Monday, March 9, 2015

Unexplained Artifacts

I had a private request sent to me to look at some of the objects found at the following link (the entire article is very interesting!)... As I looked them over, I had some that really stood out to me.

London Hammer: When I saw this image, I stopped to tune into it.  I get that when ETs came here (thousands and thousands, even millions year ago) they were here even before the dinosaurs.  They (through their scientific genetic engineering) created all the life using their own DNA samples as the base.

The goal for some ETs was to create a civilization that they could coexist with, (breed, learn, create) while other ETs had ulterior motives of creating slaves to do the "menial" work they themselves were doing- it was like they were creating their own hierarchy of importance. (The new beings were the workers and automatically a lower class.) This hammer belonged to one of the workers created out of later species of ETs (I see this being as a one-eyed giant).

Baghdad Battery: This was a very well thought-out and yet simple form of a battery.  I actually want to use the word capacitor (?) rather than battery. I see a vinegar being made (some kind of fermented apple juice- the way you would make apple cider vinegar) put in the metal cylinder, and a baking soda / water mixture being put in the "vase." There is a coiled wire (that looks to be missing from this picture) wrapped around the metal rod and poking outward to the sky.  Once the wire is wrapped around the rod, the rod would be placed in the apple vinegar container, and then the apple vinegar container would be placed into the baking soda/water being held by the vase.  Once they were in position, there was a metal wire "jumpering" the apple juice to the baking soda concoction (same wire with one end poked in the metal cylinder and the other poked into the vase).  A charge could be introduced into the "battery" by the coiled wire that extended outward, and the discharge also occurred through that same coiled wire.  I see these (more than one, not sure how many are found) sitting on a high surfaces (pyramids??) to try to extract both static electricity and electricity (the old fashioned way) into these batteries.  Once charged if they removed the "jumpering" wires they could transport the battery safely, but the "jumpering" need to be replaced to complete the discharge and extract the electricity.

Coral City of Nan Madol: When I first tune into this I get the image of a grocery store.  Then I get that this place was created because it was a depot of sorts.  Trade occurred here, and they also had things (like herbs and food) that were sold / bartered as well. I see this island as full of life and people were constantly coming and going (there were water crafts??  looks like ships even then??).

At first these ships would stop and do their trade on the island, but the islanders did not like the feeling of "outside" people on the island.  They were prosperous with the trade, but did not like the environment (I hear it was turning into a tourist attraction??).  As a result this City was built in the water.  It kept the trade and life thriving, but the land itself didn't have this "tainted" feeling of the constant travelers.  It created a neutral zone to do their business, while their land stayed pure.

And that is all I have for this reading.  As I think more about this article, if things come to me I will be sure to update this post.  Love and light-


Raymond G said...

The Coral City is interesting. I wonder how those tremendously large pieces of coral were carved and moved ?

The same way that they built Coral Castle and the Pyramids ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Raymond: I see a system that involved a combination of energy work (similar to how the pyramids constructed that made them lighter) and also tree trunks on their side used as rollers to move this huge stone. Both techniques combined (physical and energetic) allowed this to be built.

Watchand Knock said...

Coral Castle next to Miami was built by one man (in the first part of the last century), who never allowed people to observe him during his work. Can you describe how the device he invented to do this (apparently) worked? Although well studied nobody so far was able to rebuild a working unit. (his name was Edward Leedskalnin (In Latvian language: Edvards Liedskalniņš) (born January 12, 1887 in Livonia Latvia)( thank you for this post Lynn!

Anonymous said...

On a side note, you would think one-eyed giants would have problems with depth perception.

I am reading a book titled "The ancient giants who ruled America" by Richard J Dewhurst, some really good reading. Do you see truth in this book?

John Casey said...

So intriguing, from so many angles. I wonder what dates would attach to the battery and the Nan Madol city? Is this the same site that Graham Hancock has been involved in, working with archaeologists? If I'm not mistaken, they were talking about dates older that 20,000 years ago, which was getting them pilloried in MSM.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@watchandknock: I actually worked on a project with a man regarding this, and part of the project made me sign an NDA, so I cannot discuss it until the project is done. I have communicated with Ed several times, and have a good understanding of this, and one day I hope to be able to publicly do a reading on it.

@Charlie: Good point- I get they use their sense of hearing to keep things feeling balanced... ??

@John:I didn't get a date, but it is thousands and thousands of years ago- have an ancient (almost prehistoric) feel to it.

Raymond G said...


You have 'spoken' to Ed on the other side ? That sounds exciting.....

Is there any timeline suggesting when your client might release the information or when you might be able to release it after x months or x years?

He spoke in riddles. He kept speaking about his sweet 16, but I don't think that was about the girl that jilted him at the altar.

It would be incredibly exciting to learn how he built the castle and the possibility of infinite energy.


YourPsychicFocus said...

@Raymond: Yes, hours worth. Took him a little while to trust me, (started with random things), but it grew from there. I wish I did have a date that the project would be done- I thought it would be soon, but looks to have been pushed back.

Hannon said...

@ Lynn, Lol, I'm going to become obsessed with checking the blog for the Coral Castle reading! It looks like he left clues all over that place just waiting for us to unlock the mystery and start to unwind the controllers version of limited physics, or in my mind he has, at least from what I've seen and heard about it so far. This is so exciting, now I feel like a child that's waiting for Christmas!

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!