Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How does prophecy and free will work, seemingly they are contradictory.

8:20 PM - Hmm...When I look at Earth, I see it with multiple layers on top of it, like Photoshop, different layers of a picture.  And I feel like when someone sees something in the future, predicts something to happen, this done within one of these layers and it will actually will happen if there is not a great influence to change it, and then on top of the layer that is not altered there is another layer in which their is influence and people making choices and other factors, and free will, that can change what was previously predicted and create an alternate event.  So when someone predicts the future, and predicts and event, you are looking at an unaltered timeline.  Which is subject to change if free will and choices alter it big enough that that event cannot happen or it is altered.
Q-So would it be safe to say their are many paths, but you are viewing a particular area on a particular, but if free will or choice changes the path your are on you may never experience that area?
A-To go a step further, I might do a reading that has a specific outcome, but I might do a reading two months later on that same topic and it might have a different or altered outcome because some free will event has altered the first reading.
Q-Is that not just an out for predictions that do not come true?
A-It might be, I cannot say, but I have experienced different outcomes of a similar reading if there is time span in between the readings.
Q-So are you saying you can only view one possible outcome, but over time, another reading you may view an alternate outcome?
Q-Is there any way to pinpoint the future more exactly?
A-With my current experience I can only see what I am given, and that is all I really have to go on.
Q-So can an individual, if unhappy with a future reading use free will to change his or her course?
A-Absolutely, that happens a lot.
Q-So would an appropriate analogy be like a choose your own adventure book, the paths are already written, but your have free will to choose the path and outcome?
A-Yes, and example would be if I saw someone getting into a car accident, I could encourage them to wear a seat belt, or if I suspect health problems I might encourage them to see a doctor, it is still their choice and they can change the outcome.
Q-So in your opinion, do all outcomes exist, just on different layers?
Q-Give me another analogy rather than layer?
A-It is like the pages of a book stacked up on top of each other, and each page has a slightly different version of the the same story.  And all I can see based on what is going on right now is one of those versions.  The others exist, but based on what is going on I am tapped into the story that suits the current situation.
Q-I think this is similar to a "Multiverse" theory, in which it is theorized every possible outcome exists simultaneously.
A-I am not familiar with that term, but as you describe it I would say yes.
Q-Do you have anything else?  A-I do not. 
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Anonymous said...

Its kind of like the quantum experiments where particles can exist in many states simultaneously until a measurement is taken. Very cool.

Thank you