Monday, October 22, 2012

Thank you in advance for your readings. Please focus on why extraterrestrials perform animal mutilations and the excision of organs?

Thank you in advance for your readings. Please focus on why extraterrestrials perform animal mutilations and the excision of organs?

8:15 PM - I see a group of aliens and they are wearing lab coats and I see what looks like a cow and one that looks like a goat.  And they are both strapped down to a table inside a lab and it looks like the extraterrestrials are slicing them open and taking out different organs and putting them in glass jars.  And then they are taking those organs and they are studying the different tissue samples they get from them.  And it looks like they are doing two things, one they are working on how to clone animals, and two they are trying to figure out how to make like a hybrid species like taking two different animals and making one creature from it.  It looks like they keep some of the animals alive so that they can breed their genetic mutations with the pure bred animals to see what type of offspring it can create.

Q-Which alien species is doing this?
A-At first I thought the greys, but I need to look at my alien page link to know, I know what they look like, they are the light skinned ones that look kind of human, but are not the nazi ones that live on the moon. (Lyrans) see

Q-Why do they use cattle vs monkeys?
A-I am not sure that they have not used monkeys, but the projects they are working on now involve cows, and goats, and I think pigs.
Q-Do they experiment on humans?
A-My initial reaction was yes, but when I focus on it I cannot see what they are doing, it is not obvious to me.
Q-On your alien page you describe Lyrans, as human like aliens but with different internal workings.   Is the race you see?
Q-What do they gain by making hybrid animals?
A-I feel like they do it just to see if they can.
Q-Are these the same aliens, who are blamed for trying to create human / aliens hybrids?
A-I just get an image of the terminator so I think yes that is true.
Q-How long have they been doing these experiments?
A-I am kind of getting 1000s of years and that is why ancient people were scared to death of some of the alien races.
Q-What do these aliens eat or consume for nourishment?
A-I actually get an image of one drinking blood.
Q-Have these aliens ever been mistaken for vampires?
A-I would say yes, and then I heard in my own words in my head, that the Sunlight thing is a bunch of crap.
Q-I just thought that your previous description of human like pale aliens, with mental telepathy drinking blood, seem vampiric.
A-I agree, I have never even considered that thought before.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-It was an interesting read, but a hard read, for whatever reason stuff came very slow to me and I do not know why.
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