Monday, April 13, 2015

Orbs... Beings, Color and Size

Q.  What are orbs?  Does their color or size mean anything? Are they positive, negative or neutral?
A.  I want to start by breaking the question down into parts. 

Q. What are they?  
A. When I tune in to orbs I see them as balls of energy.  As I go a little deeper I see that they are the energetic presence of many different things.  The dominant thing they represent are spirits of beings that have passed that are still here on earth.  A spirit may show itself as an energetic "orb" or project itself they way it wishes to be seen (as human, ET, etc).

They can be also be the energetic manifestations of beings that currently exist, but have a higher vibration and can alter their physical being to separate their spiritual energy from their physical body.  For example, other worldly beings and ETs that have a high vibration can leave their physical body, form and orb from their spiritual energy, and travel.  I also get that when we practice astral travel, our appearance as we "travel" is that of an orb.  When we see other astral beings during travel, we may see their orb appearance or we see the physical being (as they wish to project it).  

I also want to use the term "magical" as if things we associate as magical, like fairies and forest beings are able to manifest as spiritual orbs.

Q. Why would they disguise themselves into an orb? 
A. I get they do this as a way to travel without using their physical body.  It is an efficient and also protective way to maneuver.  Then I hear that if a fairy were to visit you in a true physical form, you could capture it, but if it was energy (in the form of an orb) it can move about and through objects.

Q. Does color or size mean anything?
A.  The larger the orb, the more energy it contains.  The smaller the orb, the smaller the amount of energy.  For example, a fairy would have a very small orb, whereas an ET would have a much larger orb.  

The color also depends on the type of energy contained in the orb.  During a human astral travel, the orb created would represent your aura.  Other beings work the same way- the aura of the being is the color of orb shown.  

Q. Are they positive, negative or neutral?
A.  Orbs can be spiritual energy of all things, therefore, the energy carry can be all types.  Treat them as you would a spirit (because that is essentially what they are).  Don't be fearful- but be respectful, approach them with intentions of the greater good and be mindful of protection.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

The sasquatch astral travel or as they say "dream walk" and their spirits manifest themselves as these orbs, which are basketball size and seem to be a violet blue in color when they do. These orbs have been seen by both those who are friendly and attuned to them and those who freak out, so I'm not sure if the visibility of these orbs is something they have control over.

Do we humans creates these same orbs on a smaller scale? This phenomena always reminds me of Hyronimous Bosch's painting the Garden of Earthly Delights" where he depicted a man riding in a bubble like a space ship.

Alex said...


Regarding the color of orbs, are violet and blue orbs more friendly than the red or grey orbs which are of lower vibration?

Can we use a mirror to deflect orbs just like light energy?

capserone said...

Daniel Bonar: Um....why are you posting this here?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Robert: That does sound like an interesting concept for a painting. I will have to check that out. I do see humans create these on a smaller scale!

@Alex: I wouldn't use the term friendly or not friendly, but rather I see the blue and violets having a higher vibration and interactions with higher vibrations are more positive

@capserone: I have a spam filter and do what I can to keep up with what gets missed. Sorry about that-

Hannon said...

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Raymond G said...


You made a comment in your reply here about a painting from Bosch.

That got to thinking about the Mona Lisa. No one knows who she is and some say it was a self portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci. Some say it is a composite of 2,3 women and others suggest that it was a lady friend.

I have even heard that she represented the Virgin Mary.

Whoever she is, it was reported that he never left the painting alone,that he carried it with him wherever he went. I don't know how accurate that is, but we know that he considered the painting to be very special.

Do you have any idea who she might be and why Da Vinci thought it was so special?

Many Thanks !

razi09 said...

Can I know what my vibe-color is or just others? Does it change with our moods or stay to our general vibration?

Hannon said...

@Lynn, I'm not sure if this would deserve its on reading but, Kirlian Photography is used to photograph auras and orgonite effects. I guess my question is, how accurate is it? And what would an orb photoed by this show?

One of many examples:

Fantastic Fox said...

I see small white and black orbs all the time. I wonder if the black orbs are not positive ones?

Juli T said...

Great to know!

Everybody I know think orbs are good spirits, but I've seen them in not very good situations or around not very good people, so I was doubtful.

Thank you Lynn!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Raymond: I really should do a reading on that. I think a lot of people, including myself, would be curious to know.

@razi09: Your aura is usually pretty consistent, but it can change if you have a chakra that is very out of balance. I also see an image of someone with this double halo effect in which they have a consistent aura color, but something is out of balance and adds a second color to it (like your aura may be blue, but you are having issues with your heart chakra and there are parts of green added to the blue).

@Hannon: Cool video. I think this is good at showing an outline of the life force within something, but you cannot really get a good pic of the aura itself. It is more for showing how energy is extended beyond the “vessel” of the living thing itself.

@Fantastic: The darker ones are of lower vibration, and you can move them along just like a spirit- even sage if need be.

Sunflower Rose said...

Hi, I'm just wondering about the discrepancy with the previous reading you did, where you said Faeries would not be able to manifest in a photo compared to this reading.

I have been experimenting with spirit photography for many years and often solely focused on connecting with the Fae. I would get many orbs, sometimes of lots of colours, but what amazed me was I would get very solid looking light that would shape itself into a faery with body and wings, or sometimes looking like a dragonfly, or even just an irregular shape. So I personally believe they do have the ability to show themselves.

I remember 3 photos where beings actually manifested. Once it looked like a short Aboriginal witch doctor with a staff, very clear during daytime, another time it was the Celtic horned god Hernes during a full moon and another time looked like an elf.

Also a couple of times white orbs were appearing and as I took more photos they clearly looked like 'something' had taken chunks or bites out of them and also dark spots appearing that would increase with each photo!

See this link for the examples of the faery shapes & go to submitted photos & Yvonne for ET examples:

If anyone wants to try it yourself I found they respond to your vibration & intent. If you have a "positive open expectation" with a playful curious attitude is best. I got some good ones asking if any light beings in the area would like to appear in a family portrait :)

Thank you!

They Live said...

I remember Lynn doing a reading on that. Da Vinci painted himself as a woman.

They Live said...

Going off of what Sunflower Rose mentioned orbs can show their true form, I think it depends on how psychicly or spiritually open a person is.

For instance, a friend of mine, who is in tune with psychic abilities more than myself, and I were sitting on my living room couch, I saw a flash of light in the corner of my eye, my friend saw this same light as a young woman. Later I showed her some family photos and she said the woman looked like my cousin who died back in the1980's. It was really nice as my cousin loved coming over to visit us when she was alive.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Sunflower: It really does depend on the spirit behind the orb. Many fairies (in my mind but maybe it is just the way I connect) look like balls of energy, but you can't make out much detail. In a different perspective they may come off differently.

@They live: I do vaguely remember doing that. I don't think I went as in depth as I would like, so it may be fun to revisit. :-)

Hannon said...

@ Sunflower Rose

There was some cool pics on that site! Can this be done with digital cameras? How many tries do you have to do before something shows up?

Sunflower Rose said...

@ Hannon

Yes digital cameras is all I've ever used. The first time I tried it I had been on the Fairy Congress website where I first learnt of orbs which were in their pics above the parade of people at the gathering. I was house-sitting at the time, went outside and made a casual invitation for faeries to show themselves. I immediately got white balls of light and a 'dragonfly' shaped light. They don't always show up though. I find it depends on the particular time, place and my own mood. It goes very much by feelings. You can experiment with different places and interactions. Example is once I did a meditation charging myself up with violet light, then did a big out-breath releasing the light as a gift to the Nature Spirits of the area from my heart (I read they like violet light so thought I'd try) then I got my first violet orb just after! Another time I got a friend involved in a park, I took a photo while he was running and was amazed a large transparent orb had enveloped him to his waist and distorted his face in the pic. He later told me he'd asked in his mind for them to 'run with him.' I also find orbs love festivals, animals, thunderstorms, etc. There was a woman I was in contact with on Facebook who was doing it every night in her garden, in the end she was getting an actual light being manifesting, showing itself more & more! It was amazing. I also spent some time working with different trees asking to see their spirits. A mandarin tree in my yard had an orange orb and the weeping willow 'felt' shy and I spent about half an hour one night connecting, sending love & talking to it lol coaxing it out. Then I got a diffused orb right at it's crown :) So basically just be aware of your energy, the surroundings and put the call out, see what you get. Sometimes not much will show, other times it will absolutely blow you away! Happy snapping :)

Hannon said...

@ Sunflower Rose

That is so cool, I can't wait to try. My 3 year old likes to go on hikes with me, and we have this thing where we leave the prettiest rocks we find(usually something with veins of quartz) or snacks(usually some of our fruit or nuts) as gifts for the fairies in the woods, but mostly at the streams and springs for the water fairies. I've never seen a fairy but to my daughter they're very real, she says good bye/hello to them, and tells them she will miss them as we leave and waves. If I'm able to get a photo, I'm sure it would be then.

Kristie said...

Hi Lynn, I saw an orb on my two year old son's video monitor a few months ago. Do you have any insight about this? A little more detail - it was about 10pm and my son was tossing and turning in his sleep and whining. I checked the monitor and saw the orb flying around. It was about 6 inches in diameter and light in color or white although the night monitor shows up as black n white. I also kept hearing a knocking sound on the monitor like someone knocking on the dresser. My husband and I couldn't figure out where the knocking was coming from. We couldn't hear it at all in my son's room. Since that night my son has frequently woken up around 10pm or 1am, and we don't know what is bothering him. He usually ends up in our bed, where he will settle down, but sleeps fitfully. If you have any insight that would help two tired parents we would love to hear! Many thanks!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Kristie: I had the same things with my son (would turn motion lights on as well). I had to sage his room and set the intent that spiritual energy had to remain outside that room and move to where it was better served- and within a few days it got much better.

Kristie said...

Lynn, thank you. I bought a sage plant and will be looking up how to spiritually cleanse a house! The night I wrote that post, we were up all night with restless two year old, and I was feeling creepy. In the morning my eight year old daughter came to me and said she was looking in her full length mirror, and when she turned to walk away, her reflection turned the opposite way it should have turned. She was very freaked out and said she was serious and it really happened. She was asleep all night and didn't know I was up all night with her brother and feeling creepy myself. I think a full house cleanse is needed. Do you get any impression that this is a bad energy? My feeling is, child like a little girl and she likes my kids, although how would I know right? :)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Kristie: I say sage the whole house. You may even buy some clear crystal quartz (it is pretty cheap) and put it around your house for protection and also to raise vibrations... Let me know if you have any questions.