Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My name is Nicole B. I am a female, I am 25 years old, my my birthday is September 29th, 1986.I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I appreciate you taking the time to do a reading for me. I have always felt that my soul is not of this Earth/dimension. I have never felt in tune with the people around me, and always have felt out of step/different. Ever since I was a little girl, I have known that there are so many things that exist that we cannot see, and that there are other worlds/dimensions. My question is,am I purely human/human soul, or am I or my soul from somewhere else or of another type of entity? I promise you that no answer will be too far fetched to me-I have a very open mind.

7:53 PM - Well the first thing I feel is that she is an old soul that has be reincarnated several times.  And I feel like she is finally understanding why she is here and she is headed down a more spiritual path.  I feel like she might like nice things in life but she has learned to realize that most of the things around her are materialistic and does not really matter.   I feel like she has some type of artistic sense about her, I do not know if she draws or paints but she is good with her hands.  Definitely a free thinker, I keep hearing left handed...I think she wears glasses, they may be sunglasses but I am pretty sure they are reading glasses, I feel like she has sense that she is lost and does not know what her purpose is, I also see a big huge pile of books and she is doing a lot of reading.  And I do feel like she is a human soul, but she is evolving...I am seeing a clock, and it is reminding me of Cinderella, so I am feeling like she is having a race against time, like there is something about time that is giving her anxiety...

Q-Has her soul ever existed on another planet or dimension?
A-I feel that she has had several lifetimes on earth but not on a different dimension, but her evolved soul is what allows her to see the different dimensions that coexist on earth.
Q-Do you have any confirmations or messages for her?
A-I am seeing an older woman sitting on a embankment, and she has like chin length curly gray hair, wearing jeans and some kind of sleeveless sweater, and she is throwing bread out to some birds.  They look like seagulls. I am also seeing a pair of reading glasses and they have like one of those connecting chains that connect the ear portions together.  And I got the word Popsicles.  Thats it. 
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Nicole said...

Thank you for the reading. You were pretty much dead on with most of it especially in describing me in the first part. I just wonder who the older woman you see is? It's definitely not me and I don't know anyone who looks like this. I wonder if I will eventually encounter this woman or maybe this is me in the future? Or possibly me in a past life even?

The main reason I asked the question is because you're right, I do feel like I'm awakening spiritually and I've never been spiritual my entire life. I feel like I'm racing against time/a deadline (the ascension) and I hope I ascend. But I also asked because multiple friends of mine that can feel/see auras have told me I'm a "vampire" and that my aura is dark, thick, and heavy, and that my energy is completely different than anyone they've ever met. I don't know what to think. I suppose anything is possible. I suppose it also depends on people's definition of the word. Hopefully you can get back to me. Thank you, I greatly appreciate it, thank you for your time.

p.s. No reading glasses, but I do most definitely wear sunglasses 24/7. My eyes are very sensitive to the light.