Sunday, September 16, 2012

It is said that there are 7 individuals alive in our age in the word. These 7 individuals carry a very specific misssion related to ascension. Can you see where they are and what their mission is exactly?

7:25 PM - The first image I see is a Chinese woman and she is sitting in like a Buddha position, she is wearing red silk clothes, she has white trim on her clothing, her hair is pulled back tight like in a bun, and the most outstanding feature is her face which is painted white and she had black triangles painted on her eyelids, and she is sitting with her hands in a praying position so now I am going to try to focus on that.  I am getting the words piece and zen as if she is highly evolved and able to master both of those.  Also something about that she is able to meditate until she sees a lotus flower and I am seeing this flower and it is purple.  Now my mind is jumping to the next person.

I am getting an image of a horse and I am thinking Mister Ed, and it is trying to talk to me, so let me focus on this horse.  Ok in Mister Ed's voice it is telling me "Knowledge, Knowledge, it is all about the Knowledge"  On a world map it is showing me that the north, the most north west country in Africa is where this person lives, and let me try to get a name or something more specific..My mind is like forcing me to the next one, it is not even letting me focus on this.

The third on is a young man and he is Asian, he has dark glasses, short dark hair, he resembles very closely the young Asian kid off of Heroes, the fat kid,  Now I know why... This kid has mastered, whether he knows it or not the ability to go from place to place within our same earth layer, it is like he is not time traveling, but he is space traveling from point A to point B.  Like a teleporting type thing.

4th - Ok this next girl, it is a girl, she is in the Midwest of the United States, kinda plain Jane appearance, reddish hair, came through to me a an older version of Dorthy on the Wizard of Oz, but what her unique thing she is able to do is, as the green witch is flying above her on a broom stick she was able to actually astral project herself up to float beside her in the sky.  So that is telling me that she has a really strong grasp of how to focus and manipulate her mind and has a lot of control over her spiritual awareness, and now my mind is flipping to a fluffy gray cat and I need to work on that.

5th - Alright I am seeing this cat and it is super fluffy and it has gray hair, and it is lurking around and it is dark at night, but then what I see when it looks out is that it's keen eyes can see every layer of what is happening at once.  Let me see if I can tie this to a person.  Ok it is a woman, she has a Gothic appearance to her, jet black hair that is real straight, she has tattoo sleeves on both of her arms, and she has on really skin tight clothes, she has an Asian feel to her appearance, I feel she is definitely Asian.

6th - Now my mind is automatically going to some Iron Man cartoon.  I am hearing a phrase, something about "Strength is on the Inside, not on the outside and that strength comes from within"  "Don't be fooled by the outside" and the super hero costume dissolves and their is like this skinny white guy on the inside of it, and he has got blonde hair and a little bit of a scruffy beard and he is laughing like I fooled you with my costume, but this is who I really am and I am strong.  And I got the name Jacob.  I am seeing Canada on the map and it is like he is right in the middle, I do not know what city that is.

7th - I am seeing a cactus and a cowboy, there is a cross on top of the cactus, the cowboy just gave a Hitler salute to the cross..And then I just heard the phrase "Don't be fooled by religion", "Use internal Gods instead of external gods".  I am seeing this cowboy being in Australia, and he is wearing tan boots, brown leather chaps, a brown leather jacket with fringe on it, a brown cowboy hat, I do not think he is wearing a shirt and pants though...(laughter)...I am not sure.  That is kind of all I am getting.

Q-Do these people know their purpose?
A-I do not think they do, I feel like when I am seeing them, they do not know what they are capable of or that they even have a purpose.
Q-Are they being prepared for event or time?
A-I feel that they spiritually know that there is something out there, I feel like they feel they are destined for great things but the have no idea what it is.
Q-Is it withing lifetimes or a future.
A-Yes, I feel like it is soon.
Q-Will the rest of the world come to know these individuals?
A-I feel like they might know of them, they might not know their name, I feel like they will be given like false names and they will be know by those false names.
Q-When is the date of this awakening or ascension in which they will be useful?
A-I feel like withing the next 3 years, 5 years the latest, but in the next three years.
Q-Are they to be leader?
A-Not leaders but inspirational.
Q-Are there others like them?
A-Yes, but these people will pave the way.
Q-What is going to happen in the next three years?
A-I am getting a picture of the Earth, and it has got this pink film over the top of it, and what I am seeing is someone peeling that film off and it shows like pristine clean, so it feel to me that people will be seeing things clearly, just very clear of the world, what is happening, and what is going on.

Q-Like an unveiling?
A-Yeah I guess, but it was pink film that was lifted.
Q-Can you focus on the pink film and what it is?
A-It has to do with your eyes, as if you are seeing clearly.
Q-Can you give an example of this before vs after seeing?
A-Yes, I am getting a picture of an old person's eye, and they have a cataract, and then then the cataract is gone and it is like they are seeing things for the first time, and it is clear and it make sense.
Q-Is the brought on physically or mentally or spiritually?
A-I would say mentally and spiritually.
Q-All at once or gradual?
A-In the example I saw it was a very slow peeling back.
Q-Will chaotic times precede or follow this peeling back.
A-Before, during, but then afterwards it seems more zen like.
Q-When will you and I experience this?
A-I am getting the number 2013.  
8:08 PM Audio of this session



mali evelyn said...

hi wonderful lady! could u expand on the asian lady with a grey fluffy cat..what part of the world do u see her..any more info please??i know someone who fits the bill maybe....thank u xxx

YourPsychicFocus said...

@mali: I really had to think about this. I do feel a little blocked, like I'm not suppose to know (or reveal) too much. I keep getting something about California (or connection with California) with her. The strange thing is that I feel like her exterior is a costume- meaning she is disguising (either literally or symbolically) who she really is. I am happy to take your thoughts and explore what I see, but I can't get much more than that..

Mana said...

Hey Lynn, do you know where the origin of this question comes from? The quote is that it is said that there are these 7 individuals, who or what is it said by?