Friday, May 22, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #10

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #10. There's a lot of thinking necessary to absorb this one, so take your time. Might be helpful to actually meditate on a few of the topics.

Image #1: Mysterious Cobra Photograph #1
Backstory: "Cobra" recently released two photographs and the following text: "It is time to begin the process of Disclosure. Therefore I am releasing two relatively recent genuine images, coming from the Dragon sources, related to the Disclosure process. I have been instructed by the Light forces not yet to reveal what exactly is on those two images, because human mind then starts to speculate and intellectualize. It is much more important for the people to have a direct energetic experience of the images." Who is the woman in the picture and why is she significant? Why is this significant for Disclosure?

What Lynn Saw
"It's not the woman in the picture; it's more what this picture represents. It's an image of this woman sleeping, but what's happening is that there are these light forces from above who are positive, I can't see them as a physical manifestation as far as what they look like or what they are. They're more like energy, so when they come to earth they're coming as these forces from above that battle evil and pull us humans up into the next dimension by raising our vibrations, but I don't see them coming down from above in a physical existence. It's more like they float down in these energetic bubbles. Like I said, it's not who this person is, but what's going on. I see this energetic bubble hovering around her, illuminating her face, connecting with her Third Eye. I also get that there's this communication going on with her subconscious mind. If she were to suddenly awaken, she'd tell you about this amazing dream she had. Basically, Disclosure is indeed happening all around us FROM THE INSIDE OUT, not the other way around. People keep waiting for some world leader to tell them the truth about ETs, but the truth is actually coming within, from their subconscious. Pay attention to your dreams."

Image #2. Mysterious Cobra Photograph #2

Backstory: This is Cobra's picture #2. Some kind of portal? Why is this significant for Disclosure?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at this, I get that its an abandoned ET base in a popular location like the Grand Canyon, hidden in plain sight. It's a gem of a place. There's some sense that it's abandoned. Something environmental happened to drive this species away. But it's the fact that it's THERE that's important for Disclosure. There's some writing literally on the wall, if we could see it. It's right under our noses. Those who have mastered the art of meditation, if you could move into that mental state while touching this structure, you'd know how to read the words there. It's a powerful, powerful spot."

Image #3. Horned Human Skull
Backstory: This is apparently one of many horned human skulls found in a Pennsylvania mound c. 1880, all of which have (of course) gone missing over the years. So, real or fake? Human or ET?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that this IS real. There's really dark energy tied to it. I get that this is more ET-based. These are lower vibrational ETs. They came here and it's almost like they haunted the people of Pennsylvania. It was a Native American tribe that battled this ET tribe, a while ago. The weird thing is, I see these horned beings as lost ET's that came here in one ship; they had no plan but just showed up here... and they were a nuisance. They haunted the Native Americans until they'd had enough and the natives rose up and killed them; they thought they had to cut their heads off to kill them. These were very low-vibrational entities."

Image #4. Budapest Alien & Energy Ball

Backstory: Da-da's guessing this recent pic is fake, but what the heck. If real, from where does our little friend originate?

What Lynn Saw
"Looks like a Photoshop job to me."

Image #5: The Gate of the Gods at Hayu Marca
Backstory: Lots of legends intersect here in Peru. One has it that the ancient gods would return in their "solar ships" via a "gateway to the land of the gods" which sounds very much like a portal. Another legend tells of gold and riches secreted away from the invading Spanish by a loyal Incan priest who hid a disc-shaped golden key, called the "key of the gods of the seven rays." That said, does this door-like edifice have anything interesting beyond it?

What Lynn Saw
"This is on some kind of a ley line. It's placed perfectly, energetically. I do see this as a portal. Someone walks up and puts their hand on the door and mentally they're able to change their energetic structure. Those people who could were godlike to the tribes of that time, and were able to mentally break apart the atoms that create matter so things were more... fluid, so you could move right through them. Think about it: if you had control of all the molecules that make up a solid wall, if you had the ability to touch it and break that bond, you could essentially move through the wall because the molecules are not bonded together, like a diver breaking the surface of the water in a dive. I see someone put their hand on this door. They sit there and funnel this mental energy through themselves and they learn how to break these molecules apart, and go into the chamber beyond by touch. It does feel like a portal. On the other side of the door, I see this hollowed out space of pure darkness. I then see them entering this space and then accessing some ship in another solar system. This a kind of safety lock. It's almost as if, if you don't have the ability to dissolve the door and walk through it, then you are not of a spiritual capacity high enough to survive the portaling effect on the other side. Once you reach the other side, you'd mentally need to know where you need to go and just go there. I see different types of ETs using this. The leader of this tribe could also go back and forth. The door is very old."

So, lots of homework this week for everyone. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #11.


siketa said...

Great! As always... :)
2 weeks pass 2 sloooow.....

Robert Schoen said...

What a great grouping, again, especially the two sacred places that make me want to go and see them.

The first image of the woman getting messages downloaded in dreams I think is really exciting, and basically what you have been saying all along:"the answers are already within YOU"

I just wrote a very long article where I linked your site as being the source to the following line:

This is not an easy question to answer, and if it were answered, it might reveal some unwelcome truths about how often people stare right into the face of huge and seemingly obvious truths and lies every single day but fail to recognize them, perhaps because they have been discouraged from looking within to examine their own thoughts and intuition for the answers, but instead only rely on what they are told.

AS said...

Hi Lynn - What's so interesting about these finds is that it occurs to me there was some truth to all those sci-fi movies we watched growing up. I guess those in the movie industry were telling us about them, without really telling us (making Truth look like ridiculous science fiction). Who knew?? Love and Light to you Lynn.

Charlotte Bailey said...

Wow!! So much hidden knowledge out there! I'm glad for the history of those two first pics. I was a bit frustrated seeing them a bit ago with no clue as to the significance. I'm so ready for disclosure!!
There's several pictures of a washed up, freaky looking mermaid out there. I'd love to have you look at it and tell us your thoughts. Can I send the pic to you and have you check it out?
Thanks Da-da! I'm still working on the unicorns...

Ryno said...

@AS: Movies are a form of disclosure and/or warnings even today as well as back then. Some current examples are Star Wars (The Force Awakens), Jupiter Ascending(things like Reptilians/Draco's, E.T. "dynasty's," memory erasing, etc.)and Melancholia (Planet X/Nibiru) They want to put ideas in our heads instead of releasing everything at once. Maybe it will be a little easier to accept that way?

John Casey said...

Wow, again, amazing, just amazing.

I love that the room in Cobra's photo has such a hand-made look. Both of his photos beg the question of where we stand in terms of "the event," or "breakthrough" though I must admit I'm not sure what these terms mean exactly.

I wonder whether the wall-portal in the other photo has a connection to the ancient-civilization SSPs that keep coming up in David Wilcock's presentations?


John Casey

23 tulips said...

Awesome! I was hoping that you would translate those pics from Cobra. But I'm also a bit an earlier post, when you looked at "Cobra" you saw a negative ET behind the information. Is this still the case, or has the "Cobra" information changed to a positive source? Thank you Lynn!

John Casey said...

And if I may rant for a moment, where are all these skeletal artifacts now? We have all these stories and photos of giants and other humanoid skeletal anomalies, but they are all out of the public domain? Is it simply a matter of these things being dispersed by buyers and sellers or does the Smithsonian, as has been rumored, actually have some "Raiders of the Lost Ark" type warehouse where non-approved artifacts are kept hidden?

Ok, rant over.

John Casey

A Man Called Da-da said...

@John... Da-da is sorry to say that he read an eyewitness account of a former Smithsonian employee who was tasked with loading boxes on a small trawler somewhere on the east coast, and after a short 20 mile jaunt out into the Atlantic, a Smithsonian curator tossed 20 boxes worth of stones and bones into the briny deep. Da-da can't recall the timeframe. Luckily we have Lynn to verify much of these lost findings.

Diane Hamilton said...

@Robert Schoen, I'd love to read that entire article. This site has answered and confirmed questions and thoughts I had for so many years. Lynn is a Gem! I support her with all my heart.

Hannon said...

Lynn, did you get any feeling of what the writing on the wall in pic #2 might say? Anyways, thanks Lynn and Da-da, I look forward to these five photo Fridays!

Freddy Jose Morillo Aguirre said...

Is so interesting to read!! I'm glad i found your blog :)

Robert Schoen said...

@Diane Hamilton
Hi Diane, the article involves an event that is still unfolding that I can't say anything about for now, but Lynn played a critical role in guiding me. When I can, I will be happy share the story with you and Lynn's followers.
What I will say is that Lynn has definitely helped me find my own inner guide and psychic abilities.
It resonates so strongly in me that the coming consciousness revolution will come from within.

Ryno said...

Are the "energetic bubbles," the same as David Wilcock's "sphere beings" that entered our solar system rather recently and has the TPTB so freaked out?

This reading and Robert's comments about the consciouness revolution coming from within remind of one of Jesus most overlooked teachings, "...for behold, the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21).

Mark Noeth said...

Wonderful read as always. I have read a lot about this disclosure you talk about since it wasn't what I thought it was originally. Honestly some of it seems way out their even by my standards. I'm still not sure this whole disclosure is a good idea either. We will see what we see. I will leave it at that.

Number three was interesting. I've seen more than a few odd North American skulls or skeletons in private collections.

I found the key of the gods fascinating. As someone that researches artifacts. I see this could be an awesome find.

Thanks again...

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, Da-da highly recommends Dolores Cannon's excellent new (posthumous) book, *Hidden Sacred Knowledge.*


Astrolofting said...

Lucid dreaming. Staying awake in your dreams is how you download the and access the information in your subconscious.

Raymond G said...


Is there any way to know what kind of experiences that people had that entered through the door ? Where they went and what they saw ? I wonder if they saw Heaven, other worlds, their deceased relatives or the future.

Is it possible that you could enter the portal and manifest 3 Lynn's ?
One to remain on the other side, one to take care of your family and one to keep posting cool Remote Viewing results nonstop ?

I like this site. Lots of fun interesting information. Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend !

John Casey said...

The concept that "disclosure" comes from within seems to resonate with many of us here. If I understand correctly, does this mean that when enough people shed the cabal-syndicate BS that the BS breaks down? Or maybe it means when enough people shed the BS, the shedding of BS spreads like wildfire?

I'm assuming here that disclosure is not just some NASA/JPL type admitting that there are artificial structures on the Moon and on Mars, but that it is a more general breakdown of the systems of behavioral control.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@AS: I agree. The more I learn, the more I realize that truth is more exciting (and stranger) than fiction.

@Charlotte: If you send it to me I will save it for the next Friday 5.

@Ryno: That is exactly what movies do… Get us used to the idea before it happens. It is a way to desensitize us. (Jupiter Ascending is a great movie! I found it to leak a lot of mild truths..)

@23 tulips: I saw the part on disclosure as being very truthful (really resonating) and the pics actually gave me chills.. His info feels from a very connected place regarding this.

@John: I see Dada being right on about this… I get the government has taken anything questionable and kept it from the public (I get an area 51 security feel about it). Things are either destroyed or hidden- but not revealed… I get it would really through our entire evolutionary charts off whack, and too much would need explained.

@Diane and Robert: xoxo. Robert, you worked very hard yourself! You did an amazing job!

@Hannon: I really did want to know, but I couldn’t figure it out. I saw myself rubbing my hand on it and reading it like braille- like I would know if I touched it, but couldn’t “just know” in my mind.

@Ryno: Yes, I did see them that way. Also, thank you for reminding us that we really do hold the inner truth and power.

@Raymond: I would really need to do a whole reading on that… It was pretty intense, and I didn’t get that far this time around (but I am willing to try)...

@John: I do see disclosure happening much like you described… The system can’t work because we know the truth and reject it. At that point, we gain control (at it feels beautiful!).