Friday, October 24, 2014

Questions Involving China... [Group Post]

Q. When and how will World War 3 starts ? Which countries would form the two opposing teams?  Some psychic has predicated that Muslim countries and Russia would form one team while USA, Western Europe, China and Japan would form the other team.  Do you see any truth in this ?
A. I actually see this as three opposing teams.  I see a group of Russia, China, Japan and smaller countries are in the that proximity (like Malaysia) being on one of the sides.  The smaller countries get grouped out of location (and fear because of closeness to the other powerful countries) rather than their own personal viewpoints.  China and Russia form a very strong team, and have a lot of influence.  

Muslim countries start as their own group, and hold strong for a while, but then later merge with China (China sort of recruits them)  The Muslims lose some strength due to the original fighting, and their resources start to deplete. They are being fed some resources now (I get the impression that the US is funding the Muslims, yet fighting them all at the same time??) but that eventually stops when certain deals and alliances are not formed.  I also get the impression that many of the "Muslims" are actually affiliated with the CIA or branch of it to either infiltrate or influence the Muslims (I get a picture of an American CIA wearing a Muslim Halloween "costume"), but it doesn't seem as effective as they hoped.  When the CIA starts to back out, resources are withheld, China scoops them up to try to build some kind of strength in numbers.  

The third group is the US, Canada, much of  Europe and Australia.  I see this group strong in regard to intel, resources and technology.  The weakness is the financial backing.  Most of this group will continue to use the inflated dollar regardless of the value, but to branch outside of this group is difficult, and financially that will be the struggle.  I get the impression that there will be some "bullying" tactics first, followed by some ruthless "secretive" tactics that don't involve the loss of life from this group, but rather they use technology to their advantage (i.e weather manipulation, subtle chemical attacks- something like a chemtrail effect).  Harsh weather, natural disasters and unexplained amounts of illness will be the result (weaken people are easier to fight).  I also see food supplies to opposing "teams" being altered.  

Now to see how it starts....  It is slowly ramping up now.  I don't see a moment of anyone proclaiming "it starts now" but rather it just happens.  As the dollar gets threatened by other currencies (like the Shanghai Gold Exchange) and our need for oil (and wanting to control it) increases, the US wants both a presence overseas to monitor the oil and to create situations to distract from the idea and stability an alternate currency backed by something real would hold.  As long as the US prints the money, they hold the power, and they want to keep that power.  Other countries know it, and want a piece (or I hear "their turn) of the power too.  

Q. With China becoming a world power in the near future, do you see any South East Asian countries (neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar) being incorporated into China the same way as Crimea was annexed into Russia? 
A. I don't see China taking the land and calling it China, but I see them having some kind of control and ownership of it.  For example, I don't see the country Thailand being renamed to be a territory of China, but I see China having a control over it and being able to tell or highly influence their government on what to do (alliances, trade, currency, etc).  I see countries fearing China, like being cut off or not having good relations is detrimental to their ability to thrive.

Q. China seems to become a major power in the world, but democracy , law and justice, and human rights are highly suppressed. Do you see if these aspects will improve considerably in a time frame like five to ten years, or if things will stay the same for a long time? The Chinese government cannot tolerate even peaceful protests. With the advance in technology and military power, everything is under government surveillance and many people feel helpless and hopeless. Is there anything ordinary people can do to bring about the change?  Thank you !

A. I focused on this for a while, and saw two different time lines develop.  In the first, China (along with many other countries in the world) are having less tolerance to any type of organized outcry regarding topics that aren't supportive of the people in power  or the "Powers that Be".  Not only do things not change, they get to the point where speaking out at all is not tolerated (even in a peaceful type venue), and we allow that type of authority to be accepted.  It doesn't happen all at once, but rather over a period of time. 

They (governments) create fear (disease, famine, natural disasters), they come in a save us from those fears to build trust and that trust allows them to take our rights because we are under the illusion it is in our own good.  Then I see an example of government banning all guns to protect us from harming ourselves- they have us convinced it is the best way to remain safe- then something happens from outside our "bubble" and we have no way to protect or defend ourselves.  That happened because we didn't fight to keep our rights, but rather said "here you go, you can take my freedoms, just promise to protect me."

The OTHER time line I saw involved people uniting and reaching a breaking point where enough is enough.  People stand together, and by doing so we create our biggest allies and supporters of people.  We are actually very strong when we unite, and we take back ourselves.  It is a long road to build what is right, but our lack of tolerance forces people in authority to make change.  Then I hear that "rather than divide and conquer" (which is what they do to us) we need to "unite and stand strong."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.


Baku Matsumoto said...

do you see the usage of nuclear weapon in the near future?

siketa said...

I think Lynn answered me that it will be used in water to create a tsunami...not on the land because neither party wants it polluted and devastated.

2SpiritAngel said...

Hi Lynn! Hope you are doing well :-)

Two questions:

1. China and Japan have always had a difficult history, what do you see to be the reason behind them uniting in this situation?

2. What place do you see Korea being in in the third World War? Will it align with China also? Will it become a reunified country by this point?

Ryno said...

Speaking of Guns, is the school shooting in Washington a false flag? Washington state has the biggest gun control issue to vote on in the coming election and many of the elite have dumped a lot of money into the campaign. With it losing, was this a false flag to help the gun control bill get passed?

Alex said...

Dear PF

According to this website, World War 3 will start from 2015 and continue for 8 years.

In the year 2018, America and China will be hit by war and there will be unprecedented loss of lives.

Do you see any truth to this ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for your reading! Yes, it seems there is a long road for China to be democratic, either due to the awakening of the people or the government is so corrupt that it finally falls apart. Do you see that WWIII will be a contributing factor to the dissolution of the communist regime?

Alex said...

Dear PF

I agree with 2SpiritAngel, Japan has been the arch-enemy of China for a long time. Why do you see Japan teaming up with China instead of USA?

Which side are Thailand, Vietnam and Korea on ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I do see nuclear being used, but siketa is right... it will be in the water to try to avoid as much land pollution as possible (we all need the land for food).

@2spiritangel and Alex: I see Japan being forced to unite with China. Really Japan doesn't want to unite with anyone, but they feel forced (and it may be that half of Japan sides with the US and the other half is with China??) There is some division there as well.

I do see Korea with China as well.

@Ryno: Surprisingly this doesn't feel like a false flag. I see this really happening without govt influence or involvement BUT I will say the media is using this to get an agenda passed- like the timing of it was kind of perfect.

@Alex: I see this timeline is very probable. I see it ramping up slowly, there are some tough years while each side stands their ground and then a long "fizzling out" period.

@honsum: Yes, I see a new form of government forming that isn't completely communist or democratic, but a blending of the both.

Lisa said...

There is an Austrian Stefan Parlow, who also see the 3. World War Coming. He is channeling both his Higher self and Jesus. Here is his book about:

Do you see any truth?! Or have the time lines changed?
He says that it is later than originally "planned" but the things which will happen, have stayed the same. Only that they are happening at a later time.

What do you think?!

siketa said...

Lynn, which side will "win" this war? How do you see Europe in all this mess and after it? Will there be lots of destruction and deaths?

Rusty Bojador said...

I thought you said from your previous reading Canada would not get involve and remain neutral during the war?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lisa: I do see that as true. Many people (including myself) see things happening, but they are unfolding on a slower or different time frame (but the events are true).

@siketa: I do see deaths, but it feels passive aggressive rather than blatant. Everyone looks reset to the same level (there is struggle everywhere).. I don't see a real winner, but it feels like a stalemate in many ways.

@Rusty: I did say that... I am not sure what is happening or why that changed, but they are going to be pulled in by the US (our of fear).

Kaie said...

How do you see the Philippines fit in this? What will it be like for the country, knowing that the country is stuck in between USA and China economically? Thank you!

Alex said...


Philippines is aligned to USA. There are lots of American troops in the Philippines.