Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cat's Eye on the Future Interview

Melodi, Thanks again for having me on your show! We covered a lot of topics (some pretty heavy and intense) which was great.  I had a really good time! Love and light-Lynn



Baku Matsumoto said...

What happened to Cypress was that gov freezed the citizen bank accounts, imposed certain % of tax all out of blue. After that, inbound money flow has literally stopped.

Will this happen to Greece too?

It looks like China/Russia comes to Europe to buyup land, property, business, technologies. This is strongly backedup their State policies.

Hannon said...

I haven't listened to the whole show, but anybody interested in the Earth growing should take a look at this computer model of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kL7qDeI05U

There's much more detailed work that goes along with the "expanding planet theory" but this is a convincing 3 minute start.

Raymond G said...

That was an interesting interview. It would be fun to meditate and see the Earth breathe.

I wonder if you can see it 'smile' or sense its mood ?

We call the Earth.well, Earth. Some call it Gaia. I wonder what God calls it or the other aliens ? I wonder if it has the same name across the Universe the same way everyone recognizes the United State, Canada, Australia etc...?

BTW, I agree with your ideas about Germany. I think much of the events surrounding WW2 have been altered. The victors write the history.

Do you do many interviews on the radio or with print media ?

Have you ever tried to be on Coast to Coast AM ? They have a new guest on every night.

Thanks for your blog. It's fun to read each new entry...


YourPsychicFocus said...

@Raymond: I have meditated and felt a sense of anger before.. I don't get that often though- usually the feelings are of love.

I get other beings refer to earth as an "oasis" and many of them have their own vocabulary for it- much of it in words we cannot pronounce with our human tones.

I have had a few people from the blog tell me that sent my info to Coast of Coast... I am open to it if they are interested and contact me. :-)

Love and Light:

Juli T said...

I have to disagree with this lady, i believe at this point you have a very clear idea about what are your sources in your readings.
That reading on the WW2 was amazing (and brief to me, i wanted more!).
I'm a pro Palestine activist, I've even been volunteering there, and I have to face every day this denial on telling a different story than the ones portrayed in the mass media and the History books written by the winners.
I was telling my mom the other day about that reading in particular (she can't understand English very well so I'm her official translator of your blog) and I was telling her exactly what you said in this interview, that is so hard to fight those 'beliefs' they teach you since are born, and how I had to make en effort in opening my mind and start a new path of searching and learning about WW2 and Hitler (starting with that 6 hours documentary you posted). I always thought Israel, the jewish community and the powers that be used that after it happened for its own gain, but never dare myself to second guess it (the holocaust, etc).
I applaud you for going forward with that and having the courage to tell what you saw.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Juli: Thank you. That was a difficult, but very eye opening moment for me..

Hannon said...

Part 1

Note: I almost didn't post this, but I'd feel dishonest if I didn't.

I had a chance to listen to the rest of this, and I have to agree with Juli T. Good job Lynn on sticking to your guns on the Hitler reading, while remaining polite and cordial. People are kicking and screaming more about Hitler's Germany coming to light, than they did about 911 or other conspiracies.

I found myself getting a bit angry at this woman, first the Runes were never meant to be used as a system for divination, they are part of meditation system and used to evoke certain energies, even the old Lore warns not to miss use such things because you can bring powerful energies into play that may not be what you intended, or as the old saying goes: be careful for what you wish for. Secondly they were used as an alphabet per the sound(vibration) of each Rune or as individual Runes to display an entire concept in one letter. Even Wotan himself, the master of the Runes who brought them back to this plane after sacrificing his ego, fasting for 9 days and allowing the esoteric side of the universe to enter his mind as metaphorically told by him piercing himself with his spear which was made from a branch of the world tree(universe/cosmology), had to raise a Vulva in order to seek out deviation because the master of Rune magic himself didn't use Runes for it. It's kind of offensive to me, it's like telling Jews the Menorah is used for water dowsing and telling Christians the Crucifix is useful as a coat rack. Runes can be used as divination, but it's as arbitrary as the person using tea leaves or anything else and depends more on the ability of the person reading them, but to me it's a offensive miss use.

The Othala Rune she complained about is what can be described as a Rune of the tribe, ancestral property, homeland or as the NSDAP(Nazis) correctly used it: blood and soil, the very thing(s) that connects a tribe(ethnicity) or large group of related people(s). I hope she's right about this energy coming into play, it's long past time for white people to stand up for themselves in their own countries. Indo-Europeans are the only group in the world that aren't allowed to organize exclusively as a group to protect their own interest or homelands. We have to compete against every other group as isolated individuals while every other group is allowed to organize. Could you imagine if somebody started to flood the Navajo reservation with non Navajo and told the Navajo they had to accept them in every part of their society via forced integration, pay for them to get free health care, free food, free housing, free education, affirmative action, hold them to lower standards under their laws and remove all Navajo symbols as not to offend the invasive new people, all while they were being told that the Navajo culture is inherently evil, garbage, meaningless, racist and have the evils of "Indian Privilege" taught to their children. The double standards against white folks verses every other group is astonishingly disgusting, and every white person that seeks out a tribal identity is labeled a racist Nazi who must hate everyone else that wants to kill 6 million Jews.

Hannon said...

Part 2

When the Chinese did it to Tibet, the UN declared it Genocide, but when it happens to white countries people deny it, then they say it's good because white people deserve something they just denied was happening. It's going to put pressure on white people and white communities to push back and it's going to be bad for everyone.

I'm not against natural free will mixing of people, as new cultural entities organically grow and create themselves, but I'm against organized policies of mass immigration forcefully smashing cultures together, while one group or more is disenfranchised by law, and different sets of rules apply to different kinds of people. Not to mention it creates a convenient environment for the powers that shouldn't, to get groups fighting with each other instead of unseating the bad guys from power. These fictional cartoons show the double standards I speak of, in a comical way, sort of but it's not really funny.

AntiRacist Hitler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

How Whites Took Over America

When any group has their group identity forcefully stolen and/or blended away, it's a bad thing no matter what race or ethnicity. They're trying to force everybody to be the same, and become part of some disgusting corporate mono-culture, then oddly enough call it diversity. I say we all keep our diverse, beautiful cultures, traditions and respect each other, while we reject the manufactured Hollywood crap mono culture.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: That you so much for your thought out response. You raise some interesting and valid points.

Hannon said...

Lynn, I'm still not sure if she just triggered an obvious emotional trigger of mine, or if she was taking snide digs at you under a friendly guise or both, but either way you did a great job :-)