Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My name is Nathan b.,, born August 19,1977 in Ontario,Canada. What are my surroundings a year from now August 2013?

7:35 PM - The first thing I see when i focus on his name is an image of intense magnetic energy.  Like electromagnetic...At first I saw magnetic waves and now I am seeing it in the form of like high tension power lines.  My impression is that the source of this magnetic energy is kind of opened him up to other parts or other sense of his psychic abilities.  I also see him being able to meditate and receive a lot of ideas and thoughts through mental communication, not verbally.  When he is talking about his messages that he is receiving, in my mind I see it as a like really strange dream or an odd thought that has popped into his mind.  Do not discourage it.  I think he is tapping into his universal consciousness, and the more he allows his mind to be free and open to that the more spiritual he will be.  I see a young man and he is driving in a car, he has his radio turned off, I see him looking out the front window of his car and he actually see three UFOs right in front of him flying like up in the sky.  I cannot tell if this is happening in the past or if this will soon happen in the future, but I see this young man completely freaking out because it was a confirmation of what he actually already knew, but my advice would be to try to stay calm and just receive information and embrace it.  And I will say in the image where I am seeing these UFOs they cause no harm to anyone and they fly away.  And now let me try to focus on your surroundings next year at this time...I see a lot of greenness where you at, the trees have a lot of green leaves, green grass, it looks like the low lying areas um do get filled with water, I do not see flooding just a lot of little natural creeks, so there is definitely more water than what you see this year but it is nothing to be alarmed about.  It is sunny and it feels warm, like high 70s to low 80s, and this grassy area that I am looking at I see a lot of large rocks and I do not know where they have come from because they do not seem to be natural to that area, large like 1 foot in diameter.  This specific spot that I am looking at is pretty relaxing and beautiful, it feels like somewhere you would go as a place to relax like on a weekend or vacation.  And I just got a picture of a guy, and older guy with white hair and he is sitting in a chair and he is wearing a fisherman's hat, and he is holding a fisherman's pole, and he is waving at me as if he wants me to tell you that he is there or with you.  Maybe this is someone that you know that is just giving you a message.  And now this older guy is showing me a big fish, I think maybe there is some kind of story behind this and he is not leaving me a....Now I am getting a picture of an older lady, probably in her 50s with blonde hair and it is cut into a bob around her chin, she is holding a baby and she is feeding the baby out of a baby bottle and this person wants you to know that they are there too.  And then a dog just walked up to this older lady and it has dark fur all over it but a super white belly and neck, I am so sorry that I got so far off topic, those people just wanted you to know that they are there.  That is all I got.
Q-Is it his imagination?
A-No I do not think so, I think it is his intuition
Q-Is he being conveyed message and truths?
A-Yes I think he is
Q-Is he being tested for something?
A-I would not say he is being tested, it is more that he is spiritually evolving.  And something else I think I need to mention is that when the older people popped in my mind, I got this feeling that they had this great love for this guy and it almost made me want to cry like my eyes were watering.
Q-Will he receive the green light or confirmation?
A-My impression is that he is going to have this UFO experience and that is going to be a really big thing for him.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-No I do not have anything else.
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Anonymous said...

Very interesting images you have seen. The scenery you mentioned is very familiar to me. The nature and the people you mentioned I recognize.

ThAnkyou kindly for your time.