Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Please do a reading on the Alien Counsel. Who presides there? How long ago was it formed?

8:05 PM - The first thing that I am seeing is a long wooden table, and behind it are like 8 creatures and they remind me of gremlins.  It is almost being showed like they are something off the Muppets, so let me work on it.  The are really short, like 3 feet tall, and they do not look like any alien race I have ever seen...As I zone in and look at their faces they remind me of like a hairless cat.  They have pointy ears, big eyes, a small nose, and very fleshy skin.  I am sorry what is the question, I am getting crazy images...(Question repeated)....Hmm....I keep hearing the name, and this is how it sounds... N-Auk-Bawn.  I am feeling like they live on a silver space ship.  I do not know, you are going to have to prompt me with questions because I am not getting a lot.

Q-Describe the rest of the body of the fleshy gremlins?
A-The stand upright, they have two legs, two arms.  They have three fingers and a thumb, 3 toes.  I am trying to see what they are wearing but I cannot tell, it is like it is dark.
Q-Who is this N-Auk-Bawn?
A-I just got an image of um the Wizard on the Wizard of Oz, so I feel like this guy is like the head council person.
Q-What race of being does he belong to?
A-It is like I cannot get an answer to that, but I can tell you this, when I ask that question, I get this feeling of fear come about me, as if the other alien species are scared to death of this, I guess guy.  I will call it a guy...um...I feel like this council is so highly evolved I keep getting and image of like a Jedi, doing a Jedi mind trick as if the council is able to not only communicate with telepathically but they are also able to do physical actions a well.  I feel like they are here to promote good, I am hearing the the phrase, the Universal Balance, and I think they are not only in our solar system, but they monitor things on a much grander scale.  I keep getting this sense of they are here for harmony and balance, but if you disrupt this balance they can also take you out.
Q-What is his age.
A-Oh man he is old...um..I am feeling like 700-800 years old, I mean old, old.
Q-Has he ever incarnated as a human being?  And if so who was he?
A-Hmm...Good question....Interesting, when he was on earth, and yes he was a human, I believe he came back as a human several times, but I am always getting an image of a humble nobody type of person, like a peasant.  And I always see him as a boy..And two specific snapshots I am getting of him, one he was a young boy with really dark hair, and then in the other one I am seeing a young man, dark hair, really skinny, wearing like white Muslim clothing, and he is just like a dirty peasant worker.   I do not think both of those people were the same person, I am getting two different images.
Q-Which time period did he live?
A-It feel really early to me like between 550-700 AD, like old.
Q-How many different races of beings are on this council?
A-I am just seeing this one odd race, and I feel like the way it happens, is that each alien race has their certain assigned representatives that approach this council, but they are not necessarily on this council.
Q-How long ago was it formed?
A-Ok here is what I am getting, I am getting like 1000's of years it was formed and the race of people that are on this council are from another planet in another solar system and from those people it is almost like they have to spiritually train and reach a certain heightened sense of awareness to become members of this council.  And really the only way to obtain a seat or for a seat to become vacant is for one of the council members to die.  And this N-Auk-Bawn guy is the oldest guy on the council right now.
Q-How to do monitor earth, or do they?
A-It is not that they monitor earth, what they monitor are the alien activities because their main goal is to maintain balance in the universe so they do not want to see someone interfere with earth, but is more the actions of the aliens they are worried about then earth itself.
Q-How do the view the aliens who make crop circles?
A-Hmm...I got an image of, and I do not know why, but a Steven Seagal, very angry pissed off face, so I feel like it makes them angry that it is being done, but they have not really crossed the line as far as creating an imbalance, so they have not really done anything but they definitely do not approve of that.
Q-If this N-Auk-Bawn had a message for the human in order progress what would it be.
A-I am getting weird image, I am seeing a human laying on their back and out of their chest is like this white light that looks like a tornado, in the shape of a tornado and moving like a tornado, and it is being told to me like "Free your mind and let go of your rational thought, release your body and take in all of the knowledge without questioning it, and use that knowledge as the Truth, and not what is around your and what everyone tells you, and if you do that you will grow"
Q-So like to trust your gut and instincts?
A-Yes but even a more deeper, it is not even like your gut, I feel like this knowledge and whirlwind of power is in your soul, not like instinct, but deep in there.  I mean the image is almost like the person is surrendering their own body in exchange for this knowledge and enlightenment.   And you have to make that conscious decision to turn your bias off and preconceived ideas off, and use what you learn to be the truth and not all the crap around you.  From that you can move forward.  But it is deep, it is not superficial.
Q-Why is so hard for mankind to do this, what is blocking him?
A-It is your conscious mind...I feel like all of the secrets to everything is within your subconscious but your conscious blocks it.  It is sort of being explained to me that your conscious mind does that as some kind of self defense, because most people cannot handle that absolute truth, it is like they need something else to believe in rather than looking in towards their self.  
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Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! Is Yoda on the council?

Thank you for reading

Anonymous said...

So if they are worried about alien activities & maintaining balance, which alien groups are they concerned about? Crop circles are harmless & make people wonder & open their minds. Why would this make them angry? I asked about the greys activities & the councils thoughts on this but you didn't include this in the reading. Real people have suffered at the hands of the greys. I understand there are different groups but I get this uneasy feeling like for some reason you only want to talk about aliens positively. That is only presenting half the story. I don't understand why you are ignoring some people's requests the only reason I can think of is you perceive them as somehow 'negative' but people's experiences are real. Their pain is real & I for one really want to know what the council thinks of the greys activities here. Personally I consider it interference with the balance here since they have done breeding programs, paralyse people's bodies & so on. So if you don't want to answer 'negative' requests, I think people would appreciate if you state as much.. Because there are sinister forces operating here with agendas yet all your ET readings except the Lyrans seem to say they are our 'friends' but that is not the experience of thousands of people, unfortunately.. This is well documented such as the case of a remote Brazillian village, which was terrorized by UFOs for months. 100's of people were attacked suffering burns from the UFOs & some even died! I am a realist & I believe getting the whole picture is paramount. Also why would aliens have fear towards a being so apparently evolved? That does not make sense to me. I thank you for your sharing but I believe presenting a wholistic picture is important in any area of 'research' otherwise you are bound to misrepresent the totality. I am not saying your information may not be true, but this is totally different to other's remote viewing of the Federation, in which they experienced incredible love & expansion only. No fear or threats of taking people out. Free Will is a Unviersal Law so it makes me uneasy that some gremlin things think they can tell all the other alien groups what to do. Sounds like service-to-self beings bent on power (congruent with what Airl apparently said, Soul development for power without the love), which would give true information but it's distorted because they are masters of manipulation.. I don't know but I just felt the urge to speak up about this. You will probably just ignore this, which is fine but I had to get it off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your readings and your time, i enjoy reading your posts, don't mind the dude above me.

Anonymous said...

Just curious ...havn't heard of a 'Alien Counsel'.

Was this name pulled randomly (to describe something that may or may not exist...in general) or is it used by a particular group of humans (like a channeling group)?

It wasn't clear (so it made it hard to put the reading into context).

YourPsychicFocus said...

Honestly, I do not even remember most of what I channel. My husband and I started this blog to use as reference and to share what we get. I do not have any preconceived notions, and I NEVER research anything so that I can get the most unbiased information from my source. As far as the source, I do not know from where it comes. Maybe the reason I only portray the Greys in a positive light is because that is all they show me. Do not believe everything you read on the internet, that include my blog. I just report what I see. I have all audio transcripts of almost every reading, and if you hear them you will find that I am surprised by most things I report. As too have gotten some conflicting information from one reading to the next, but since I do not remember most details of readings I cannot collaborate one particular piece of info in a reading with another. I try hard not to use any preconceived notions as my own and others. You may find my most recent request regarding abductions interesting, I do see Greys doing abductions, but in their perception they are harmless and feel that most should not remember. Whether this is true, I do not know because I myself have never experienced an abduction. I would not want to and I hope I never do. That does not mean that others have not had tormented experiences with being abducted and I do not intentionally try to cast aliens or whatever these beings are in a positive light. I simply report what I see.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynn. This reading helped me in more ways than I can express, all I can say is thank you. Love and Light.