Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tisho said... Hi I really want to know about the ascension process? When is it going to happen, how is going to happen; Will you and I ascend, and anything else you can say about it.

9:35 PM - This is coming through to me like a video game, specifically it seems like "Abe's Odyssey   Is that one you played?  Yes.  And I am seeing five little creatures and they are standing up with their heads slouched over, and they are all snoring like they are asleep, and then Abe walks over to each one of them and he starts tapping them on the shoulder one at a time, and the get this Ah ha moment and as each one awakens and they experience their Ah ha moment, the screen pans to the little creatures point of view and it is like colors are brighter, and it is like they are in a dream but that dream feeling is their now reality.  And my impression is that when ascension happens it will be slightly different for everybody as far a time frame, like it might be a two to three week process, one person might get it on day one, but another might not get it till day 15 and I am feeling like you cannot wait for it to happen or even obsess about it happening.  It will just happen, and I also see it happening when your mind is at a relaxed moment, like driving in a car thinking about nothing or when you first wake up in the morning or go to bed at night.  And I feel like the experience will be that people will realize that there is something much greater out there and there is a purpose to life and learning, but the biggest thing will be understanding all of those things.  And I also see people realizing that they are just a speck in this infinite space and time, but not in a negative way, but more like there is such a potential to experience many more things.  I also feel like ascension even though you cannot wait on it or obsess about it you have to be open to it to allow it to happen.  I feel like people who are blocked to the idea won't be able to experience it because their physical and mental state cannot accept that heightened knowledge, it is like I am getting an image of someone in a mental institution because they were forced to see or understand something that they mentally could not grasp and it actually was detrimental to them, but for someone with an open mind, and craving like heightened spiritual experiences it will be amazing.  As far a when this will happen, it is not coming through strong to me but I am getting something about the middle of 2013, which interprets to June to me.  But again that was not clear.  I kept hearing the phrase "the wheels are in motion now", and when I tried to focus deeper on that it was like I was getting the mental message of it will be done by the middle of next year, which is June of 2013 (timeline).
Q-What brings about this change?
A-The image I see is a picture of the sun, and something passes in front of the sun because I see like a dark circle in the middle of the sun, and what happens is it has something to do with some intensity of the sun in conjunction with the gravitational pull from this object that is blocking the sun, and it creates some type of energy that in turn increases human's vibrations to where they are able to tap into that higher spiritual energy.
Q-Is this the same object causing earth changes?
A-No..Because when I picture the red comet, it is somewhere else, this is something from like behind the sun that comes from behind the sun and rotates in front of the sun.  And it is like for some reason we normally do not see it, but whatever path this thing is in, almost in the shape of a planet, it is bigger than a moon, it comes between earth and the sun.
Q-How large is this object in comparison with the sun.
A-I would say a third of the size.
Q-Has it always been in our solar system?
A-Yes, I feel like it has.  And being on Earth looking up at the sun, directionally I feel like this red comet is coming from the left, but this other body is comes in from the right, from behind the sun, and comes at us from a counter clockwise position.  Like around the sun to the front.
Q-Does it orbit and is in lock step with us, is that why as we orbit the sun, it is always on the opposite side?
A-Yes, that is kind of how it played out in my mind.  But something changes with it to kind of sling it in front of the sun.
Q-Is it planet, alternate earth, what do you get?
A-I do see it like a planet, but I do not see it as having life on it.  it reminds me of what the moon looks like except for much larger and it's many shades of dark brown.
Q-When will we see it in front of the Sun?  How long will it be visible?
A-I am feeling like it will be visible like with a telescope for up to like 2 months before it is actually in front of the sun.  And then it will pass over and be visible for another two months, but the peak of the ascension will be when it is directly in front of the sun.  It will appear to be in front of the sun for a good week to ten days.  We will still have daylight because it does not block everything, but it will feel more filtered.  Like how when you put a shade on a lamp.
Q-How do you feel about this reading.
A-Actually kind of surprised, I had seen the red comet and it's affects on a lot of readings, and I never even considered or seen any other image of any other body out their affecting us.  I feel excited to go through the ascension process and I think putting in words you could never really describe totally what it will be like to experience.  That is really it.
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Please see other reading on Ascension, I will append your question to it.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! I have been feeling 'something in the air' an exhilerating feeling of anticipation about something & I get little glimpses & eckstacy in my Heart which is becoming more vivid, I feel what you say is Truth.. & the Heart is the Key! They've also been spotting gigantic planet sized cubes & other objects around the Sun which has been very active lately! Exciting times!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, The first object should be Comet Elenin and this one I think Nibiru / Planet X. Can you see any other planets, moons around this planet? If yes how do they look like? Can you see life on them?