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Q & A XXXII: Souls, Death, Reincarnation and / or Spiritual [Group Post]

Q. Just wonder about the subject of soul mates. I believe that we may have more than one since we live many lives in this earth and that we have to learn different lessons each time. What is your take on this?
A. I see we have groups of people that we have "soul pacts" with.  Depending on what life lesson and experience you are here to have to have, different souls are drawn to be in your life in various capacities.  Basically we reincarnate with many of the same souls (not every life has the same group, but there is a basic core set of souls you are attached to).  In some lives you current mate may be your brother, sister, cousin or best friend (then I hear that is the true meaning of soul sisters- a connection on a soul level..).  Many souls are meant to be together, but the dynamics change from life to life.  So to answer the question, yes, you can have more than one soul mate and it just depends on the dynamics of your current incarnation.

Q. Why so some humans linger around in the world after they die and become ghosts? 
A.  I get there are many reasons why this happens.  Sometimes people die so abruptly (accidents) that they have a disconnect and don't realize they have passed and have the option- something feels jarring about this.  

There are also situations that people die traumatically and have some kind of energetic emotion tied to them (such as guilt, anger or sadness).  Those emotions leave them in a state of wanting to hang around to clear that emotion so the karma doesn't follow them into the next life.  

The last thing I see is people die and want by choice to stay here.  I see going to the light as more of an option than a requirement.  They chose to be here as guides, protectors or just don't chose to leave.

Q. Do they have free will to pick the time of their next reincarnation ?
A. I see people do have a free will, but I also hear that time is not what we think.  We see time linear, and our perspective of time is compared to our life span.  Once we die and we don't have that relative way of comparing. Some souls jump right back in almost instantly, and others wait until they can come back with the souls they regularly "pact" or incarnate with.

Q. In some cultures, the living will bring food to the tombs of their dead relatives. Can these ghosts actually consume the food? How do they eat without a physical mouth? Do they get weak if they don't have food to consume ?

A. I don't see a ghost or spirit eating food to sustain.  What I do see happening is spirits having the capability to consume energy to strengthen or they feed on emotion (which is a form of energy.)  It isn't a requirement to sustain, but it is an ability they do have.

Q. We already know there are two realms ie. human, animals. Are there any other distinct realms?
A. Yes, there is an entire ET realm.  I get that some older souls advance to the ET level (I see most - not all, but most ETs- have a higher vibration).  Once they are at the ET level they can go between human and ET during incarnations.  I hear the name "star child" which is being shown to me as someone that has past life experiences as being an ET.

Q. Which realms have a higher frequency than human ?
A. Most ETs have a higher vibration from humans.  Specifically the ETs from the moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Orion's belt. I also get that there are certain species (I see an image of Bigfoot) that have high vibrations and a capability to alter their vibration.

Q. Does meditation help to increase our frequency to ascend to the higher realm when we die?
A. Meditation helps to increase your vibration but most importantly helps people to communicate with their higher self.  Meditation is a great tool to tune into yourself, focus on your chakras and become closer to your higher self.  Meditation is a great tool to increase your vibration and help you to ascend.

Q. Do we normally reincarnate with people we love the most in this life? With the same family members and close friends over and over again.  Also what is the best and safest way to find out about our past lives? Do we need to see a psychic or a hypnotist.
A. We normally do incarnate with the same pact of souls.  They just are different to us in different lives.  Who you feel is your soul mate in this life may be your brother or cousin in a future life.  We do come together many times (not all, but many). 

You can go to a psychic if you would like to see what they are able to see regarding your previous lives.  If you want to experience it and see it for yourself, a hypnotist that is capable of doing a past life regression is someone you may want to seek out.

Q. Also, when we die are we conscious of our souls leaving the body?  Like do we feel the body shutting down, do we feel like we're moving out of our shell or do we just get knocked out and wake up on the other side, in the light?
A.  I get that sometimes we know instantly and go in this gradual steady state of passing and we are aware and make peace with it as we go.  Other times there is this delayed reaction and the person doesn't realize they have passed, but view or sense the situation from above.  You don't feel it shut down, but rather it just happens to you.  I also see it as you float up in the most weightless manor.  Sometimes it is this feeling like how you feel when you fall in your sleep (that feeling in your stomach) but in reverse.  Regardless of how it happens, you don't just wake up in the light- you are aware and going to the light is a conscious (or rather subconscious) decision.

Q. Murderers, rapist and molesters.  Do they have spirit guides and angels by their side??? Is this a life path chosen before birth or is it freewill?

A. I get when these people incarnate they are destined to have a difficult life path.  They are prewired to go against society norms.  They do have guides that help them to try to fight their natural sense of doing these negative deeds against society and there is a huge internal conflict of what they are compelled to do and what society says it acceptable.  Some people become weak to their urges and others are strong and actually live healthy lives (defeat this compulsion).  To do so (referred to committing these negative actions against society) is actually viewed as the freewill because it goes against how they are predestined.  

Q. Do you get that if someones trapped in a sort of limbo after a horrific death scene it takes someone who is incarnate to release them?  As in, someone's Grandmother, who'd passed on would not be able to assist that person.  But an untrapped person who'd passed on would be able to prompt a person incarnate to either do the healing or to somehow arrange for a capable p

erson to become aware of the situation.
A.  I see that a person that feels they are trapped can move on three ways.  All of them involve a certain amount of karmatic trauma that will have to be dealt with in the next life, but to heal the incarnation has to occur so the processing can begin.   A spirit needs to incarnate into a physical form for the karmatic trauma to completely heal.  First, I see they are able to move on their own- they chose to go to the light.  They feel their time is done, and there is nothing left for them on the spiritual plane of earth and just decide to leave.

The other way involves guidance from other spirits that reside here.  Spirits can communicate to other spirits and a stronger spirits can influence a "lost" one to move on to the light.

The last way is for a human to spiritually connect to a spirit (can be during meditation or a ritual like smudging) to encourage a spirit to move on.  Some spirits need to feel they are allowed or get permission from those they left behind.  They need a true feeling of their work tied to their once human existence is done here on earth. All ways are effective and aid a spirit onto the next phase of their spiritual existence.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn thank you for the amazing post! If you have the impression that a spirit is around (sometimes a pet signals that something unusual is happening) how can you motivate this spirit to identify himself (provide it wants of course)? If it actually communicates with you and identifies itself, how can you double check that he actually is who he pretends to be? Is a Ouija board an effective tool, ore are there better ones? Thank You!

siketa said...

Fantastic topic! :)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Watchandknock: First, I take this very seriously because even though it is an amazing experience to connect to someone that has passed, there are all kinds of spirits (good and bad) that will try to use you as a conduit if you open yourself up. They want to be heard. I would not reccommend a ouija board unless you feel comfortable and really know what you are doing. The best way to connect is through meditating, and even then if you see someone you have to mentally ask them if they are who they say they are- if the respond in any way other than yes, tell them they have to leave, and remarkably they will. Always get the confirmation- If you don't know who they are, simply ask if they are here in your or your family's greater good- make sure they respond yes before going on. Meditating is really the best way to open this line of communication (at least when you are starting out).

Pernille said...

Super post!

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You!

Chatty Cathy said...

Sometimes I wonder about the PTB that bring young American men and women into wars where they ultimately meet their deaths. And now the Palestinian men, women and children being murdered over a piece of preferred real estate. Are the PTB aware that our souls reincarnate, and that is why they make decisions that lead so many to death and destruction?

And I'm not sure if you said this or not in a previous post, but are the Reptilian-human hybrids on Earth exempt from karmic retribution where they are punished for their evil deeds in their next lifetime?

Chatty Cathy said...

Correction to the above question, I mean to ask: The fact that our souls reincarnate, is this the reason why the PTB seem to not value human life (leading people to war, feeding us cancerous foods), because they know we will come back to Earth again?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Chatty Cathy: I get it is more that the PTB feel they are immune to many things- almost like an untouchable feeling, and that is where the view comes from. It isn't that they don't have a high regard or value, but rather don't ever really think they will be the ones beaten...

I wouldn't say that the reptilian humans are immune from karma, but rather they suffer the karma of never being anything more than what they are. I don't see this DNA base actually ascending into something more physical than what they are. They are trapped in a loop of incarnating here and repeating what they have done.

Chatty Cathy said...

Thank you Lynn. The fact that reptilian hybrids are "stuck" in their physicality reminds me of what I read in An Alien Interview, by Matilda O'Connell MacElroy. It's the oddest thing I've ever read that made complete sense. It states that, essentially, Earth is a prison planet where our souls are stuck, and that the Old Empire has placed an electromagnetic force screen around the Earth and when we die, our soul is zapped by the screen and our memory is erased before we are reincarnated again. Here is the link if anyone is interested to read it in its entirety:

siketa said...

I hope Robin is now in the light....RIP

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: I was actually thinking about him last night.. I do see that he killed himself, but when I was tuned into him, it wasn't as "dark" as what people may think. When he was found I get there may have been some embarrassing circumstances around it, and that is why some of the details are being held back- his wife it just not strong enough to deal with it.

He is in a good place, and still has his humor about him. In fact he ended our "connection" by saying "nanu nanu" (from Mork and Mindy) and making me laugh to myself.

siketa said...

Thanks, Lynn!

lilian said...

Correct me if I’m wrong, please -

If our life is a cycle, birth - death - reincarnation, then does it mean that at one time, we were once dinosaurs when human physical form doesn't exist at that time? And it’s still the same souls that continue to reincarnate during the evolution? What about ET evolution or are they just older souls who have advanced to ET realm?

Just curious, are you able to see how human will look like a million years down the road?

Thank you.

Alex said...


If you wish to know the basics of reincarnation cycle, you should read some Buddhist sutras.

Humans can reincarnate as animals and vice versa even now.

There are many habitable planets in the vast universe, so we could have lived in other planets before humans existed on this Earth.

Alex said...


I've heard that ghosts are attracted to people with purple aura. What's the reason for this ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alex: It is the vibration that you give off. Purple and white are the higher are reflected in the higher "center self" vibrations.