Monday, December 3, 2012

I was raised in a house that was built on an Indian burial ground. When I was 5 I had an experience with a spirit. I feel I had an out of body experience one night. I get the sense that a spirit wanted to play, like it was a kid too. Also there was a not so nice spirit there too. Ever since, I feel there has been a guiding force in my life. I have prayed a lot for guidance and feel I have received it. 1. Do you get a sense that I have been communicated with? 2. If so by what or who? 3. I felt pulled to be where I am living. Do see I had guidance or no? 4. If so why? To save me or for a purpose? 5. If for a purpose, then what?

1:50 PM  Q-Do you get a sense that I have been communicated with? If so by what or who?
A-I am seeing a young Indian girl, she looks like she is four or five years old, she is wearing a tan skirt, she has kind of beaded thing around her neck and she is wearing her hair in pigtail braids.  I keep hearing a name that sounds like "Narna", I guess you would spell that NARNA.  I feel like she died on that land when she was really young, I am getting an image of a mother fleeing and she is trying to leave with her and the look like they get attacked by another Indian tribe, I am seeing arrows.  And then I flash forward and I see you when you were a child, and because your mind was open enough that you were able to see her she stepped forward to you...And I feel like she did make contact with you.  I feel like the she had a good spirit, I feel like a lot of positive energy around her, I think she did want to be your friend, I am seeing what looks like little plastic horses on the floor, like you played with, or she was wanting to play with them with you.  I do  not think she told you what to do, but I feel that she gave you positive influences.  I kinda feel like she might have stuck with you in the form of a spirit guide..I also think that if you meditate, you will be able to see her and even though you have gotten older the picture of her will still kind of remain the same.

Q-I felt pulled to be where I am living. Do see I had guidance or no?  If so why?
A-I do feel like you were pulled to be where you are at, I sense that it is a really sunny location, and I think for you personally you need that sun for your emotional health, your mental health, and your physical health.  And you were drawn to be where you are at for that reason.  And I just keep seeing this really intense sunshine.  It was like a guiding force within you, it knew you would suffer health issues if you were not where you are.
Q-To save me or for a purpose? If so for what purpose?
A-Let me think about that..I um see you as in a role in guiding children, and it looks like you are in nature when you are doing it, and it is like it is a big long string and I see about ten kids holding on to this string and being guided through a hiking path and I feel like you have a knack for like surviving in the woods or nature and I feel like your purpose will be to teach others and guide other people as to how to live off the land, that is kind of all I am getting.
Q-Do you get anything in regards to the not so great spirit?
A-I am seeing and Indian and he looks like he was a fighter, he has a lot of face paint and he has a lot of feathers in his hair, and I see him a just a very like power hungry angry type person.  And he was angry because he was struggling to get control and power over people.  And he was mean and ruthless and even killed some of his own tribe to instill fear and gain control over them.  And even though he is dead he still has a strong spirit about him.  And if you allow your mind to open up to him he will still try to influence you, but the positive thing is that since he is dead and is in spirit, if you do not allow him in or focus any energy towards him he has absolutely no power or strength.  It is like he preys upon the weak.  And I am getting an image of a person actually saying leave me alone, and leave this place directing it towards this bad spirit, and he does leave.  Because he is powerless against that intention and thought put into those words.
Q-How do you know the requester is a female?
A-I do not know it just came through to me that way, I guess I felt a lot of female energy.
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