Thursday, November 20, 2014

Q & A XLIV: Random Media Questions (Powers that Be, Truth Tellers, New Sources, Paranormal TV) [Group Post]

Q. Dear Lynn, I read that the "powers that be" have successfully embedded their agenda into the psyche of the public via media for many years and that they even control the alternative media narrative to lure and identify those who oppose the nefarious agenda. Do they control the highly visible organizations like infowars, oathkeepers, or are these alternative news sources and groups authentic? If they are not authentic, then where can we find uncensored truth?
A. The first thing I get is that you are absolutely correct- the "Powers" have penetrated and control most of our media.  They censor what we are allowed to know.  IF the truth is leaked, it is done is such a way that it comes off as a joke, and typically the presenter is labeled as something less than respectable.  

Then I hear "Alex Jones may be a good guy at heart, but look how he is portrayed."  I get a message about in "real life" Alex is passionate about what he does, and the way he is shown is the media is completely sensationalized.  Alex is a frustrated man trying to spread truth while fighting a huge system.  He even realizes he comes across loud (and maybe obnoxious) at times, but he is SO frustrated (and the word SO is emphasized loudly in this message).  He wants to make change to a very broken system, but isn't sure how to go about doing it.  

Then I get that the "Powers" will go so far as to interview people that are truth tellers to intentionally discredit them (I hear the name Jessie Ventura come up).  I see Jessie being taunted in the back of the studio by something being played on a tv set, then they bring him out on stage for the interview (while he is already upset and agitated) and then ask him questions without allowing him time to give his response while interrupting him constantly.  Jessie get so flustered by it, he shows a side of himself and says things in a way he normally wouldn't, but the media got their clip they wanted so they could play, and replay it over and over for the public to see. Then I see people high-fiving in a back office and I hear the phrase "one more taken down."

I also see that the government has an entire group of people dedicated to finding people trying to make change and shed truth.  Their job is to post comments that throw people off,discredit people and sway their audience.  The also put and create false information to make stories go away, and make distractions to steer people away from the real issues.  I want to use the words "damage control" as if that is even somewhere in this groups job title or job description. 

Most every news source has some kind of influence, but the countries that have the least censorship, have more genuine news (you still need to use your own filter to see what feels truthful).   Many times you will hear a story, and if it doesn't sit right, or feels off- trust that it is.  We are given clues to truth, but not the full truth.  Alternative sources are good to get your brain going (and force your mind to exercise out of the mainstream).  And I am left with the phrase "Look with your eyes."  People can say many things, but proof is in their actions.

Q. What are your thoughts of the paranormal shows Ghost Adventures, Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo)  and Dead Files? These are the ones I really believe in and feel that Theresa Caputo and Amy Allen are the real deal. I Actually have tickets to see her Please, please if you can focus on this I'll really appreciate it thanks so much. You are wonderful!
A. Out of the shows you listed, I do get some genuine, pure energy here... I will break them down. 

Ghost Adventures:  I see these guys seeking out, wanting to understand the paranormal layer of earth and trying to contact it.  I get at times during the show (because of where they are mentally) they over react (feel they were touched, etc when they weren't), but in reality they are just antsy because they have been touched, talked to and heard things in the past.  They let their minds get too "busy" and don't relax to allow things to flow easily. They truly depict what investigators do, and share that with the public.

Long Island Medium:  She feels very genuine.  She really wants to help people, and has a good connection to the spirit realm.  She knows how to see things and translate it to people (I have an image of her standing with an image in a thought bubble.  She then is describing what is in that bubble to someone else).  She carries herself with strong feminine energy and she is very confident in what she does.  Then I get it took her a long time to get that confidence, but now she is "rocking it."

Dead Files:  I see Amy as having a lot of talent.  I get there is a lot of behind the scenes coordination that has to take place, but not to let that take away from Amy's gift.  There are a lot of scenes created for tv, but the show gives a good depiction of her skills.  

Q. Are psychic twins Linda and Terry Jamison really who they claim to be, one soul split in two bodies? Are they really trying to help people with their gift? At first I believed in their gift but something feels off...
A.  When I tuned in to them, I get they do have psychic gifts, but I also get it is a little clouded.  When they first began this adventure and starting really trying to warn, help and guide people, there was a sincerity about it.  They felt humble, but something with that has shifted.  They are still good people, but it is like there is a new stress or additional energy that prevents their thoughts from flowing as easily.  I get their images aren't as clear to them as they once were- they get strong hunches or impressions, but the details aren't as specific.

Q. I'd like you to take a look at the video that I'm linking here and tell me what you can about it. Be warned, I get a very dark feeling from it and the reason that I'm asking you to "read" it is because I think there is much more to this story than people know. The video is an incident from 1987 where someone hijacked a television broadcast signal for a minute and a half. The description in the video says that they "broke in" but they just mean into the signal, not the studio. To this day, this person has not been caught and it remains a mystery.

I'll reserve my feelings on it for the comments if you make a post about it as I don't want to obscure your view in any way. Here's the link:
A. (First, I must say please heed caution before watching this, and mentally protect yourself from negativity as this is incredibly disturbing.  I may even pull this link down..)
I see this person was really fed up with the media and how government (even the Powers That Be) was being both manipulated and manipulative.  This man was mentally and spiritually out of balance, and as a result took his negative feelings and used that energy to infiltrate this television show.  I get the man felt like the quality of news out there is of such poor quality, yet people were buying into all the propaganda they were hearing.  As I watched the video he joked and said that now they have something to write about and calls them names.  He is making a mockery of the media.

I then found myself watching the background in the video.  I pulled myself away from looking because i get there was something more than making a Max Headroom skit- It had a subliminal feel to it.  I got that if you starred at it, something about it pulled you in and created a dark negative feeling that would take a while to shed off.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Baku Matsumoto said...

Interesting about Alex jones & psychic twins!!

Some media pretending "alternatives & truthful" also on government side..... such as

I watched the video of hijack,... i can not stand even first minutes. Something very wrong.

Camryn Villarruel said...

I feels nauseous when I see the Max Headroom video. I didn't realized the signal was hijacked. Amy Allen is the real deal and Teresa Caputo, i can feel it. Lynn u r right on the paychic twins. Blessings and thank u

2SpiritAngel said...

Hi Lynn,

Recently Will Smith's two children Willow and Jayden Smith did an interview that has been made a mockery of on the internet. The responses the two gave were very spiritual in nature and has lead people to believe the two are 'indigo children'. Do you see this as being the case for the two, or are they part of something more in line with the Powers That Be?

Here is a link to some of the interview:

Anonymous said...

That video was horrifying, I could barely get through half a minute.

A Mann said...

What became of the guy who made the subliminal?

Sandy M. said...

Wow! What a great post! Thanks! I've read that Mr. Jones was a good guy that was killed and it's his clone on tv now..... Teresa Capito sold her soul to get famous just like Jlo... (slit eyes shown on YouTube).... The duck dynasty people did it too... Sadness! The twins were part of a gov experiment years ago so they may be mind controlled still.... I don't get a good feeling from them.... They told me that the good ol days were over and prepare for sthtf! Really? There's no way I'm clicking on that video! Love & light!

Bee E-lightened said...

yea, am afraid to watch the video

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn thank you also for this post.
If I'm allowed, I just wanted to comment on the Term "Truth Teller".
Some post ago it was stated here correctly tha ETs don't want us on the moon and that the immages from moonlanding are fake. So far this is True to me. But when it goes to conclude that Apollo mission 11 (for example) never landed on our natural sattelite I would tend to say not true: 1) we have the Audio-recording from the dialogue between Houston and Armstrong. In this dialogue Armstrong clearly says that there is a form of life out there and the bosses from Earth keep trying to calm him down in order to prevent either a major leakage or just preventing him from becoming histeric and eventually compromise the success of the mission (video title is in Spanish and so are the subtitles but the dialogue is in english and starts at 1:57,
In this case, imho, both are correct(Truth-Tellers) because the impediment to land on the moon may have occurred sometime after 1969.

No doubt that the images where pre- fabricated in a Studio somewhere because they knew an encounter could happen and in this case,no immages would habe been available to show on TV (disclosure wasn't planned neither then nor is it intended to occur this year, 45 years later). Actually the video also shows some weird immages but the audio is the most intriguing.
What is your take on this Lynn? thank You!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@A Mann: I get he was arrested, but they didn't ever publically announce who he was. It was covered up and kept a secret.

@WatchandKnock: I thought the audio was intriguing too. I get we were too scared to actually get close to any form of physical contact due to we suspected there would be an encounter. I can't see we actually got out of the space shuttle..?? We were there and saw what was shown, but didn't put ourselves in harms way. There is a disconnect for me between the audio and the what we are shown (but there is some accuracy to the audio). Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

Alpha X said...

I apologize for showing you the Max Headroom link. I wasn't prepared for it when I first watched it and it took me the rest of the night to shake off the negativity. I'm fine now but the feelings I got from it made me want to know what was going on.

I know that you know how to protect yourself so I was hoping that as long as I warned you, you'd be okay. I definitely don't recommend anyone watch it unless you're very prepared. The actual Max Headroom commercials from the 80s have a very subliminal/negative feel to them as well.

I got some really disturbed feelings from the individual in the hijacking video to the point that I wasn't sure how he was able to hijack the feed. I'd rather not put anymore focus into it myself, right now, but that video really got to me. I tend to want to know all of the details of darker situations like this to try and "solve" them but I'll step back from this one for now. I deferred to you because I know you can get more specific details than me and you know how to protect yourself but I do apologize for showing it to you.

Icq girl said...

Haha, I'm also afraid to watch the video! Even the screenshot gave me chills. Why is it negative when it said a truth somehow?

Eva Witte said...

From A government astronomer 'ken'
In his disclosure video, "Ken," states the discovery of this object began with the observations of never before seen, glowing storms on Uranus. This in turn led to an investigation of Saturn and the subsequent concern of government agencies regarding an unforeseen force entering our system. Is there more to this and is it related to the comet you mentioned before?

AS said...

Before watching the video, say out loud, "Angels surround and protect me in every way," say this to yourself over and over while watching the video. When I first saw video I had a sick feeling, but after repeating the angel phrase out loud, I felt much better.
(Thank you and bless you Lynn for all the good you are doing for the betterment of humanity.)

KC said...

The max headroom spoof video had no effect on me at all. Just another jerk showing off. I agree he was arrested and it was kept quiet.

Wherami said...

Lately I feel that Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert are controlled opposition and following an agenda that is in line with the cabal while spouting their hatred of banks to keep everyone distracted from their true agenda

Anonymous said...

Is Kim Russo (from The Haunting Of...) also legit?