Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Guy That Shows Up in Dreams ALL Over the World

Q. I'd like to know about that guy that allegedly shows up in random people's dreams who have never seen him before, as documented here: http://www.thisman.org/  I'm not even sure if this is true or not, but it sure has grabbed my attention  
A.  I do get this as being true.  As I tune into him, I see that in his physical existence he was a monk and had a very religious and spiritual connection to his higher self and a higher source.  I see that during a meditation he was told to that he was "chosen" to stay on earth to guide people to listen to their subconscious- I can't get the term for what this was called- It was as if now he was in training (due to the limitations he had within his human body he couldn't realize his full potential) and in his afterlife he was going to be like an angel (but angel isn't the right word..??)  I see he died in the 1800s and when he did he did not go into the light, but rather stayed in a spiritual form within the spirit realm on earth.  He maintained a high vibration in his physical form, but upon dying his vibration increased tremendously (to this "angel like" state)!  

I see he is called upon during times of stress, and comes to people in their dreams to help them.  It is as if he is a conduit or translator between the subconscious and conscious mind.  When people are experiencing trying times, or having a hard time following with the "universe" is telling them, he comes in to help makes sense of the messages in their dreams.  

I don't see him as fearful or malicious.  In fact I see people feeling better after connecting to him in their sleep state.  It looks like he enables people to find clarity that otherwise feels lost without a little guidance. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-


Hannon said...

Thanks so much Lynn! This post is like a birthday present, you're super awesome!

:D said...

Happy birthday @Hannon!

Lynn: do you know the monk's name? And how do we get chosen?
Hope everybody keeps safe out there.

Ma'at said...

In Buddhism, he is what's called a "bodhisattva", a person that doesn't move on until everyone else does. Quan Yin is the classical figure.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: Happy Birthday!!

@:D: I don't know the name. It didn't come to me. I just saw an image of a monk in a dark brown robe..

@Ma'at: Thank you for the info. :-)

Hannon said...

Lol, thanks all but it's not my birthday today :)

I just thought that asking this question then getting a response was nice like a birthday present, but I didn't mean an actual birth day present :)

Hannon said...

Here's a cool story about reincarnation if anybody is interested: http://www.theepochtimes.com//n3/1212089-do-you-believe-in-reincarnation-boy-gives-detailed-verified-information-about-past-life/

I'm not sure if it's true but it tipped the meters on my interesting gage this morning :)

Somasera19 said...

I was just curious if you could see when Microsoft's hololens will be released to the public and what good or bad repercussions it will have on the people.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@somosera: It feels like it is getting close. I don't have an exact time, but around 18 months???

It is great as far as technology- I get there will be some "bugs" to work out after it is released. I also get it feels a little (or rather a lot) awkward getting used to, but the results are good..

The down side is that it creates another tool to distance ourselves from "real" human interaction which I get hurts our true sense of self..

Hello_Kitty said...

I dream a lot but never dreamed of a man like that. LOL I always have realistic dreams of real-life situations. Maybe because I am homesick, recently dream a lot of my family and home, and seeing childhood friends. BTW, why do you use typical face of a Jewish man in the post??

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hello Kitty: I just used the face that showed up on the website to do my "focus" and also put up on the blog. I didn't "pick" him.

2SpiritAngel said...

Hi Lynn,
There is a phenomenon going on worldwide which is very similar to what is happening with the figure mentioned in this reading. Many people are seeing faces of complete strangers when they close their eyes - vivid images as though they were actually seeing it with their own eyes.
My question is: what's happening here? What is causing these particular individuals to see these faces? Who are the people that they are seeing and why are they showing up to them when they close their eyes?
Hope you can help out! Lots of love :-)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@2apiritangel: I get two things- one, in this state of consciousness their minds are more open to receiving messages from the spirit realm... It is a being trying to convey something (I see spirits flocking to people that can see them as if they are a beacon in the night). Most spirits are harmless, they just want to be heard.

The other thing I see is that these faces are their own guides, or a people provided by their guide to help them process something in their subconscious. It gets even a little more complicated, and perhaps I should do a reading on it..

2SpiritAngel said...

Thanks so much Lynn! Will let my friend, who is currently confused about episodes of seeing faces when she closes her eyes, see your response - I'm sure she'll really appreciate the help!

Alex said...
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Alex said...
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