Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Missing Items That Reappear

Q. I posted a question maybe two months ago about disappearing items that seems to come back in places you didn't put them after it's been gone for a while. The first time this happened it was a shirt now it seems to be my iPod. I'm just really curious in general that if phenomenon exists and if so who/where/ what takes it? Thank you so much your gift is a blessing:)
A.  The first image I get is a fork in the road, as if two separate (and completely different) things can happen, both end up in having missing things that seem to reappear.  The first being (and I hear the phrase) "hidden in plain sight."  I get that with this, an object disappears and then reappears in the same location.  This comes to me more like an optical illusion, or a trick your brain is playing on you.  I see an example of someone going to the fridge, looking for the mayo that they know is there, standing there looking at every shelf (even moving things around) and cannot find it.  They look so intently for it, they cannot see it.  Then someone else goes to the fridge, opens it, and finds the mayo in about two seconds.  It was there the entire time, but the first person could not see it.  

Then another example comes into my mind.. A person is writing something (story, note, email, etc..) and they reread it to fix it for proofing errors.  It looks great to the author, but when it is received the person reads it and sees writing errors.  The first person could not see what is in plain sight because your brain knew what was trying to be said and completely glazed over it.  A person's mind can play tricks on them, especially when you are very focused on an object, etc..

As I back up and go down the other path in the road, this looks to address things that have disappeared and moved locations before they are found.  I get with this phenomenon many times you are moving it, but have no recollection of doing it.  One way this occurs is by something I describe as a "time slip." We mentally "lose or gain" a few minutes- time still exists, we just can't recall what happened in our conscious being. During one of these "slips" if we move something, it appears to be lost, but in reality it is there, just somewhere else.  

In reference to "time slips" I am also given the example of conversations.. It is posed to me like this: "Have you ever had a conversation with someone, they are adamant they told you something (or vice versa) and you have no idea what they are talking about?"  I visualize these "time slips" as a very brief moment when our brain loses sense of time and sort of scrambles for a minute (like a bug in computer software) causing us to lose perspective (or recall) that specific time.

What causes the "time slip?"

I get it is because our nervous system and brain is highly complex.  Occasionally signals (electrical impulses) aren't flowing properly and we need a "reset" or sorts. I keep visualizing a computer being restarted, as if our system (in a much more sophisticated sense) requires some kind of action like that.  Subconsciously we are still very present, but this effects our conscious (waking) mind.  It is nothing to fear, or worry about- it looks to be a "check and balance" system for your neurological system.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Boy does this happen to me a lot!!!!
Great reading!

wendy tascione said...

Hi Lynn, can you tell us of the real story of Noah the ark, and the watchers or fallen angels. The whole thing is too far fetched. THANK YOU!

Baku Matsumoto said...

This happens a lot to me, now all revealed! thank you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

Wendy, I think that sounds like an interesting read. I will add it to my drafts.

Diane Hamilton said...

Wendy, I just watched Noah, the movie. Why can I never understand what Russel Crow says?? LOL. I'm looking forward to Lynn's read on this!