Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is space the final frontier?

8:08 PM - Hmm...Of the physical realm Yes, but of the spiritual realm, No.
Q-How big is the universe, or it always expanding?
A-It feel infinite to my, as I view it you cannot even zoom to the edge, it is like you keep going.
Q-What is the spiritual you reference like?  Describe it.
A-...In my mind, it is like another layer on top of this physical realm.  But I feel like it's highest energy comes the closer you are to the Sun.  Meaning that I also feel that it's distance is kind of infinite also.  But the strength of it feel weaker, the further you get from the sun.
Q-Is  the sun made up of, or is the source or piece of the source of the Universal consciousness you describe in previous readings.

A-I feel like the sun is like in the middle of the Universal consciousness, I do not necessarily think it is the main source of it.  But it definitely feel stronger closer to the Sun as opposed to further from the sun.
Q-Theory:  The universe is made of up of billions of galaxies with billions and billions of stars.  Could possible these stars just be pools of this universal conscious and each is the source for it planetary bodies.  Just a theory.
A-I will say that it is possible, and often when people die they talk of this bright light, so then I am starting to question what that bright light is.  And when I do, I am getting an image of the Sun and I am seeing shadows of people being pulled up to it like a magnet.  And I am starting to feel like possibly the sun is a source of universal knowledge.  Like a collective, I am specifically seeing only people from earth, so it is for it's local planets.  That is how it feels to me.
Q-So when we die, we may return to the source, or in our case our Sun.
A-That is how I am seeing it.  I am feeling like when people say go towards the light, that is the source of the light.
Q-So when one reincarnates they do so from the Sun in spirit form and then enter matter on a planetary form?
A-Let me work on that a second....It does feel like that, like the souls are held there.  Then when you reincarnate your soul get cycle through into the physical form, back into the physical layer on earth.
Q-Can souls move or progress from one Sun to another?
A-I am not really seeing that happen.
Q-How would you explain soul that lived on other planets in other forms outside our solar system.
A-Maybe their soul was fueled by their own sun.  I mean this is concept that is even hard for me to understand, I have never thought this way.
Q-Can a soul travel from one system to another spiritually, or only in physical form.  Example, a man who's soul originated on earth, gets zapped via the Bermuda triangle to another planet in another solar system.  When that man dies, where does his soul go?
A-I feel like it is going to go to the sun in the solar system in which he died.  I do not feel our sun can pull him from that solar system.
Q-Could we look at each solar system, as a boundary to contain the soul from that system.
A-Yes that is how I am viewing it.
Q-Can more highly developed souls leaved this boundary on their own?  Or is there even a need to?
A-I do not see a need, and furthermore I am getting some kind of message that it is some kind of universal law like it does not work that way.
Q-Do these souls within the sun have the ability to influence our lives on earth?
A-Not once they go in the light.
Q-So if earth was wiped out by a huge solar flare, all souls on earth would return to the source of the sun?
A-Yes, and to be specific about that, I see them like on the outermost crust of the sun, I do not see them deep in the sun, it is like on the very edge of the sun, as if the sun were a magnet, not like it will suck them into it.
Q-Do you have anything else?
A-No I do  not, this was a hard reading for me. 8:31 PM


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Thank you, reminds me of the song black hole sun by sound garden.

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Isnt that guy Tesla, a mad scientist?!

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I like your Tesla quote.