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If the grays are a parent race why do they give advanced technology to the government & abduct people against their will? Is this true? Isn't that interference from the Galactic Federation perspective? Are they members of the Federation? Thanks for your time.

7:31 PM - Ok, I am going to kind of skip around, the first thing is I see this Galactic Federation as a group of higher evolved aliens and different aliens such as the Greys have a representative that they use to approach the Federation.  So they are not a member but they are allowed to interact and state grievances or get council.

Q-Do the Greys give advanced technology to our government?
A-I am getting an image of our Government stumbling upon some of their technology, for example i see a desert area and it is pitch black, and military people are out there in the desert and they have their headlight shining and these handheld lights as if they are looking for something.  And they stumble upon what looks like a aircraft, and they take that aircraft back to a highly sophisticated lab and they reverse engineer it.  And it takes months, like I see this as a slow process.  And through that process of reverse engineering that is how they have learned some of the alien technologies.  So it was not really bestowed on us, we kind of stole it.  And on a map I am seeing south eastern Asian lighting up, and a big part of Russia lighting up.  And I feel that they have also been involved in similar reverse engineering techniques.  So it is not that the whole world is privileged to that information it is only a very small select group within a few military establishments.
Q-Do the Greys loose track of these device intentionally so we can get our hands on them?
A-No I get a sense of both like a pissed off feeling towards us, and also I see a look of worry on their face.  Almost like they think we are going to hurt ourselves with it.
Q-Do the Greys abduct people, and if abductions do occur who is doing them?
A-I actually DO see them having a human laid out on a table inside of their ship, but I feel like it is being conveyed to me that it is not with malicious intent, but more to see how we are evolving.  And I am hearing the phrase "You won't remember this"  and it is like they are putting them in some sort of a twilight in which they are not supposed to remember any of the testing.
Q-Why does it seem they only abduct the stereo typical crazies?
A-They abduct a lot of different types of people, and like I said they put them in a twilight, but the different is the more rational of a mind that you have, you discount anything that seems odd and you also let your subconscious be overridden a lot, where as the people who are viewed as crazy, simply have a better ability to tap into their subconscious being.
Q-How many people a year on average are abducted?
A-I actually saw the number 250.
Q-How many since they began abductions?  When did they begin abducting?
A-As a date I am getting 1950s, and as a number I am getting 870 total, but a lot of those people are repeat people because they want to have a constant when they are doing their comparisons.
Q-What is the criteria they use in selecting an abductee ?
A-Ok, I will just list off different traits that they look for, they categorize people by blood type, IQ, sex, age, something about bone density as if everyone's is a little different, and I think that is just their base of all the things that they are studying.  I get this feel that if they find someone that develops any kind of oddity, like a disease, they exclude them because they want to know the norm of society, not the anything to do with any irregularities.
Q-Can someone request to be abducted, and if so how?
A-If you deeply meditate, or get into a hypnotic state you can get yourself into a communication plain where you can mentally communicate and you could request it, but it is like I am being told that it is very precise how they do it, so odds are you would not be chosen, but you could put that out there to them.  And then I am being told, remember you still will go back home, they are not taking you anywhere.
Q-Are they responsible for cattle mutilations and if so why do they do perform them?
A-Ok the Greys, do not know what I am talking about, so then when I said "Who is doing this?", it zoomed me up to the moon and it showed me that race of aliens, the Albino ones.  And I said "Why are you doing this?" and they laughed at me and then they showed me some kind of equipment that they have, and it is like it sends down some kind of a wave signal and it is like they are doing it to test their equipment, like to test their technology.
Q-Have they ever done it humans?
A-No I do not think they have ever done it to humans, I am getting a picture of some fish, I think they have done it to some fish as well.
Q-These are not the crop circle ones?
A-NO, These are not the crop circle ones  
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Anonymous said...

Thank you. Yes that actually makes a lot of sense now. I made the long comment yesterday on your previous post about the federation. I realise now that perhaps a lot of what gets blamed on aliens is our own governments experimenting with their reverse-engineered technology.

I just want to apologize because I now feel that I was a bit rude in my comment, that it wasn't warranted & I got carried away with my personal thoughts or impressions. Truly thank you for your grace & poise.

King Regards

PsychicFocus said...

No problem. I am very open in my thinking and I understand that based on life experiences everyone has their own view. No need for apologies. Thank you for reading my blog.