Monday, September 10, 2012

What is the relationship of the aliens you described in your previous readings to humans from a spiritual perspective? How are aliens related to angels?

8:25 PM - Hmm. OK..When I first ask myself how aliens are related to us spiritually, it is given me an explanation that they are more of an evolved level than what we are.  For example, many aliens they practice technology that we do not have and they communicate in ways that humans are unable to understand, meaning their thought process communication.  And even some of the aliens have evolved to where they are even able to take the emotion out of their actions and just act upon what they want to so.  So it is almost and evolution from being human and being on the earth plane.  It is like you need to learn the earthly lessons and fundamentals hear and life experiences before you graduated to that level and that understanding.
Q-How are aliens related to angels?
A-When I focus on that question what I see is an alien on top, beneath the alien is an angel, and then a human is standing on earth.  And what I feel it is telling me is that an angel is a spirit of a human that has not reincarnated into a human, but has not reached the point of knowledge where it is ready to move on to the next density and experience life from an alien perspective.
Q-Are aliens previously human and or angels?
A-For the most part yes, I think that they have lived a lot of lifetimes and learned what is needed to be learned here before they can move to that next density.
Q-Do humans have guardian Angeles?
A-Yes I do believe that, or they can be called spirit guides, it does not have to be tied to religion.
Q-Do humans have alien guardians?
A-Hmmm...I do think that feels possible
Q-How many lifetimes must spirit average before evolving to angel and then alien?
A-I am just getting the phrase "As many as it takes"  I feel it is different for every soul.
Q-Do aliens ever reincarnate back into humans?
A-Yes, I actually saw that on another question and I was trying to understand it, and the image I got was their were like 3 aliens on a spaceship and one was this little child, and it looked like it was being scolded, and when the adult alien was looking at it scolding it, it was like it was saying your not ready yet you have to go back, and it went poof, and it sent the alien soul back to earth, I am not saying that is the process of how it happens but that is what was shown to me that they can go back.
Q-Why would these aliens voluntarily reincarnate back into humans?
A-They do not they are forced
Q-Are your or I ever been an alien or have we yet to even graduate to the angel level?
A-I do not feel that your or I have ever left the human spiritual reincarnation circle.
Q-Is there anything else?  No
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Anonymous said...

This is very enlighening..I do believe we are reincarnated and are here to learn a lesson/s. Very insightful