Monday, October 8, 2012

Hi, my name is Igor K, 12/18/1958, I live in North Hills, California. What do you see happening for me in the next few years. Will my financial situation improve?

7:34 PM - I am envisioning this person, and they are walking around on a sandy beach, and I feel like inside they are kind of lost, that they do not really know what they want to do with their life.  I feel like what makes them happy is more of an artistic side, like maybe writing or drawing, or taking a lot of photographs.  I am seeing the photograph thing coming through, but you are struggling because what you are doing is not paying the bills.  Just let me focus for second....

I feel like career wise you are being guilt tripped by an older man, I feel like he is a grandfather, but maybe it is your father.  It definitely is an older man and he is close to you.  I feel like he is weighing on your mind a lot and I almost sense that this person has passed away, but you have this thought of still wanting to make them proud.  They want you to know that they see how hard you are trying and that they are proud of you and that they do support you.  Also this person is showing me something about a watch and I think that is significant to you.

Now back to your job situation.  I do see you getting an office type job.  I feel like at this place of employment you kind of feel like a peon, but at the same time you are happy that you are getting a steady income and things look like they are improving.  But you have like this internal drive that you want so much more.  So I feel like your financial situation is going to improve, I feel like the job that is going to pay your bills might not be fulfilling  but that is where your outside interests and your photography and artwork come in.  So I think that between the two you will have a good balance.
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Thank you for the reading, i do not really resonate with this reading, appreciate your time.