Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am from North Carolina and currently live in Largo, Maryland. I have several physical characteristics which I have read are considered unique to the lineage of Reptilian gods. Can you tell me what these physical anomalies mean about my genetic lineage?

8:31 PM - As I think about the question and focus on the reptilian gods, I am seeing an image of this reptilian alien that can almost change it's outer appearance to make you think you are seeing something you are not.  Like they are some type of master of disguise.  And then I switch over and try to think of you as a person and I am seeing someone looking in the mirror like they are brushing their teeth, but when they look at their face it seems different like they do not know who they are or maybe they look close up at the mirror and there's something about your eyes that seem weird to you.  I am also getting an image of you looking into your eye as if it is a window into your soul, thinking "Who is this person".  I am seeing a scenario playing out in my mind and it seems that back in ancient times these reptilian aliens bread with humans and even though the offspring were human, there is something about their DNA that still holds a trace of this reptilian race.  Now I am seeing time fast forward to now, and with people becoming more spiritually enlightened, they are taking that feeling of looking at themselves and know that something is not right, and somehow you just know.  I also feel like people that are carrying this strain on their DNA, that their vibrations now are slightly elevated and even though you might not meditate or focus or have any kind of mental interaction with this alien race, I feel like this heightened vibration has allowed you to get some type of influence from that race.  And that influence is what is causing you to ponder all of this.

Q-Do you see this person having reptile eyes, or is the physical characteristic in his eyes.
A-I do not think she sees it all the time, I think she gets glimpses of it.  My impression of what she sees with his eyes is just a fraction of how the reptilians were able to disguise their appearance.  And there's something in the subconscious that allows this to be seen, but it is like just a moment here or a moment there.  I do not feel it is constant.  And also I kept seeing this as a woman.  I am feeling a lot of female energy behind this question.
Q-Do reptilians exist, like 100% full blooded?
A-I feel like they do deep down in the core of the earth, but on the surface no.
Q-Do you feel this requestor does have a reptilian lineage?
A-I feel like the do but it goes back like a 1000 to 1500 years ago, I mean it is back far.
Q-Do reptilian hybrids know they are reptilians?
A-I feel that they are waking up to that.
Q-Do reptilians disguise themselves physically, or project a different mental image of themselves to the viewer?  Like do they make up perceive them with humanistic characteristics.
A-I do not think they try to perceive anything, I think that they do not know that they are part reptilian so any mental influences are from their subconscious.  I feel that the physical traits are so subtle that only the individual picks up on them from time to time.
Q-Do reptilians have a traditional soul or spirit?
A-Yes, I feel they do, the human hybrid ones, yes.
Q-Are your or I a reptilian?
A-There is something about people with blue eyes....hmm.... people that have this reptilian component in their DNA usually do not have blue eyes, so I would have to say NO.
Q-Can you sense if you have ever met a reptilian?  If so who?  Celebrity or personal.
A-I do not want to say the persons name and have it on here, but I will say this.  People that you meet, that you feel have a lot of charisma and have you agree with them on an issue that you deep down do not think is right, and then you leave that situation and you go back to your original belief, and you feel like they pulled a Jedi Mind trick on you, that person could quite possibly be a person with reptilian DNA.  Like they have the power to make you believe but only when you are in their presence.
Q-So reptilians can perform Jedi mind tricks persay.
A-Yes, I do not think they mean to, I do not think they set out to manipulate someone, I just think that they have an extraordinary gift of charisma.
Q-The person you do not want to disclose, was it someone in public, or personal.
Q-Can reptilian hybrids breed normally with humans.
A-Yes, they are part of us.  They are still human, they just have this piece in their DNA.
Q-Do full blooded reptilians have the ability to communicate telepathically or how do they communicate?
A-I see it as telepathically.
Q-Is there anyway for a person to determine if they have reptilian DNA, what would the test be?
A-There is a strange image that came to my mind, there was with big talon, and it looked like it was from an eagle.  I watched someone take that talon and scratch their arm, and where that scratch was it caused a violent reaction.

Q-What kind of eagle talon?
A-Any eagle, I think they are all the same.
Q-What about other birds, like parrots, or something more common.
A-It just keeps showing me an eagle talon.
Q-How do you feel about this reading?
A-I feel pretty good about it.  A strange thing is that I have done quite a few personal reading about people wanting to know if they were reptilian.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this reading. I have a scaly skin pattern on my legs and I read that this may be what is referred to as the "badge of priesthood". Why would a reptilian-looking characteristic be linked to higher spirituality?

Anonymous said...

Also can you expound on the eagle talon, is it the interaction of the eagle on reptilian skin that produces the violent reaction or the scratch's affect on the skin that produced a violent effect? What was that reaction like?

Psychic Focus said...

In my mind I saw that when the eagle talon scratched the skin it caused a tremendous amount of pain... and then it looked like an infection.. the extreme pain was the most noticeable result..

Anonymous said...

I've a sister-in-law with green eyes that do show the slit in eyes. Blonde hair. Caucasian.

Reptilians/Drakos have shared dna with several different races, including the Anunnaki. This goes can trace back quite a very long time ago tho. Perhaps in the case of my sister-in-law, this may be more antiquated Lyran mixed Reptilian, now showing within contemporary human.

Not all humans have the "R Factor" in brain. This does hint a bit as to how many within Scientific field (hedonistic) feel compelled to brag about this point; hmm, why? Oh-- and that all humans were created by Drakos or Anannakis. WRONG. Angelic Humans populated this planet- (not angels/angles). Angelic Beings. The concept of "angels" came later, for religious purposes.