynn, is there any way you can rid your body of vaccines?

A. I get that with time they have this "half life effect."  They fade in intensity, but always remain to some degree (just like an immunity buildup after an illness).  

Q. Infertility, why is it always people that really want kids or is good people in general can't have or have problems conceiving but the ones who shouldn't be even allowed to own a pet have tons of them or its so easy for them to get pregnant?

A.  I see that all kinds of people have trouble having kids and it isn't "assigned" to one group.  The reason it feels as though the focused ones are having trouble is because less responsible people don't talk about, think or even focus on it (and it doesn't seem like an issue that our subconscious registers). 

I also get that when someone is trying to get pregnant, you are very sensitive to your surroundings (everywhere you look there is a pregnant person, baby, sign, commercial, etc..) so it brings those thoughts and feelings outward.  It works like the Law of Attraction in that you notice what you focus and think on..

Q. Is distilled water good for the human body?

A.  I get it isn't harmful, but it doesn't have any added nutritional value in it aside from hydration.  I get this image of the life force (the living energy tied to water) being striped from it during the process of distilling.

Q. Scientifically, how does homeopathy work? Specifically, potencies exceeding Avogadro's number. Does the vibration of the medicine cancel out the vibration of the matching dis-ease, thus eliminating it? How does it cure?
A. Depending on the element I see it working a couple different ways depending on what you are using and what you are trying to treat.  What you described is true for some cures- you are putting a specific vibration into your body to "cancel" out the thing this is causing you trouble.  It is like two elements with competing vibrations cancel each other resulting in no vibration (or an altered one that isn't harmful).  

The other way I see them working is by introducing a small amount of the vibration into your body so your body builds a natural immunity to it.  Once the immunity is built, you can stop the homeopathic treatment.  Your own tolerance kicks in.

Q. I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but, I was reading through old blog posts of yours and on 2 April 2013 someone asked about using artificial devices to stimulate the brain to increase intuitiveness. "I see a picture of a device, and it looks like a TENS machine, and they are putting a pad on the left side and a pad on the right side and stimulating current that way..."  Do those TENS machines work? Are you aware of any that produce results?  I meditate daily but my results are inconsistent. I see visions but rarely hear anything or get answers to questions. I wonder if anything on the market can 'boost' me up a bit.

A. I get that there are machines out there that can "boost" you, but the best way is to do it naturally... I feel some kind of caution needs to be used with regard to these machines- you really need to do your research, and even though effective, they aren't suited toward the novice. 

The best way to go natural about it is to first detox as much as possible.... Drink water, eliminate fluoride and artificial sweeteners.  Try to eat healthy and get sunlight.. That alone will help to detox you and center your body.. Then incorporate things into your meditation such as crystals (I see clear crystal quartz) and various musical tones (I get drums work well for this, but it is really up to the individual).  

Q. A question about eyes problems like myopia, farsighted, etc...  Are these a real problem or a manufactured one with the eyeglasses and contact lenses?

Some talk about a simple exercise, which consists of taking 3 targets in an open area, One at 1~3m(3~9ft), second around 10~15m(30~50ft) and the third at 30m[100ft). Focus 5 seconds on a target, close your eyes move to your next target and so on. Repeat 3 times each day. Do you see an improvement by this practice?  Of course, do you see other ways to treat this? ( methods, plants, electronic device, liquids, etc.) As always, thanks for your precious time! 
A.  I get this really depends on the person and what is causing the issue.  If the muscles are weak, the exercise you describe can help to strengthen the eye and help with the problem.  I also see that once the muscles reach a certain point (or there is damage due to another reason), they really can't be naturally corrected without assistance (ie eyeglasses).  

It is also important to know that the eyes, like other parts of the body, need treated right (exercise and nutrition).  I also see a liquid fish oil (omega3 oil) and the base of orange vegetables (I see squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots) being healthy items to consume to help with vision (and keep the eyes healthy).  

Q. Can you take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azv_02cPcVs Is muscle testing an accurate way to gain insight? Can it help us choose the right path to go on?
A. I get that for some people this may work, and for others it may not be an accurate way to assess your inner thoughts.  I approached this test in two ways- one in which I set the intent that it WOULD work, and it did.  The muscle testing was accurate.  

I then approached it from a different way, stating that it would not work and was bogus, and it did not work.  For it to be effective the person doing the test must believe in it.  If you believe, you will achieve the results that you look for and this can be effective.  It really begins with the mental mindset of the person doing it, and the intent behind it.

Q. Hi Lynn, do you see a natural treatment for keloids (particularly ears)?
A.  I get lavender essential oil (a few drops) mixed with coconut oil and applied a few times a day will help to break the scaring down.  You can also add a drop of frankincense to your mixture ("when in doubt, frank it out") to boost the effects even more.
Q. What is the best way to make a natural water filter using materials found outdoors or from a store?
The most common way is to use varying types of gravel, sand and last layer of charcoal.  What about additives. I mean maybe you can use a crystal that is beneficial to the water, or use some oregano for bacteria. For example...  What about the facts and fictions about alkaline water.
A.  The first thing I got was to start your filtering process with a cheesecloth or coffee filter to get the larger particulates out (and preserve the rest of your filtering process).  Gravel, sand and charcoal does look the way to go.  Putting crystals in your water and letting the water sit out overnight in the moonlight looks to "charge" the water or give it some kind of life that causes a positive result.  I get adding a lemon essential oil is sanitizing also, and cuts down on bacteria.. (You can use oregano, but I saw lemon oil).  

As long as the water is naturally alkaline, I cannot see an issue with it.  Our bodies are craving the alkaline state.  Do what your gut tells you is right, and I am left with the thought that if someone is swaying you against alkaline water, what are they selling or who do the represent (?).  Reducing acid rids many people of many ailments..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 


Robert Schoen said...

What a great set of questions and answers. After visiting Oregon a few years ago I went through a phase of eating tofu regularly until I heard it was a big source of female hormones (and why so many guys wear sarongs at the hippie festival up there, just kidding.) as so I quit eating it.

To the person who asked how to boost your intuitive powers, I would say keep reading Lynn's blog. She is like the dolphin that learned a new trick and can teach the rest of us to find our own inner connection by her excellent example!

Baku Matsumoto said...

Is the brueberry good to eyes too??

luv said...

Hi Lynn, Reguarding eating animals you did not address the fact that we could eat them only if raised with love and killed with compassion. FOR the benefit of the animal also animals tortured caged and treated horribly carry a negative energy which is toxic to the body and lowers the vibration of the human. It seems most enlightened awakened himans are going vegan. For the benefit of the animal and their own karma and to raise their vibration. ALSO gluttony I personally believe we were only suppose to eat what was necessary for survival WHICH is far less than what we actually eat. Do you agree or disagree or have any additional info on these pts. Thank you for your reading they are amazing!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da has a recipe that fits in here:

Yogi Water

Get two pint glasses. Fill one with clean, filtered water. Then, over a sink, pour the water from glass to glass about 2-3 feet apart, about 5-6 times, then drink. Besides aerating the water, this also apparently injects prana/chi/tiny unicorns into the water with each pour.

Your tongue is apparently the conduit for the energy. You can heighten the therapeutic effect by adding the squeeze of half a lemon to the water before mixing.

If done with the right intent, this can be just as invigorating as coffee or tea. If done with a bunch of live, tiny unicorns, you'll find you can emit ranbows from a rather unlikely place. Void where prohibited.

Jason Liesch said...

So regarding the supplements, the space foil would cut the damage down to only 15% ...then what kind of a hit are they currently taking without it?

samferina said...

In regards to infertility you say it's like the law of attraction, so can that be reversed say like u focus on getting pregnant ie... reading books on it, taking supplements, or a vision board to attract what you're trying to receive. Does that work too? Especially with the vision board!if so how?

Raymond G said...


Thanks for the information about TENS devices.

@Robert......Thanks !

Supposedly Bilberry jam is good for the eyes. And my ophthalmologist told me that if I spend too much time at the computer to use the 20 rule. Every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Robert: Thank you for the kind comments. Xoxo

@Baku: Blueberries are good for many things.. They don’t only help the eyes, but help the overall body.

@luv: You are right… The death and any trauma the animal encountered does stay with the animal. When I envision people eating meat, I see hunters and animals in the wild. The animals are free of added hormones and chemically fed food (just as they would have been 100 years ago). And yet STILL show gratitude and bless your food! When humans were created, that is how the life cycle was intended… The environment changed, the human design didn’t..

@Dada: Do you know where I can find the tiny unicorns? My kids would probably like to see their mom pull off the rainbow trick.. I can image telling them to come inside and eat dinner as a rainbow shoots out of my mouth- they would probably listen. LOL

Thanks for the Yogi water tip. It really does work!

@Jason: Without protection, I see the supplements being around 55-60%, so the metallic lining really does shield a lot.

@samferina: It puts the intent out there.. The universal concept of the Law of Attraction works. Our thoughts can manifest what we want. The vision board just keeps it in the forefront of your mind. Just remember not to think “I wish it would happen, or I hope it will happen.” See it as real and definite. If you are healthy and nothing biological is going on think “I am excited to have this baby” and relax and let it happen. Don’t OCD over it, but try your best to relax and let nature work.

@Raymond: Good advice!

EA RW said...

Ok, awesome lynn.

I was planning on making my own stainless steel filter.
If this method is used on normal tap water could it also get rid of unwanted additives?
If my memory is correct you already advised using a filter for drinking water in one of your older readings.

And in most YT clips people squeeze a normal lemon or lime maybe both into their water instead of an oil essence.At least something citric.

ken said...

Thank you for the great post, as always.

What I would like to know is, how safe are the foods in Japan right now? We have very little information provided from the government regarding the status of Fukushima and they say that all is under control and the foods are safe, but is it really true?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Hi. Just a general comment, since Lynn loves essential oils.

When people talk of antioxidants, there is one clear leader. Look at these ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbency Chart) values:


- 208 gm of blueberries have 2400 ORAC units
- 2.6 gm of a Vit. C supplement has 189,000
- 20 gm of acai berries have 26000+


ONE DROP of clove oil has 10,786,875!

When people talk of antioxidants, the best one is one you don't eat: CLOVE oil. Get a good quality clove oil and rub a few drops on the bottom of the feet at night (the skin is the body's largest organ) and enjoy a huge boost in antioxidant levels. Just don't rub your eyes afterward.

Da-da says check it out.

siketa said...

Sorry for OT but this looks important!


YourPsychicFocus said...

@EA RW: Tap water is hard if it is laced with fluoride and other additives. I feel you can make well or spring water safe with homemade filters, but the fluoride is the tricky part… You really need a reverse osmosis filter. Something citrus is great- it processes like an alkaline once broken down.

@ken: Anything grown there feels “dirty” as if it isn’t good for you. I would look for imported foods (ideally from a western location).

@Dada: Thanks so much for the great tip! Oregano and Black Pepper oil is also great to try. Good tip on washing hands before touching your face (and fellows before going to the bathroom).

@siketa: Thanks for this… No need for apologies!

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You! sorry for being late, but what do you see as an effective treatment for these itchy brown spots on the skin which could be a Melanoma? Will coconout oil also help remove it or is there something more effective?

Lynn Focus said...

@watchandknock: Coconut oil will help. Also try Frankincense essential oil (Lavender is also good, and costs a little less).

Anonymous said...

Got my clove oil from the mail today ! Going to give Da-da suggestion a try about putting on the bottom of my feet . Feet are soaking now. :)

Watch and knock : This is a little random but I heard melted coconut oil,cacao powder and stevia makes a really good dipping chocolate for strawberries or poured over ice cream .

I have been using black salve(Blood root) for itchy brown spots .
Growing up I spent time with my grandmother at doctors appoints while she would get her moles cut out . The last few years I have been going through the same thing . They tell me they look suspicious and want to biopsy. After about the 10th mole that looked suspicious ? I started looking for alternative . After watching the raw live health show you tube channel about black salve. I contacted him and asked questions then got in touch with
a lady in Texas that he recommended that sold the black salve . This was at least 6 years ago . It's not for the faint of heart but it works and a tiny bit goes along ways. Since first using the black salve I have went on to research it further and purchased the rhizomes and grow the plant as well.
I'am not trying to force the information on anyone just think the more information we have to choose from the better . :) Good luck !

Anonymous said...

Follow up to the clove oil.
I usually soak my feet on the weekend after being on my feet all week .
Oatmeal bath or Epsom salts . When I got done last night I rubbed the bottom of my feet with the clove oil.
Although the clove oil I got was not as pure as some, I find it interesting that I have been walking around barefoot all day pulling weeds in the garden and best way to describe it is my feet still feel clean, like I just soaked them . I can just feel it even while sitting here . Only other way I know how to describe it ,is when taking a dip in the ocean and how clean your skin feels when the salt water drys on the skin . I shared this with a friend and the first thing she mentioned to when researching it is the high antioxidant value like what was mentioned .